Never Meant To Be

Chapter One

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Can I ever get some peace and quite around here, though Hermione Granger one night as she looked over her notes for potions class. How, she thought, am I ever going to get any work done with those two around, she thought while eyeing the Weasley twins who were busily trying their latest product on some unsuspecting first years in the common room. Seriously, will those two ever grow up? Hermione rolled her eyes as she watched Fred write something on a piece of parchment while a first year laid fainted on the ground.

But yet, she found herself thinking as she watched Fred whisper something into his twin's ear, in a way, he is kinda cute. Hermione would never admit it to anyone, but she always had a bit of a crush on the formely metioned Weasley. Although she found Fred and his twin to be immature and annoying, there was something she found a bit charming about the prankster.

Stop thinking like that, she scolded herself while pushing thoughts of the red head out of her mind. It's not like we have much in common, she reasoned, thinking about how different she was from the twins, and there is also the fact that he's my best friends older brother she reminded herself . She knew that no matter what feelings she may have for any of the other Weasleys, she cared too much for Ron to want to hurt him. Besides, she thought, as she picked up her books and headed back into her dormitory, it was never meant to be.