Never Meant To Be

Chapter Two

Two Years Later...

"I am so sorry," George looked up from his brother's grave to see Hermione standing in over him, her eyes filled with tears.

What does she know, thought George bitterly, while looking at the young woman standing in front of him, but not quite recognizing her as the same girl he has known for the past seven years. She didn't lose her twin, her best friend. Yet, he found himself thinking as Hermione tightly embraced him how great she felt inside his arms.

George would never admit it to anyone, not even to his twin, but he always fancied the bookworm, even at Hogworts when she was always getting on his and Fred's cases. Although, he realised, that it was because they probably deserved it. She was no longer that geeky girl, he remembered her to being when he first met her, but a beautiful and confindent woman.

He realised that the feelings were futile considering that she was now with his brother Ron, yes, finally after seven years they finally gotten together. George remembered earlier that day at Fred's funeral watching Ron comforting Hermione, his arms wrapped around her slender waist. While, admittedly happy that the two were together, a part of him still wished it was him instead. Pushing those thoughts aside he knew how close the two were and how much they loved each other. While growning up the two weren't exactly the closest, but contrary to popular belief he actually did care about his brother(but don't you dare tell anyone). And while, it pained him to see her with his brother, he knew deep down that they were made for eachother. Because, as he reasoned to himself. It was never meant to be.