Pars Secunda


Faint rumble of Brass and Woodwinds. Larghissimo.

The figure stands dead center. The hand join together above the head; the sleeves sewn together. The yellow is replaced with a deeper, foresty green; the tutu gone. Hair gelled tightly to head in a wave.

Accelerando. Adagio. Brass repeats simple melody: two parts low strains followed by one part high, with energy. Woodwinds play music of the woods, with an occasional high-pitched bird chirp.

Figure stands rigid. First position. Arms turned so that the left covers the face, which is turned right.

Three rounds of the low then high. Woodwinds increase to pianoforte.
No movement.

A single shrill – a bird wheeling in the sky.

Face turns slowly to the front. Arms descend until the hands rest on the left shoulder. Elbows snap; hit the right side. Knees buckle: plié. Head turns slowly to the left. Elbows return to normal position, perpendicular to the chest. Hands rest atop head. Legs straighten as the upper body bends right. Eyes gazing upwards.

A single shrill – the bird wheels in the sky.
Woodwinds resume playing a soft forest melody. Brass flourish.

Right leg battement tendu; left leg bends. The entire body slides right and begins to droop. Arms fling from head to the left hip. A bounce left. Return. Another, larger, longer, bounce. Feet shuffle; legs together. Hands rise over head and rest on right hip as upper body arches left. Eyes gazing downwards. Left leg battement tendu, mirroring previous.

Woodwinds soften to piano. Brass returns to largo; low euphonic tones.

Bounce. Return. Bounce—longer, slower. Head bounces, eyes becoming parallel to the ground. Final bounce of head and body, returning to rigid first position, hands once again above the head. Eyes peer outward, unfaltering.

Stop. No movement; no music.

On point. Elbows more bent, hands resting on head. Right leg rises to piqué.

Brass resounds. A single, resonating note.
Eyes shoot right, to the bent knee as it extends: battement à la seconde.

Music echoes fade to nothing. Tendu leg returns to point.

Brass resounds. A single, but higher, note resonates.
Eyes shoot left as that leg rises to piqué.

Another equitone note.
Left leg kicks: battement à la seconde. Holds until…

Music fades.
Toe descends to the floor. Right leg inches further right. Both legs move apart. Slowly. Legs so spread, they touch the floor. The splits.

Woodwinds flourish.
And the two hands separate.

piqué - one leg risen so that the pointed toes face into the other leg's thigh. Creates a "triangle" like shape.
battement tendu - leg "kicked" out; fully extended but still touching the ground
battement à la seconde- a full kick out to the side
tendu - "stretched"