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She didn't know she was in for it. She didn't know. She just didn't. Close to death? Never crossed her head. Loving someone she shouldn't have? No way. She just wasn't prepared. Next thing she'd know, she's in for more.

"Mom," I grumbled. I leaned by head up against the window of her car. It wasn't too comfortable. Just for the record.

My mom didn't respond and just stared out the windshield as she slowly drove at 50 miles per hour on the highway. "Mom!" I said, louder. "Yes, Dear?" She finally said, not averting her eyes from the road.

"WHEN are we getting there?" I said impatiently. We had been driving for nine hours straight. And I was getting fed up.

My mother and I, yes it's just us, were moving from Savannah, Georgia to Atlanta. My mom was recently hired as a counselor at Wilcox High School in Atlanta, since she was oh so great at her job. They had said that they needed her assistance with some gang-banger kids, but I dealt with them all the time at my old high school, helping my mom. So this was no problem.

I knew I was so not going to miss my old school, Saltwater. YES, the school is named 'Saltwater High'. Weird name, I know I know. Anyway, I never really had any friends over there. So I'm not really in some crying state of leaving the place I've lived in for six years. Damn it all.

"We'll be there in a few minutes, trust me dear," my mom said reassuringly, "Give me just a few more minutes. We're in Atlanta already anyway!" I heaved a heavy sigh, "Okay, okay, mom. I just might as well sleep." That had no point.

My mom had bought a room in a brownstone a driving distance from my new school and my mom's new office. Which was great, not too far, and not too close for me to walk to. I hated walking. It was supposed to be furnished for us already, with beds, pots and pans, and furniture. So all we had to pack was our possessions that we could carry.

I looked outside. This place was so ghetto. I mean, really. Graffiti was on every wall I could see. Trash was at the sides of the road. This place had no order or anything clean.

What's worse, I can see guys' boxers. I never really understood the sense to sag. I mean, who would want to see your underwear? Boxers, briefs, or thongs? I don't care how sexy, keep it covered.

The car suddenly jerked to the right, knocking my head on the window. "Mom!" I said. "Sorry, Ino!" She laughed, "This was the turn that we needed to take. I almost forgot." I rubbed my head. Ouch.

"Here we are!" She said happily, "Our new home." We had parked in a spot in front of a tall brownstone. Well, not tall but somewhere in the middle. Like, 5 or 6 stories?

"Come on, dear!" My mom hastily turned off the ignition and jumped out, slamming the door behind her. She went on inside without me. I didn't like to be alone, so I ran out of the car too, almost tripping in the process. "MOM! WAIT FOR ME!"


We checked in, got our stuff upstairs, and made ourselves at home. It was cozy. I customized my room, I cleaned out the dust, put the dishes in the dishwasher, set in all my clothes. And as I packed my backpack with my supplies I wondered, "How am I supposed to deal with school tomorrow?"


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