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Closing the door behind her, Lucy opened up her umbrella and began her walk home. She loved spending time with her brothers, even if the rest of the family disapproved. Her mother and Susan would try to persuade her to not visit them, but she paid their requests no attention. She was a young lady, in her last year of schooling, with choices and opinions of her own.

Lucy's thoughts went back to earlier that day, as she was getting ready to go visit the boys. Susan was over to pick up their mother, in order to help run some errands.

"Lucy, wouldn't you rather spend time with mom and I today?" Susan asked gently, trying to win her over with kind words.

"Maybe some other time Susan, it's Sunday and I always visit the boys on Sunday" Lucy casually replied as she put on her gloves.

"You shouldn't be spending your Sundays with them Lucy. After all, Sunday is a holy day for church and prayer" Susan said, crossing her arms over chest.

"Sunday is also a day for family Susan, but you wouldn't know that, would you?" Lucy turned to her sister as she said this, mouth beginning to frown. Susan's eyes narrowed at her sister's word, and her body looked tense.

Once upon a time, Lucy looked up to Susan. Her older sister was very smart, in school and in the ways of life. She was gentle in the way she knew how to tear off a Band-Aid without it hurting, and in the way she would decline date offers from boys. Susan had an earthy beauty to her that Lucy always found herself jealous of. Lucy's eyes were a playful sort of blue, like the beach on a crowded day, while Susan's eyes were breathtakingly beautiful. When people meet Susan, their eyes are immediately drawn to her blue eyes, instead of Lucy's. Lucy had scattered freckles, like Edmund, while Susan's freckles seemed to be perfectly handpicked in their location. Her face was much more gentler than Lucy's, cheekbones not too high and chin not too large. Lucy had simple lips that were pink, while Susan's red lips were always pouty in that 'come hither' sorta way.

But now, as Lucy stood in front of her older sister, all she saw was a beautiful, but very cruel, witch. In fact, Lucy was reminded of Jadis…but without the killings, and what not.

"Those filthy boys are not your family Lucy. Don't let them taint you with their wicked ways" said their mother as she walked into the room, curly hair squashed under a hat.

"Wicked ways?! Tell me, mother, would you still love me if I shared my bed with another woman?" Lucy said this as her voice began to raise, nails biting into the palms of her clenched hands.

"That scenario is hardly the same!" Shouted their mother, tears threatening to spill from her eyes. "Of course I would love, you're my daughter and-"

"ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!" Lucy shouted, completely losing her composure. "Peter and Edmund are still your sons, and yet you do not love them!"

"I can not love something so sinful. I don't care if Peter and Edmund are gay, it's who they are gay with that I can not approve of!" Her mother was now crying freely as she dropped to her knees. Susan, the gentle, quickly rushed to their mother's side and began to comfort her with soothing words.

"I don't care if it's "sinful" (Lucy raised her fingers in order to illustrate how little that word mattered to her), I have never seen a love so pure as Peter and Edmund's. If God truly thought what they were doing is wrong, then I believe he wouldn't have put those urges in them in the first place".

"The devil, Lucy, the-"

"Oh fuck the bloody devil!" Lucy shouted as Susan's mouth dropped open in shock. "God is far more powerful than Lucifer! And if Lucifer really planted incestuous thoughts into people, God and Jesus would have vanquished those thoughts years ago!".

Lucy never heard Susan's reply as she quickly rushed out of the house and slammed the door, quite hard, behind her. She opened her umbrella, and began the trip to Peter and Edmund's flat.

Lucy reached her home just as the rain began to pour harder. She unlocked the door and stepped inside, grateful that her mother and Susan were not back yet. She shed her thick coat and put it back into the closet, and placed her umbrella in the stand. Walking into her room, she flopped down on her bed and rubbed her hands over her tired eyes.

She wished Susan and mother could see Peter and Edmund, and how truly happy they were. When the boys first came out to the family, Lucy was 14 years old. Their mother broke down immediately and rushed to her room, cursing God along the way. Susan didn't say anything as she walked quietly away, but her silence was enough of an answer to the boys.

Peter's blue eyes and Edmund's dark eyes looked at her, terrified of what her reaction might be. But what they got was a big surprise as she pulled both of her brothers into a loving hug.

"I don't exactly understand how this works and what not, but you both have seen such misery in not only this world, but in Narnia also. If being with each other makes you happy, then I am happy for you".

Edmund looked relieved while Peter burst into happy tears.

The years spent under the same roof were very strained, but once Edmund was done with his schooling, he packed his bags and immediately moved into Peter's flat. Peter, who was already a student at Oxford, was overjoyed when he learned that Edmund would be going there also. Lucy was there when he found out, and was there as Peter enveloped Edmund into a tight embrace. She was also there as the two shared a loving kiss, to which she couldn't help but giggle at as she watched.

Her brothers were happy and in love. So what if it is with each other? Lucy only hoped she could find someone, someday, who loved her they way her brothers loved each other.

And she knew that things would be hard for them, harder than they already have been. The world is a harsh and scary place for gay lovers, especially her gay lover brothers. But no matter what, she would stand by them and protect them.

Lucy Pevensie refused to let the world hurt her Peter and her Edmund.