Peter closed the door behind as he kicked off his shoes. He unbuttoned his shirt as he flopped down on the bed. He had just gotten home from work, which seemed to be more exhausting today than on most days.

Peter groaned as he rubbed his hands over his sore eyes, trying to dispel the ache that was forming behind them. On exhausting work days, Peter liked to come and just relax with Edmund. But today isn't like most days, because today is Peter's 23rd birthday.

Edmund and Lucy had been planning some sort of extravagance for almost a week now, being very secretive and sneaky. Peter didn't want their hard work to go to waste, as he appreciated their kind gestureā€¦but he really, really didn't want a party. They brushed off his pleas though, and continued to plan the party that would be held at their friend's house that night.

It's been almost four years since Peter had a birthday party, so it was weird to try and wrap his mind around the idea. It wasn't a money problem, or anything like that. It wasn't even a mother problem, because Peter knew that he would never spend a birthday with his mum ever again. It was a sad thought, but an accepted one nonetheless. For peter, it just didn't feel right celebrating his birthday without his best friend.

Peter had a lot of acquaintances that were friendly and fun to talk to. He also had a lot of good friends that he knew he could count on for a decent time at the pub. He had two close friends, Edmund and Lucy. Both of them would be there if needed to vent his frustrations, and they would never judge him for his mistakes. The past four years, Peter had come to trust them in a way he never had before, and he was thankful for that.

Peter had only one best friend though, and he lost that best friend years ago. He had tried talking sense into her, after he and Edmund told the family about their love. He tried explaining the wonderful feeling he felt when Edmund was around, and that their love couldn't' possibly be wrong. She had refused to hear it though, as she pushed him out into the hallway and slammed the door in his face. Peter knew that Susan had not only shoved him out of heart, but had also closed the door to her life with him.

That night, he cried in Edmund's arms for the first time since he had been stabbed by Jadis. Edmund's gentle words of reassurance and soft back rubs were soothing, but they didn't quell Peter's sadden heart.

That day, he didn't just lose his sister. He lost his best friend. And without his best friend Susan, Peter didn't feel like celebrating his birthday. It had been hard the first year for Edmund to understand his feelings.

Sometimes, Peter wished he could be like Edmund. His brother always had a "see if I care if you don't like me" attitude. Edmund did things the way he wanted to do them, while Peter always stuck to the norm. So, when mum and Susan shunned the boys, Edmund was quick to brush it off and say "their lost". It wasn't so easy for Peter, and maybe it was because he was the eldest child, but he always felt the need to please everyone before himself. To have their disappointment so heavy on his shoulders was breaking his heart into pieces that even Edmund couldn't fix.

He didn't want a party, but Lucy insisted that it was time he moved on and began to live again. And what better way to do that than to celebrate his birthday with friends and family?

The party was small and cozy, about only 15 people were there, including himself and his siblings. As much as he didn't want to, it was time to start living again and leave the past where it belonged, behind him.

He was chatting with some old school mates when Edmund grabbed his hand and led him into the hallway for some privacy. The two shared a sweet kiss as Edmund put a small package in his hands.

Breaking the kiss, Peter tore through the wrapping paper to see a small bag of toffees. His eyes lit up as he smiled at Edmund, popping one of the delicious toffees into his mouth.

"That's not your only gift" Edmund said, smiling a little nervously.

Peter stopped sucking on the candy and looked at Edmund, curiously.

"Well, at least I hope it's not your only gift. If all goes well, you'll be getting something very spectacular". Edmund said as he glanced at the clock, then walked away.

Peter was about to ask him what that all meant when he heard a knock on the door.

Holding his toffees in one hand, he opened the door with the other.

Peter gasped, his toffees laying scattered on the floor from his shock.

Tears began pouring down Peter's face as rushed into the arms of the only person that could mend his broken heart, the only person that could really help him start living again.

"Oh God, Susan, I've missed you" Peter said tearfully as he smiled.

"Same here Peter, I'm so sorry" Susan kissed Peter on the cheek, tears of her own streaming down her face.

Edmund smiled from where he was watching, relieved his gift showed up.

Lucy smiled from where she was watching, excited that they could all be together.

That they could be the Pevensies again, as the way it should be.