The Birthday

November 30

It was the last Hogsmeade visit before the holidays, and Hermione was trying to find the perfect birthday gift for Charlie.

"Oh, Hermione," Ginny said excitedly, "lets go in here." She indicated jewelry store.

"Alright," she replied. She wasn't having much luck finding a present, so maybe a break would help.

The two girls wandered through the shop looking inside the glass cases.

That's when Hermione realized exactly what she could give Charlie for his birthday. She just had to talk to Colin about it.

- - -

December 12

Charlie got up at seven that morning, though not by his own choice.

"WAKEY – WAKEY!" Mick yelled. "It's your birthday, and you know what that means!"

"I get to sleep in?" Charlie muttered into his pillow.

"No!" Mick said, then muttered, "Aguamenti." Ice cold water shot out of his wand and onto Charlie.

"SHIT!" the red head yelled jumping out of bed. "That was freezing! What're you trying to do…Kill me?"

"No," Mick said, rolling his eyes. "I'm trying to tell you that your girlfriend sent a package."

"She did? Where is it?" Charlie grabbed his robe and looked around excitedly.

"Now, now, Charlie. You're not getting it 'til you're cleaned up and finished eating breakfast. You know your Momma's rules," the Aussie said, laughing at his friend's red face.

"Fine!" he huffed. He stormed into the bathroom and began to run the water.

Fifteen minutes later he entered the kitchen and grabbed a piece of slightly burnt toast that Mick had obviously made.

"So…where is it?" he asked.

"Did you remember to clean behind your ears?" Mick asked.

"Mick," Charlie warned. "Where is it?"

"One piece of toast is hardly a nutritional breakfast."


"Alright, alright…here," he said, tossing the small package to Charlie.

Charlie ripped open the envelope first.

Dear Charlie,

Happy Birthday!

I decided that since you gave me your grandmother's locket, then you should have my grandfather's pocket watch.



PS. Look inside it.

Charlie ripped the wrapping paper off of the box, and opened it. He carefully removed the antique gold watch.

He saw HG & CW engraved on one side, and on the other PA & AG. Then he opened it.

Opposite the face of the watch was a picture…her picture.

She wasn't wearing any makeup or dressed up at all. She was just sitting beneath an oak tree by the lake, wearing her school uniform with the tie hanging loose. As he watched, she waved happily at him, and blew him a kiss.

"This is the best birthday ever," Charlie said to himself, ignoring the fact that Mick was currently finishing off his bag of chocolate biscuits. "Just a week and a half 'till the holidays."