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Night had finally set Yuki and Zero were once again performing their nightly duties and on patrol. Yuki wasn't particularly excited about patrol tonight. She still hadn't full recovered from Zero draining her of quite a lot of blood just yesterday. She was tired and at the moment Zero was annoying her. It wasn't that she minded giving her blood to Zero, no, she had already accepted that this was something she needed to do in order to protect her friend. Yuki just wasn't in the sort of mood to deal with his overbearing nature. She wore a thick white bandage around her neck, in order to cover up yesterday's events, not necessarily because she needed to but she wanted as few people to know as possible, especially Kaname.

"Kaname…" She said so softly one might have mistaken it for the wind.

"Did you say something? Your not falling asleep are you?" Zero said in a slightly agitated tone.

"Oh no! I was just thinking…I have a few things on my mind that's all…" She said quickly looking down.

"Go back to your dorm, you've been pushing yourself to much lately…with everything your doing…Go get some sleep!"

Surprised Yuki looked up to see Zero's face but he had already turned around and had started to walk away from her. Her cheeks flushed slightly as she turned to go back to her room. 'I guess some sleep wouldn't hurt…I do have a lot to think about…'

Kaname looked out the school window in boredom, he simply couldn't concentrate on his classes today, he had other matters on his mind. Remembering earlier to this afternoon he politely said hello to Yuki. As she turned to happily greet him he immediately noticed the white bandage that had been wrapped around her neck. 'Where did that bandage come from? Had she injured herself?'

No, he knew the real reason, to think anything differently would be ridiculous. That leech, Zero had touched her, he had sucked her blood. 'Unforgivable.' Thinking about it irritated him immensely; he decided he needed some air so he could more easily collect his thoughts.

Kaname rose from his seat and turned to Takuma "I'm going for a walk, I do not wish to be disturbed." Takuma, slightly surprised by this abruptness only nodded as he watched Kaname leave the room.

A cold gush of wind blew sending a shiver down Yuki's spine; she hastened her pace so that she could escape the cold as soon as possible. She put her hand to her neck softly rubbing it-- she was bruised from Zero's bite and she was still a little sore.

"Does it hurt much?" said a soft, calm voice from behind her

Yuki whipped around, her eyes bulging slightly in shock. "K-Kaname…"

There in front of her stood Kaname frowning slightly down at her. He reached his hand over caressing her face, slowly moving down to the bandage on her neck. She looked up into his saddened amber eyes, she wondered what could possibly make his eyes look like that, what could possibly upset him this much. Yuki felt a strange sensation on her neck, she brought her fingers to touch her neck and was surprised to learn that not only was her bandage gone but so was her bruise--she was no longer sore. Yuki looked up at Kaname in shock.

Kaname smiled down at her, she was adorable sometimes, the look of concern in her eyes just now sent a feeling of pride and happiness through his body, she obviously cared about him deeply he understood that. He just wished she would.

"I-I was supposed to be going somewhere…" she said, not really being as to focus with Kaname still gently rubbing her neck.

"Oh? And where were you going?" Kaname tried not to show the fact that he was vastly amused by the fact that Yuki could not keep her train of thought. He had to stop himself from smiling.

"I was going to go to my room and turn in early…" Yuki was having trouble understanding his sudden change in emotions. He was sad just a second ago wasn't he?

"Well, I won't keep you then." Kaname smiled down at her , not intending on letting her go just yet.

"Oh-okay, good night…Kaname." She continued to stare into his eyes which now looked amused and there was something else in there that she couldn't quite put her finger on. She was so distracted by this that she didn't even notice him taking a step closer to her, there faces were now only inches apart.

"Goodnight Yuki." And with that Kaname closed the distance between them. His lips' softly crashing down on Yuki's surprised lips. She quickly reciprocated his passionate, yet gentle kiss with her own. He licked her lower lip playfully causing her to let out a soft throaty moan. Yuki was just parting her lips when he nipped her bottom lip before breaking away from her to look into her eyes.

Kaname's kiss left her reeling, she wanted more. She was just about to initiate a second kiss when he stopped her, smirking he said "I'll let you get your rest now"

And with that Kaname hugged her lovingly and kissed her forehead. "Sweet dreams" Kaname then released her and began to walk away slowly. Yuki was left standing there both shocked and confused about the night's events. When she finally recollected herself she put her fingers to her mouth, in order so that she might feel to see if what actually happened, happened.

Kaname walked away smirking.

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