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Kaname gently picked up Yuki, cradling her in his arms. He looked up at the surprised face of his enemy--Zero.

His voice was cold and emotionless. "Remember that I am the one who lets you live, if you can no longer serve your purpose--to protect and never betray Yuki, I will easily dispose of you." Kaname's amber eyes were colder than ice as he stared at the wide eyed Zero, who had begun to shake in anger. Kaname, holding Yuki began to walk away, heading towards the moon dorms.

"W-wait!" Zero said holding up his arm in order to get his point across. "You don't control her…you can't decide her choices for her…she choose to do this. S-she loves me…she just hasn't realized it yet…" Zero blushed and looked down.

Kaname stopped, but refused to do him the honor of turning around and looking at him. "Your wrong, she doesn't love you, she never has, and she never will. Yuki pities you, she is afraid of you and what you will become. She thinks of you as a friend and nothing more, don't stupidly mistake that for love."

Zero looked up at the retreating vampire, carrying the girl he loved in his arms. The look of hatred he gave the vampire was immeasurable. 'Yuki loved him, didn't she?' Zero shook his head in frustration, this is exactly what that stupid vampire had wanted to accomplish.

Zero looked in the direction that Kaname had left in; secretly hoping in vain that Yuki would come back running towards him. He stood there out in the cold, waiting for what seemed to be days. Finally, he gave up waiting, turned around and headed back to his dorm, his nightly patrol duty completely forgotten.

Takuma held his arms out in front of Hanabusa "Kaname ordered us to continue attending class and not to leave until they are finished."

"But I smelt Yuki's blood! I hate being kept in the dark" Hanabusa whined stomping back to his seat.

"Regardless of how you feel, we still have orders. You cannot disobey Kaname-sama." Said a deep voice who had just stepped out of the shadows in the back of the classroom.

"Atatsukiii! Why do you always take sides with Takuma! It's not fair!" Hanabusa stood up from his seat and rushed over to Atatsuki in order to complain more efficiently.

Atatsuki turned from him and began to walk away. "Because you are usually wrong, that's why."

"Am I really the only one who is interested in what's going on? Why is it that Kaname has to handle this on his own? Why does this human girl hold such a place in his heart?" Hanabusa wailed, his eyes glazed over and he looked as if he would begin to cry at any minute.

Takuma eyes softened and he went to comfort Hanabusa. With a strange feeling of affection, Takuma even went so far as to wraps his arms around Hanabusa and hug him. Hanabusa's eyes widened in surprise at the gesture. "We all want to know what Kaname is thinking. Kaname always has a good reason for keeping secrets and I'm sure it is the same in this situation. It is his choice whether or not he will confide in us or not, his personal affairs with Yuki are none of our business. I don't even know if Kaname knows himself why he is so attracted to her.

Hanabusa's shoulders slumped after hearing Takuma's speech. "I suppose I can wait a little while longer" he said as he turned away from Takuma to sit near the window. Hanabusa gazed outside at the stars wondering what his leader could possibly be thinking.

Kaname laid Yuki on his bed, looking down at the girl lovingly. He brushed the hair out of her eyes to see her calm sleeping face. Kaname pondered on how it was possible for her to sleep so easily after all she put herself through. He didn't want to move her again just so she could get to his blankets so he shrugged out his coat and placed it atop of her body. 'That should keep her warm enough for now.'

Kaname went to his fireplace, trying to be a quite as possible he threw a couple logs into the fireplace. After sticking some paper in the fireplace, he lit the fire and took a step back. 'Now she definitely won't be cold.'

He went back to Yuki lifting her hair up to see the wound. There he saw two bite marks; you could tell by how red her neck was that Zero obviously hadn't been at all gentle with her. This fact possibly pained him the most, Yuki had been more than willing to give up her blood for her best friend but he clearly could not show the same consideration by making the pain to be as small and insignificant as possible. Kaname wanted nothing more than to rip the mans throat out, he of course wouldn't because Kaname unlike Zero would never do anything to hurt Yuki. He would however give him the punishment he well deserved, but first he would take care of Yuki, she was more important to him.

Kaname gently brushed his fingers against the wound on Yuki's neck. Yuki made a pained face for half a second before returning to her calm peaceful sleep. After Kaname removed his hand the wound was no longer visible, it was almost as if she had never been bitten in the first place. Kaname lay on the bed next to Yuki watching her sleep. He smiled at watch her fragile body breath, her chest pushing itself up as she took a breath and slowly back down as she exhaled. Kaname could just watch Yuki and her unmistakable beauty for an eternity, but he couldn't and soon he realized he had other things to take care of before the night was over.

He reluctantly got up from the bed and went around to the other side; he bent his head down and kissed her forehead. In that instant he could feel her warmth, smell the sweet floral fragrance of her hair, and just for a moment taste, the oh so sweet taste of her skin. 'She is so beautiful, I don't deserve her.' He thought as her looked at her one last time before shutting the door to his room.

Zero lay on his bed staring at the ceiling. He could not force himself to sleep. Images of Kaname holding Yuki flooded his mind, these images we driving him crazy. Zero hated the thought that Yuki loved Kaname; he knew she did, but he had always hoped that he had a spot in her heart as well. After Kaname's speech tonight he was unsure of how she felt about him.

True she had never shown anymore feeling than friendship towards him, but he had always thought every once in a while, he saw a look in her eyes. That had to mean something didn't it? He shook his head and shakily ran his hand through his hair. 'I could live if she decided she only wanted to be friends, b-but to see her with that-that thing, that is unbearable' He thought.

Zero knew of course they had a past. Kaname had saved her life, but was she really willing to give up her life--everything for this man? He couldn't stand the thought of them being together, it literally made him sick. Zero got up from his bed and went to the bathroom. After splashing his face with cold water he looked at himself in the mirror. Zero's face looked distraught, he decided he needed some air and went to his door. He walked down the corridor; he was nearing the chairman's office when he heard voices. 'Was that Kaname's voice?'

"Are you going to let him ruin all the work we have put into this place? Kaname said frustration apparent in his voice.

"Of course not but what do you expect me to do? He will never join the night class, he despises vampires. Look he is going through a bit of a rough spot right now, just give me sometime to help him sort his problems out." The chairman said, his tone almost pleading.

"He bit Yuki! Your daughter Yuki, do you remember her? We cannot let this continue, if he cannot control his desires, if he refuses to take the tablets everyone else is taking than why should he be allowed to stay?" Kaname replied venomously.

Zero turned away, he did not want to hear anymore. He already felt bad enough for his actions he did not need to be reminded by that leech.

Kaname heard Zero the moment he neared the door, he did not show the slightest hint to tell him that he knew of his presence. 'Let him hear what I have to say, if he knows what's good for him he will gain some common sense.'

"I can see we are getting absolutely nowhere with this conversation. I will concede this much, you will have a week to gain control of him. If he is not able to gain control of his own desires by then, we will have no choice but to force him into leaving." Kaname said suddenly agitated that the chairman still defended Zero

The chairman smiled "A week will be more than enough, just you wait."

On that note Kaname turned on his heel and left the room, on his way outside he spotted Zero standing in the corridor glaring at him. He walked up to Zero looking down at him, anger apparent in his eyes.

Zero looked up at him, his clouded eyes showed just as much hatred towards Kaname as he had shown him. "I'm not afraid of you and I will not abide by your rules just because you tell me too."

Kaname grabbed Zero by the neck and lifted him a few inches off the ground. "Defying a pureblood is not possible for someone as lowly as you." He put Zero on the ground and pushed him against the wall. "You have taken something very special from me, do it again and I will not be as forgiving."

With that Kaname released Zero completely and walked away, he wanted to check up on Yuki. 'I wonder if she has woken up yet.' He pondered silently.

Zero reeled over, panting and cursing under his breath "B-bastard" he said, his voice full with the hatred he felt for the man walking away from him.

Yuki's eyes fluttered. She put her hand to her face trying to rub the sleep out of her eyes so she could see clearly. She pushed herself up so that she was sitting up. For some reason her sheets were extremely soft. She looked around 'This isn't my room!'

Looking around more clearly she realized to her surprise she was in the moon dorms--Kaname's room to be exact. Yuki looked down as realized she had been using Kaname's coat as a blanket. 'When did he give this to her? When did she get here?' She brought his coat up to her face sniffing it; she inhaled Kaname's masculine scent that had rubbed off onto his coat oh how she loved the smell!

She got up from the bed holding the coat in her arms; she walked towards the closet mirror. Yuki looked at herself in the mirror she tilted her head to the side and looked at her neck. 'There is no bruise! There's not even a bite mark!' It was true, her neck was completely bare, and it was as if last night didn't happen at all.

"Kaname…" She whispered his name. She now knew why she didn't have any marks from the night before; although she didn't know how he knew she was giving her blood to Zero somehow she had ended up here in his room. She couldn't say that she had really minded about this sudden turn in events. Yuki once again looked at his coat that she held in here hands, without thinking about it she slipped the coat through her arms and wrapped it around her body. She once again inhaled his enticing scent, it made her want to twirl and spin around the room in happiness. And that's exactly what she did.

Kaname stood outside the door to his room listening, he could hear Yuki inside laughing and moving around in his room. He was dying to see her face; he loved the face she made when she smiled. He opened the door and stepped inside, he smiled at the sight he saw.

Yuki was dancing around in his room, her eyes closed and softly laughing. It'd been so long since he'd seen her this happy, he missed the sound of her laughter. He loved the way her legs seemed to glide across his room in that short uniform skirt she was wearing, or the way her chest almost seemed to bounce around with her fast movements and slightly heaving breathing. But all this isn't what caught his eyes, she was wearing his uniform coat, his clothing was on her body. Seeing it on her made him smile; now all he thought about was taking off that coat along with whatever else she was wearing.

Yuki's eyes flashed open, she saw Kaname standing across the room smiling down at her, and she immediately stopped in her tracks. "K-kaname I was ju--"

Kaname crossed the room in three long strides cutting her off while she was in the midst of an explanation. He bent his head down and he grabbed her face with his hands forcing her to look at him.

Yuki looked up at Kaname's eyes full of amusement and was that love? Lust perhaps? She felt the heat rise in her face and she blushed a deep red.

Kaname's thumb brushed over her cheek feeling the warmth of the blush. "You don't need to be embarrassed." He smiled down at her once more before allowing his lips to crash against hers.

Yuki's eyes shot open in shock, within seconds her eyes drooped closed and she wrapped her arms around his neck. She stood on her tip toes in order to make it easier to respond to his kiss.

Kaname quickly made the kiss more passionate, making Yuki sigh and part her lips. Kaname took this as in invitation the insert his tongue in her mouth, he expertly flicked his tongue against her, brushing his tongue against he front teeth. Yuki moaned slightly and wrapped his arms more tightly around his neck. Kaname smiled and pulled away from her, if she kept responding like this she would take away all his self control away and god knows what would happen then.

Yuki continued to hold Kaname pushing her body up against him, she looked up at him, her eyes pleading "P-please Kaname I—"

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