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Tonks heard a pop behind her and turned around. Standing there, with a grin brighter than the sun, was Ginny.

"I take it you passed?" Tonks smiled.

"Yep! Last term would have been so much less stressful if I could've Apparated. Here."

She handed Tonks two Easter eggs, one pink and one blue.

"For you and Teddy," she smiled. "I'm going home for Easter, so I just came to drop them off."

"You're going home?" Tonks asked, slightly alarmed.

"Yeah," Ginny nodded. "They've been writing to me, asking me to come back. I'll write you tonight, okay?"

"Okay," Tonks said. "Here's your Easter present. Hide it, just in case."

Ginny laughed and took the small package. She put it on the bottom of her bag and went to hug Tonks. When she pulled away, she ruffled Tonks's hair and Disapparated.

The Burrow looked bigger since the last time she'd been there, but it could've been nerves. She walked as slowly as her pride would allow up to the house and opened the door. An awkward silence engulfed her as she entered the kitchen. Predictably, George was the first to speak.

"Hey Ginny! How's your term going?"

"It's going alright," she smiled. "Hey Mum," she went over to hug her. Molly smiled brightly and hugged back.

"We've missed you," she said.

"Missed you guys too."

"I'm glad you came back for break," Molly continued. "We were afraid you'd stay at Hogwarts."

Ginny smiled at her and looked around at the rest of her family that was present that day. Her father smiled slightly at her from across the table, and Percy and Ron refused to meet her eyes. Her nerves came back. Not from them avoiding her gaze, she had kind of expected that. No, what worried her was the expression she caught before they looked away. They looked guilty, not angry as she had expected.

"What's going on?" she asked. If the other shoe was going to drop, she would rather it be sooner than later.

"What do you mean?" Arthur asked.

"I mean, these two," she indicated Ron and Percy, "Have been mad at me for almost a year now. And now they look all guilty. And you're grinning even though I ran away last summer. What gives?"

"Nothing gives," Molly smiled, "We're just glad you're home. And, you know, we've all calmed down now. We can all think this through rationally, and you can spend some time thinking about this choice without Tonks—"

"What?" Ginny interrupted, "What choice? I didn't just wake up one day and say, 'Gee, I think I'll bat for the other team today!' Tonks and I are happy together, okay? Happy! Can't you just accept that?"

"Because it's unacceptable!" Molly exclaimed tremulously.

Ginny looked into her mother's eyes and understood. The thing she'd told Ron on the way to Hogwarts was true. Things weren't always storybook; and this wasn't going to work. She wouldn't back down, though. The Gryffindor in her was going to suffer through this weekend, if only to be with the one family member that would accept her—George. He had point blank refused to join in the family's vendetta against her and Tonks.

"I'm going to put my stuff away," she said quietly, and turned to walk up the stairs.

When she got there, she lifted the small box Tonks had given her out of her bag and turned it over in her hands.

"Depression impulse," she muttered to herself, tearing the wrapping off.

It was a silver and gold picture frame. Inside was a picture Andromeda had taken of her, Tonks and Teddy over the Christmas break. They were sitting in front of a snowman, Ginny holding Teddy in her lap. Teddy's hair was bright red to match hers. She smiled and put the picture on her dresser.

"I don't mind," said a voice behind her. It was George.

"I know, George. You think you could make your acceptance contagious?"

"Don't tempt me," George chuckled. "You know I'm always up for a challenge. So…I er…I had a thought," he trailed off.

"What's that?"

"Well, I was thinking. It's Friday, and you're going to be tired of this in another thirty minutes; forget about making it till Monday. How about you come with me to the shop? You can help me out this weekend and have your own space. We'll come back for Sunday lunch."

"You think Mum'll go for that? Cuz I think it's brilliant."

"Let's go ask."


Tonks set the sleeping metamorphmagus in his crib and turned down the light. Walking back into the living room, she spotted a small brown owl tapping at her window. She opened it a crack and let the owl fly in. It dropped the letter from its beak and flew back out again. She opened the letter, recognizing Ginny's handwriting.

Hey Tonks,

Family drama's still the same. I'm staying with George at his flat. We're going to be working at the shop tomorrow, if you want to come by. Bring Teddy, George says he hasn't been a bad influence in a while. Talk to you soon!

Love, Ginny

Tonks laughed, set the letter down on the table, and walked down the hall to her bedroom.


"There's my two favorite metamorphmagi!" George called. Ginny turned and smiled at Tonks and Teddy came through the door. Tonks walked over to her as George played "Helicopter" with Teddy, laughing as the boy's hair turned seven different colors.

"Hey Tonks," Ginny hugged her.

"Wotcher Gin," Tonks smiled. "So, I got your letter…"

"Yeah," Ginny sighed. "With the exception of George, they all just wanted me away from you to 'think it over'. At least I have one cool family member."

They looked over to where George was letting Teddy pet one of the pigmy puffs. Tonks grinned.

"Yeah, he is pretty cool. And who knows, maybe they just need more time. Maybe they'll cool down over the summer. It's been a crazy…well, few years really."

Ginny gave her an "I don't think so" look. Tonks chuckled.

"Or if not, you can stay with me."

Ginny shoved the last box of Nosebleed Nougats onto the shelf and hugged Tonks.

"It'll work out," Tonks said. "Promise."


Let's leave...Oh let's get away
Get lost in time
Where there's no reason left to hide.
Let's leave...Oh let's get away,
Run in fields of time,
Where there's no reason left to hide.
No reason to hide.

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