"Inuyasha...SIT!!" Who would have thought one little word would
have so much power.

I have to admit...the ears brought it to mind but I had to think quickly
because Inuyasha was coming after me.

I know I've used it more times than I care to admit out of anger, but I
wonder if Inuyasha realizes how many times I've done it out of love? The times
he was wounded but still wanted to fight Koga... even if he was to stubborn to
admit he was in pain. I just couldnÂ’t stand to see him hurt. The look in
his eyes fed the guilt in my heart but I knew he'd never understand why.

Then there were those times that Inuyasha transformed.

Changed completely into a full demon.

The hanyou I knew wasn't even there any more.

I had to sit him to bring him back...to me.

Through everything, however, I've learned that "sit" won't always solve the
problem and we have to face our issues instead of running from them.

Another thing I realized was that, no matter what happened, I would stay by
Inuyasha's side, protecting him in my own way.


I cringe when I hear those words because I know what's coming next.

Does Kagome even understand how it feels to slam into the ground? To be
controlled by something other than my own will? Not to mention the
humiliation of being sat in front of my rival. Ok, so I was hurt and could
barely stand but it makes my blood boil whenever he claims Kagome as "his
woman." I just want to shut his mouth!

There were times when I said or did things that were deliberately hurtful to
Kagome. She tried to sit me to hell and I deserved it. I'd die before I let
anything happen to Kagome and if making her mad will keep her safe, she can
sit me to eternity.

But...she saved me. When I transformed, Kagome sat me to bring me back. When
Kikyo tried to take me to hell, Kagome sat me to break the spell. She doesn't
know... how grateful I am. I know I can't often find the words but I hope she
understands. With Kagome by my side, I learned to trust, to hope, to feel.

I promised Kagome my life to protect her and I know as long as I am with her,
I am that much stronger.