Cameron wandered to the bathroom door when she though she heard Thirteen saying something. When she approached the door, all she heard was a small, low moan concealed by the louder sound of water spewing out of the showerhead. But it sounded like…

No. That can't possibly be what I heard…

Cameron stood there a moment longer, and was startled when Thirteen opened the door. She could have sworn Thirteen wore a little smile on her lips, and even anticipated her saying something along the lines of "I told you should have joined." But there was no smart ass remark, and Cameron handed her clothes and darted into the bathroom as soon as thirteen was out. She shut the door stood there for a moment, looking around. She stripped naked, took a quick shower, and wrapped a towel around herself as she walked out of the bathroom. Then she groaned.

She was standing in her own room, wrapped in a towel, dripping wet, and was about to select something to wear to sleep when she noticed the intruder in her bed. So now she was faced with the humiliating choice of kicking a sleeping person out of her bed or resigning the battle and just going to sleep on her own couch.


Cameron's mind began a stealthy route into more devious thoughts.

"No," she told herself before she could even complete the thought. She reached into her top drawer and pulled out a pair of panties. Thirteen rolled over in bed, startling Cameron who almost shoved it back in the drawer instinctively. Then she rolled her eyes and criticized herself for being so immature. She yanked out the rest of her clothes and headed to her bathroom to change.

She was fuming. Having to change clothes in her own bathroom because she was kicked out of her own room! The thought brought a scowl of indignation. At the same time, seeing Thirteen in her own bed, laying under her covers sleeping made her feel…excited? Something to that effect, she was sure. Yet no matter how annoyed she was, she couldn't maintain that feeling when she looked at Thirteen laying there. She admitted to herself she wanted to slip under the covers with Thirteen in her bed tonight, and as she looked at her small, uninviting couch, the thought was even more tempting.

She also contemplated Thirteen's' reaction to it. The only possible reactions she could imagine would be Thirteen waking up and either freaking out, or worse, coming up with some sarcastic remark like "Good morning, lover" and then having to endure constant teasing from her as well as everybody else at work. Despite Cameron's logical approach to the decision that told her it was a bad idea, her desire was too strong to not at least toy with the decision to sleep with Thirteen.

After putting on a pair of pink pajamas that had a cute v-neck top and mid-calf shorts, she walked back into her bedroom and stared at Thirteen. She watched her chest move up and 

down as she breathed, her eyes flutter as she approached REM cycle, and her arms tighten around the pillow she was cuddling.

Cameron knew it wasn't a big deal for two women, two platonic friends, to sleep in the same bed. She'd done it hundreds of times with friends since elementary school through college. It was just the fear that this time, with her, it might feel different.

It already does feel different, she thought. She slid into bed, staying as far away from Thirteen's body as she could, teasing herself and testing her feelings. She continued to look at Thirteen who was hugging her pillow, and realized she was afraid she might wake up, or worse, Thirteen might wake up, and feel her arms cuddled around Thirteen's soft waist.

She almost changed her mind and went to the couch, but then Thirteen released a broken sob.

"Thirteen?" Cameron said. No response. She leaned over to look at Thirteen's face and saw that it was buried in a pillow. She heard her clear her voice as though she'd been crying.

"What's wrong?" Cameron asked, her hand stroking Thirteen's shoulder. She looked up and her teary eyes confirmed Cameron's suspicions.

"I don't know," she said, realizing how stupid that sounded as she said it. She felt like she was a child again. Cameron scooted over to her and continued comforting her, although consciously trying to maintain some space between them. Thirteen easily sabotaged that plan by both snuggling closer into Cameron's inviting arms, and looking so beautiful and helpless Cameron couldn't help but be drawn to her.

Before she had time to consciously consider the decision, her instincts consumed her reason, and she kissed Thirteen.

Author's Note: Have any of you ever cried in your sleep before? It's so annoying right? I wake up and if I'm in bed with someone they are like "What's wrong?" And I feel like I'm five when I respond with "Um, I guess I had a bad dream?" Anyway, more chapters soon, I promise.