Afterword: Echoes to the End of Time

Thus ends this tale in sadness, yet the quest of the Silmarils went on, and beyond hope came to fulfillment in both sorrow and joy. A Silmaril came into Thingol's hands; and Beren and Luthien returned from Mandos and had a child whom they named Dior. Finrod was reembodied in Valinor, and reunited with his parents, as well as with his love Amarie.

Both Orodreth and Thingol provided little assistance during the Nirnaith Arnoediad, as it was organized by Maedhros, whom they mistrusted as a son of Feanor. The field was lost, and many of the free realms of elves and men were overthrown. The surviving realms were destroyed by Morgoth one by one, including Nargothrond. The exception was Doriath. Doriath was sacked twice: first by the dwarves and then by the Feanorians, both seeking possession of the Silmaril. The Havens of Sirion where Princess Elwing, Luthien and Beren's granddaughter, had fled with the Silmaril were also attacked by the sons of Feanor. Here Elwing threw herself into the sea, but was turned into a white bird by the Vala Ulmo and flew to Earendil who was seeking Valinor.

By the power of the Silmaril, Earendil reached Valinor, where the Valar heard his plea and sent an army which destroyed Morgoth's armies, captured him, and sank Beleriand beneath the waves. The Noldor were forgiven, Numenor was founded and a great threat to the world was ended.

When Sauron rose as a dark lord in place of Morgoth, the descendants of Beren and Luthien were instrumental in his defeat, and it has been foretold that their line shall not die until the world itself be ended.

A/N: I just want to say thank you to everybody who reviewed, both "I like this!" reviews and constructive criticism that helped improve the story.

I have a couple of ideas for possible stories related to this one some of you might be interested in. One is an exploration of events during the preparation for the War of Wrath and Finrod's return from Mandos. It would be a fairly quiet story, probably containing lots of misunderstandings getting sorted out and people talking about ethics, the fate of the world, the best way to kill an orc or cooperate with the Sindar, and why it is that the newly returned have rather erratic memories. It is pretty lighthearted, and is humorous in places.

Story number two is the tale of what might have happened if Luthien had arrived two hours earlier and both Beren and Finrod had come out of the Tol-in-Guarhoth alive. I have always wondered what would have happened. Potential effects on events such as the Nirnaith Arnoediad or Turin's sojourn in Nargothrond are interesting, to say the least. The effects on Finrod of his imprisonment and the events in Nargothrond might also be interesting, if not particularly happy.

Any suggestions as to which, if either, you would rather see me write?