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Chapter 1

First Day On A Brand New Planet

Ayame and Kouga were at the club having a late date night and were still trying to process everything that had happened only hours before.

Well at least Ayame was.

"I can't believe it Kouga! I used to think we were the dramatic ones. You know? But these past few weeks have been nuts! The whole crazy love square with Kikyo, Kagome, Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru! Sango got married…to Miroku the letch! And she's pregnant! And he's rich! What a twist! I can't wait to write everything in my blog!"


"I wonder what's going to happen with Kikyo being with Sesshoumaru. It's so random! If the two of them actually get married, wow! The family reunions going to get awkward!"


"Still it's so awesome that Kagome and Inuyasha are FINALLY together! It was like years and years in the making! Oh they're so cute!" She said starry-eyed.

"AYAME!" He finally yelled to get her attention

"WHAT!" She yelled back.

"I…" He started, but Ayame cut him off.

"…don't care?" She pouted and crossed her arms. "Look I get you aren't as into this as I am, but come on…"

"I do care…sort of." He said shyly.


"Oh come on Ayame! I was with you all the way through high school. I knew Inuyasha and Kagome would be endgame and it was so obvious Sess has loved Kikyo for years!"

"How do you know all this?"

"I'm a good observer."

"Oh sweetie!" She beamed and put her arms around him. "You really do care!"

"Uh…sort of…" He suddenly regretted interjecting.

"You do! You really are just a big softie." She jumped on him.

"Only sort of…"He gave her a crooked grin and kissed her.

Six years earlier.

"Oh my god I love high school!" Ayame gushed while walking to the cafeteria with her good friends Kagome and Sango. "I just talked to like, the cutest boy in the whole wide world!"

"Ayame, chill. We've only been through four classes…besides you don't even know all the boys in the world to come to that conclusion." Sango stated in an 'as-a-matter-of-fact tone.'

Ayame stuck out her tongue. "You're just jealous cause I saw him first!"

Sango rolled her eyes.

"So who's this cute boy Ayame?" Kagome asked.

"Kouga…oh he's so dreamy! He's got long black hair and the bluest eyes you'll ever see! Oh and his smile! It's divine." She was starry-eyed.

"Aw! Ayame's got a new crush!" Kagome teased. Ayame always seemed to have a crush. Ever since the girl reached puberty she was always talking about boys.

"Kagome…shush! What if he's around? We need to think of a code name for him…how about Wolfie?"

Kagome blinked. "Wolfie? Isn't that your dog's name?"

"Yeah…he's got the same deep blue eyes as my sweet puppy! It's totally fate. Anyway it's a good code name right?" She looked at her friends expectantly.

"Ayame that was only cool when we were like…ten." Sango rolled her eyes.

"Ugh fine…you're right though! It's time for a new aggressive Ayame…I'm going to ask him out!" She smiled with newfound confidence.

"You go girl!" Kagome winked.

"Hey guys!" Inuyasha came up from behind, putting his arms around Sango and Kagome, his best friends. There was also Ayame, but he wasn't as close to her. He gave a quick pat on the shoulder as well.

"Inuyasha!" Sango jumped on him causing the two of them to crash to the floor.

"Ah Sango!" He scrambled to get her off him. "This is how rumors are started." He looked around to see a bunch of students staring at them and whispering.

Sango got up and crossed her arms.

"Puh-lease! You should be so lucky to be associated with me at all." She smiled and held out her hand to help Inuyasha up. "Some things never change." Kagome laughed.

Inuyasha sighed and took her hand. He stood up. Inuyasha had finally shot up in height over the summer and was now a head taller than Sango.

"Or maybe they do…" Kagome finally noticed how much Inuyasha had grown since the end of middle school.

"Hey Kagome." Inuyasha grinned.

"Hey yourself. Inuyasha! I can't believe it…we have no classes together!"

"Well sorry I'm smarter than you." He smirked. He loved to show off that he was in higher classes.

She pushed him playfully. "You're such a jerk!"

"Yeah, I thought we already established that when we first met…wanna go get lunch?"

"We're actually headed there right now." She linked arms with Inuyasha with Sango and Ayame following. "Come on! Let's go."

The four friends went from having full confidence in themselves to none what-so-ever after entering the school cafeteria. Everyone seemed to have his or her own clique and table. Everyone also seemed to be a lot bigger.

They were little pishers.

"And I thought I was tall…"

"Ok…now I officially hate high school." Ayame frowned.

"There's got to be somewhere to sit…" Kagome looked around.

"Hey maybe we could sit with your brother Sess…" Ayame started.

"Not happening." Inuyasha cut her off. While his brother was popular junior Inuyasha didn't want to use his brother. Besides his brother would help him anyway.

"Oh! I see a table! I'll go run and save it for us!" Sango ran quickly through the crowds.

"Always the athlete…" Inuyasha ran after her.

"I guess that means we're stuck getting the food?" Ayame sighed.

"That's right. Come on Ayame."

They went to go get food and found Sango and a very grumpy looking Inuyasha waiting at a small table in the corner of the cafeteria.

"What took you so long? You people are so slow." I'm starved!" Inuyasha grunted.

"It was a long line Inuyasha! Gosh! What's up your butt?" Kagome asked, slightly annoyed at her friend's rudeness.

Inuyasha frowned. Sango sighed and pointed to a table in the middle of the room.

Kagome and Ayame looked ahead and saw a bunch of seniors sitting with…

"Kikyo! Is that her? No way!" Ayame gasped.

"Way!" Sango confirmed.

"Well…she's gotten used to this place pretty fast…" Kagome mused.

Kikyo had gotten used to it. With a simple, natural beauty she sauntered into her first day of high school with ease and confidence.

Naraku, a popular, though mean-spirited senior noticed. Just as he was about to shove a poor little freshman boy into a locker he had seen Kikyo and was instantly infatuated. She was…absolutely stunning. He spent all morning flirting with her in between classes and asked her out to lunch. While Kikyo wasn't really interested she wanted to make her ex boyfriend Inuyasha jealous.

And what better way to do that than to flirt with a cute senior?

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