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And now I bring to you the melancholy conclusion to Wonder What Happened:

Chapter 27

It Ends Tonight

Kagome began preparing her bedroom when Inuyasha called to say he was coming over. She convinced her mother, grandfather and brother to visit relatives by the beach for the weekend. It would be the perfect opportunity to have real alone time with Inuyasha. She lit candles all around the room and even bought cute lingerie for the occasion. It would certainly shock Inuyasha, but she hoped he'd also love the idea of entering a new level in their relation.

The setting was perfect.

After adding the last few finishing touches there was a knock at the door. Inuyasha. She smiled into the mirror, fluffing her hair and then ran down stairs to answer the door.

Inuyasha looked Kagome up and down when she answered wearing a robe and a smile.

"Hey." She grinned.

"Hi." He said nervously.

"I have to go take care of something…meet me up stairs?" She smiled and ran upstairs before he could stop her.

Inuyasha took a deep breath and headed up the stairs to her bedroom. She wasn't there so Inuyasha looked around the room which was filled with scented candles and flowers. There were even rose petals leading from the door onto the bed.

"She must have worked so hard." He said to himself and looked in the mirror. "I can do this…I'll just tell her what happened, she'll understand. It's not like I'm actually breaking up with her…I can do this…" He said reassuring himself.

"Do what?" Kagome said from behind him

Inuyasha turned around and saw her leaning against the wall in flimsy lingerie. She winked at him and walked toward him.

"You worked really hard on this…" Inuyasha commented on the room.

"Yeah, but it's all for you…for us. It was worth it." She smiled and wrapped her arms around him, leaning in to kiss him.

He pushed her away. "I can't do this. I need to tell you sometihng."

"What's wrong?" She asked, confused.

Inuyasha looked serious and sat on the bed.

"Inuyasha…what's going on?" She asked getting nervous.

"It's Kikyo. We had a long talk this afternoon and we decided to get back together again…I know it sounds crazy, but it's different this time. We're both in a place where we're finally ready to be together and have a real adult relationship." He told her.

Kagome looked down distressed, taking all the disappointing information in.

"So that's why I can't be with you tonight. What we've been doing this summer has been fun and incredible, but I think we should end our physical relationship now that I'm with Kikyo again you know?"

Kagome didn't say anything.

"Kagome?" Inuyasha touched her shoulder.

"Get out." She told him.

"What?" Inuyasha asked.

"Get out of my house Inuyasha. It's ok that our physical relationship it over. I'd also like to add that our friendship is over as well." She said bluntly.

"Kagome…what are you saying?"

"I'M SAYING THAT SHE'S ALL WRONG FOR YOU!" She blurted out. "Inuyasha this girl has done nothing, but hurt you and the people around you! I thought you would learn your lesson, but clearly you're still as dumb as you were when you were fourteen! Can't you see that no one, but you likes Kikyo! She's poison Inuyasha. She's always been. I'm not going to subject myself to being ridiculed by her anymore."

"So that's how you really feel?" Inuyaha looked down.

"Yes. You can't have it both ways Inuyasha. If you stay with her our friendship means nothing to me anymore."

"Kagome don't do this. You're my best friend." He pleaded.

"And nothing more right? Figures. I think you've make your decision then…"

"Kagome I'm in love with her…" Inuyasha told her.

"Just go. I don't want you here anymore."

"Kagome…" He said standing up, not sure what to do.

"GET OUT!" She screamed and threw a vase right passed him that slammed against the wall and shattered into thousands of little pieces.

Inuyasha took one more look at his best friend and ran out the door.

Kagome quickly took her broom and began sweeping the glass together when she realized just how fragile live and love could be.

Just like the glass vase had shattered into so many little pieces so did her friendship with Inuyasha. And just like putting those little pices back together as a vase would be impossible, so would be repairing her friendship with Inuyasha.

And that's when Kagome broke down and cried.

Right after getting kicked out of Kagome's house he ran straight to Kikyo who also led him up to her bedroom to an eerily similar setup that Kagome had. She lay back on the bed as he climbed on top of her.

"I waited for you…" Kikyo whispered in his ear.

All of the worries, anger and frustration Inuyasha came with melted away with Kikyo's words. Even though she had gone out with so many guys and could have had anyone she waited for him.

Inuyasha smiled and gave her what she had been waiting for all this time.

Wonder what happened after that?

Life still went on for everyone.

After she was caught Kagura left Japan to go find herself, leaving Sesshoumaru to raise baby Rin on his own, not that it was really a stretch for his as Kagura was never the loving mother type.

Then as the summer ended Totosai passed away. This prompted Inuyasha to move in with Sesshoumaru and help his brother out. While Sesshoumaru was reluctant to let his little brother into his life he needed all the help he could get.

Soon Sesshoumaru found himself not only getting closer to his brother, but also closer to his brother's longtime girlfriend, Kikyo.

Ayame and Kouga got back together at the end of the summer, but of course he cheated on her again when he got the chance. The two settled back into their on/off relationship very quickly, though Ayame was growing resentful and tired of it.

Sango fell into college life easily. When she wasn't working she was partying. It got worse when her father announced he was taking a job that involved constant traveling, leaving her lonely, younger brother Kohaku to start leading a delinquent lifestyle. Still, out of frustration she went on partying.

After ending her friendship with Inuyasha Kagome holed herself up to the world. When she got to college all she would do is stay in her room and write depressing songs about her love life. She remained that way until she ran into her mystery man, who' name was Hojo and they began a relationship that gave her security and comfort.

Inuyasha and Kikyo stayed together for the next couple of years consistently. Inuyaha that Kikyo was the one for him and was determined to keep that permanent.

So he proposed to her.

That's when a whole new dramatic chain of events started to occur.

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