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"So how many minions do you have watching this place? Surely you don't think it would take very many to grab me?" Tony asked.

"Now, now, now you're a little nosy aren't you?" Kort spoke up. "Why don't you get in those chairs over there," he said, ushering Tony and Ziva over.

Ziva caught Tony's eye and nodded slightly. Pretending to trip, Tony fell into Jeanne, while Ziva kicked Kort's gun out of his hand, and pulling her gun out.

Jeanne managed to regain her senses, and reached for her knife, digging it into Tony's left shoulder. Kort and Ziva were in the midst of a struggle when Tony grabbed Jeanne's pistol and shot Kort right before the CIA agent could shove his knife into Ziva's stomach.

Jeanne grabbed Kort's discarded pistol and shot Tony from behind. "Don't you move," Jeanne yelled at Ziva who started to go to Tony.

"I have to stop the bleeding," Ziva pleaded. Tony was lying on the floor grasping the wound in his stomach that was losing a lot of blood.

"I said don't touch him. He deserves to suffer just like Dad," Jeanne said her eyes glowing fiercely.

"He really did love you. You were the one who never gave him a chance," Ziva said, walking towards Tony.

"Zee-vah, don't egg her on," Tony managed to squeak out.

"Tony, shut up," Ziva said, bending down to check on his wounds.

When Ziva began to unbuckle his belt, Jeanne said, "What are you doing? I told you to leave him alone!"

"I need to use the belt to stop the bleeding on his shoulder," Ziva said, looking at Jeanne as she slowly pulled Tony's hidden knife out.

"Jeanne, you're trapped. There's no way you are getting out of here free," Tony said, struggling to sit up with Ziva's help. "The cops will be here soon, and you are going to be locked away. Why don't you make it easy and just give me the gun and end all of this?"

"No!" Jeanne yelled, shaking the gun harshly at them. "You are going to pay for hurting me!" she said, putting her finger on the trigger.

Tony felt Ziva stiffen behind him, and tried to take a deep breath. "Jeanne you have no idea who you are up against," he pleaded. "Please put the gun down," he begged.

When Jeanne hesitated for a slight moment, Ziva tossed Tony's knife skillfully at her, wounding her shoulder, causing her to drop the gun. Ziva jumped up and kicked the gun away just as Gibbs and McGee stormed through the door. They secured the scene and called an ambulance while Ziva ran over to Tony who was growing weaker.

"Stay with me, my hairy little butt," Ziva teased and Tony attempted to smile.

Gibbs walked over to the couple and Tony said, "Boss, I have some crazy-ex girlfriends," coughing.

"Tony, you listen to me. You do not have permission to die. You are going to get healed and then I'm going to kick your ass for breaking rule # 12."

"Hate to break it to you, Boss, but Rule # 12 has never been followed. Ain't that right, Probie?" Tony said, smiling weakly at McGee who stood there open mouthed. He had sworn that he and Abby had kept their relationship a complete secret, apparently not. "We also know about you and the Director," Tony added. "You're just afraid Ziva and I would cause too much havoc."

Gibbs bent down and whispered into Tony's ear, "I kept the rule cause you and Ziva are like Jen and I. Don't screw up and lose what I did. Now let the paramedics look at you. And if you die, I swear I will bring you back to life and kill you myself. Is that clear?" Gibbs said, slapping Tony on the back of the head gently.

"Crystal, Boss," Tony said.


With Jeanne in custody, and Trent Kort six feet under, the last remnants of La Grenouille were disbanded. Jeanne admitted to destroying Tony's truck, but stood fast. It came out, that Kort had manipulated her not long after she found out the truth about her father and Tony. He was able to turn her grief into wrath, and made her want to seek revenge. Although they were not the ones to actually kill La Grenouille, Kort took the credit for it, hoping to gain the leadership position in the arms dealership through the La Grenouille's death and a relationship with Jeanne.

McGee and Abby finally admitted to their relationship, and brought it out in the open. It couldn't be helped though, Abby was three months pregnant, so the truth was going to come out one way or another. McGee received numerous headslaps when they admitted to the relationship, and Abby announced she was pregnant. Gibbs reiterated his threat in the elevator to McGee on mulitple occasions. Abby was like a daughter to Gibbs, and he was damn sure to make sure she was happy and well taken care of.

Jenny and Gibbs decided they would try again. They no longer had to worry about saving each others' necks in a undercover spy operation. Now they were just two people who worked relatively safe jobs. Nothing at NCIS changed, though. Gibbs still disobeyed Jenny's orders and went about doing things his own way.

The only thing left unsettled was Tony and Ziva. With Tony in the hospital, it was hard for them to open up and say what they wanted to say to each other. Ziva had been stuck at NCIS writing the report of what happened inside the hotel room that day, and was stuck doing Tony's paperwork as well. Every chance she had, however, Ziva would drive to Bethseda and check on Tony who was slowly progressing. He had been out for three days in a doctor-induced sleep to help his body recover from the massive amount of bloodloss he received. The doctor had told the NCIS team that Tony had been one lucky man: another inch to the left, and the bullet would have torn through Tony's spine, leaving him paralyzed from the waist down.


"You know, that was the first time I've ever had two women literally fight over me," Tony told Ziva as he lay in his hospital bed one afternoon. "My question is why was I the one who got hurt so bad?"

"Because you're always trouble," Ziva teased.

"Have you thought about it anymore?" Tony asked.

"Well," Ziva said, standing up and leaning over the bed. "If you think Jeanne was a crazy ex, you don't want to see me," she said, leaning closer to capture his lips. This time the two were finally able to express how they really felt. They no longer had to pretend to be a couple. They were truly one.

"I can't wait till I'm home," Tony joked when Ziva pulled back. "I don't think I'll ever be brave enough to ever leave you," he said, kissing her again. "Do you know how high my insurance is going to be now? That's the third car totaled in three years!" Tony groaned and Ziva laughed.

The End! I hope you liked the story. It was the first multiple chapter story that I have written on fanfiction.