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He awoke startled, something was off. He slowly sat up in his bunk. As he was getting reacquainted with his surroundings, listening to the steady hum of the ships engines, taking in the cacophony of sounds that always came with hundreds of people working on a ship, he also searched for that slight pull, the one that had always connected him with his unclaimed soulmate, his, now far away, best friend for many years.

When he realized the implications of the loss of that connection, tears came to his eyes and he collapsed back into his bunk.


It had taken him almost an hour to get a grip on himself.

He lurched out of his bunk, dressed and went to the ships communications center to ask them to get him a video conference with NCIS Washington.

Twenty minutes later he was looking at his old boss. Gibbs looked stricken, which was all the confirmation he needed.


Gibbs nodded, tears almost visible in his eyes.


24 hours later he had managed to arrange a 48 hour leave in order to take care of a fake family emergency. He took a shuttle flight back to shore, continuing to Washington with the first available commercial flight.


The second morning after he had lost his unclaimed soulmate, he walked into the NCIS office, wondering if it really had been only two weeks since he used to do that five days a week, many times even more often. It had felt so natural, now it was so unreal.

When he came to the bullpen, Gibbs already sat at his desk, waiting for him. The two men hugged, which they had never before, their unspoken father-son bond notwithstanding. Both were trying to keep their composure, fighting back the tears that claimed their way into freedom again and again for almost two days now.

The younger man excused himself, stating he just wanted to take care of something real quick. When he walked over to the elevator Gibbs assumed he was going to see Abby or Ducky to share their grief. But that was not true. Instead of going down, the elevator traveled up one floor.


He quickly walked past MTAC, not wanting Gibbs to see where he was really going. Entering the vestibule where Cynthia was working, he told her that somebody from MTAC needed her. She needed to be clear off this.

Seeing Cynthia leave, he opened the door to the directors office.

"Hello, Vance!"


Gibbs spun around as he heard gunshots coming from the floor above him.

7 shots and then a brief pause.

Gibbs was running towards the stairs to the next level.

7 more shots echoed through the halls of NCIS, followed by another pause.

Gibbs was at the bottom of the stairs.

Another 7 shots pierced into his ears, followed by silence.

He reached the second landing.

One final shot came from the directors office.

And he collapsed on the stairs, knowing that he had lost the second agent within 48 hours.