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Chapter 2: Survivor?


5 months later, in Beersheba, Israel, Gibbs exited the main train station through the front exit. The hot, and extremely dry, desert climate felt like a heavy weight on his shoulders, as if there wasn't enough weight on them already. He fetched a cab, relishing the cool air of the air conditioning inside when he got in, and told the driver to drop him off at Soroka Medical Center. He was on a mission. His mission was to find out if the impossible really had happened.

He had been told that in this hospital, there was a young Jane Doe, lying in a deep coma for a little more than 5 months now. A woman, fitting Ziva's general description so well, he just had to come here himself to make sure. He didn't know what to think, a not so small part of him even hoping it wouldn't be her. Her possible survival just would render Tony's desperate reaction and actions even more obsolete, futile and senseless than they were when he tried to see them as an act of revenge. Revenge for a loss that might have never been real.

But why would they have doubted the information Mossad had passed onto them, telling them that the former liason officer with NCIS had been killed on her very first day back at Mossad.

There were many reasons to doubt the actual circumstances of her death, but her death itself never had been in question for him. Any lingering doubt he might have had was erased when he had been told that his former Senior Special Agent had requested an urgent video conference, when he had been in MTAC, seeing Tony, his expression begging him to say that what his heart told him wasn't true.

Gibbs forced himself to keep walking, no matter how awful he would feel after he made sure, because right now everything seemed better than not knowing.

The second he entered Jane Doe's room, he knew it was her, this wasn't Jane Doe's room anymore, it was Ziva David's!

He immediately left the room, ran for the staircase and screamed in frustration the second the door behind him fell shut.