Title: Reforging The Past

Chapter9 – There's Treachery Afoot!

Ship: Naruto/Hina, Naru/Harem, Naru/Hina/Ino/FemHaku/FemKyuu, Anko/Kurenai

Warnings: Oral sex, Light Voyeurism

Author: Paladeus

Key: "Speech", "Demonic Speech", 'Thought', 'Demonic Thought'


[A/N:] This chapter had to be broken in half because I was cresting forty-five thousand words. That is nearly half of the story posted already. Starting next chapter, the pace of the story is going to pick up drastically. I was reading through and noticed it is far too slow. Next chapter is more than half done. I will add the second half of this chapter at the beginning of the next (including the promised Hinata/Ino citrus.) REMEMBER this story is meant to have a touch of Icha Icha to it, hence the heavy focus on naughty stuff.

Word of caution. This chapter, and several coming, will have short blips or information on seals and how they function. This is because Naruto, in Canon, learned NOTHING on his training trip with Jiraiya except how to use a power that wasn't his: The Kyuubi. He learned no real jutsu aside from adaptations on what he already knew, really. He had somewhat better taijutsu, a couple of jutsu based on the Rasengan and a more fit body. To that end, I propose, what did Jiraiya teach Naruto? Seals, Information gathering and how to create/maintain a spy network, chakra control (because he could leave Naruto alone to do that while he did other stuff) and maybe a few training things (this will be brought up and clarified in a later chapter since I have an arc created to do something similar.) Really, Jiraiya was as bad as Sasuke and Orochimaru. Rather than train Naruto to use his own talents and skills, he forced Naruto to rely upon the Kyuubi. Sad, really.

Recommended Story of the Chapter: "The Storybook Summoner" by Blood Brandy (Naruto/Hinata, could have more girls later. Not sure as of yet. The second crossover I've truly enjoyed. SO worth the read if you like unique and fun!)

xXx – Previously – xXx

"So, there are demons that are summons, but they aren't all from Gaia?" Hinata asked, getting a negative shake of the vixen's head.

"No. It is this world, but a different level of it. Like the sub-space of sealing scrolls, but the living world. When we survive leaving the core of the planet, where the majority of the earth's chakra is at, we manifest in some way in that other realm, be it as a pond for water-based demons, desert for sand-based ones, volcano for fire or whatever it happens to be. The more powerful we are and the more elements we incorporate into ourselves, the more complex our version of the 'body' we have is. In my case, I have an actual body there now, but they aren't me, just a part of me. I am actually the ecosystem of that area and am part of each of the creatures that live there, which also spread to other areas, allowing me to grow stronger and larger by letting those parts of me expand so that I am, in a way, like the earth itself, but on a much, much smaller scale."

"Oh," both Naruto and Hinata said slowly, surprised at how complicated their world, and the survival of demons, was.

xXx – STORY – xXx

"Hey, Dad," Asuma greeted the Hokage as the old man entered their shared home at the Hokage Mansion for lunch. "Can we talk?"

"Of course. What's the problem, Asuma?" Sarutobi asked as he sat across from his son on the couch. Breakfast, it would seem, would have to wait.

"I'd like to ask for something a little more challenging for my Genin," Asuma said with a sigh. "I don't want a C-rank mission unless it's something we can do in-house with a low risk factor or could be something similar. I'd ... like to push them to motivate them into taking training seriously."

"Hm," Sarutobi pondered the request. He knew Naruto and Hinata had said he was lackluster as a Jounin sensei, which led him to believe the change in teams somehow forced this upon his chain-smoking son, probably with the inclusion of Shino since he was the only one not part of the original team selected that Asuma had. Still, it was a worthy request that could only help them develop. "What have you determined as your team's primary function?"

Asuma used his years of experience to keep from flinching or looking guilty. In truth, he had been enjoying the strategy games with Shikamaru and hadn't really tested them for their proclivities. He had come back to Konoha from defending the Fire Lord himself only a few months ago and was still hoping for some rest and relaxation when he was given his team. But one just can't simply say 'no' to their leader, either. "Thus far, I'd say a generalized unit. They've a little of everything, but nothing really in the way of anything that they all share for any form of cohesive specialty. Shikamaru has little taijutsu beyond Academy standards and an almost scary intellect, Chouji is much more of a powerhouse, but quite a bit slower and is much more of a follower while Shino ... looks to have above Academy standard taijutsu and is more a reconnaissance and stealth specialist, though I can't say he's specialized in anything as of yet. None of them have more than the basic family techniques and the Academy starters."

Sarutobi nodded, knowing it to be the case. As a form of ensuring what Naruto and Hinata had told him, he had been watching the various teams during their practices and had been rather disappointed. Team Eight seemed to be the only one that was doing its job properly. "During Team Eight's last mission, they discussed some things that they then shared with me at their debriefing regarding the Academy. While different from the original discussion with them, I may have an idea for you. It will take me a week to get preparations in order. You will begin training your team in stealth and ambush tactics, along with proper methods of subduing and properly restraining captives while escaping the scene without evidence. I will expect a competent display in one week's time."

Asuma's cigarette hung limply in his mouth as his right eyebrow twitched. "Wh-what the hell do you plan on them doing!?"

"I will brief you about it in one week," Sarutobi stated with a hint of steel in his voice, acknowledging that the conversation was done as he rose and left his home, intent upon his office.

'I cannot believe how weak I've allowed Konoha to become these past years. I had hoped to shepherd a new generation of ninja into a time of peace and maintaining good values, but I did not intend to allow us to grow so soft as to be destroyed almost over night.'

Sarutobi sighed and looked at the smiling faces of the children he passed and the honor and gratitude the adults expressed in their eyes while, well hidden behind his own eyes, a flame of contempt burned.

'Did I really let it get so bad because of Naruto?' He asked himself. In the beginning when the Kyuubi had been sealed, there had been almost two dozen attempts on baby Naruto's life by various ninja in the first week alone and only taking the mantle of Hokage back up and keeping the child in his own office had seen a near stop to that. And the civilian population had nearly revolted when they had learned there was nothing left between them and a dead demon fox but for a newborn baby's life. It had infuriated him then, telling him he would have to take drastic measures to ensure Naruto's safety to show the people that he was their Hokage and ruler.

And take them he did.

The reinstated Sandaime removed all but the least amount of ninja needed for patrols and village duties to give them all so many missions that some had actually entered his office and begged forgiveness. Most believed him when he said it was to show Konoha was still strong and to bring in the money needed to repair the village, both its facilities and its image in the aftermath of the Kyuubi attack. Some, however, knew it was retaliation for their actions towards the baby usually watching them from its crib behind his desk when they entered.

It was even true, too. Just not the driving force behind his issuing several hundred more missions a week than they had ever taken before.

As a reminder of who was in charge and where they belonged in Konoha's infrastructure, only those who had remained loyal and held faith in the Yondaime's seal work were allowed to maintain the comfortable positions as patrols and guards to Konoha while the majority of those who called for the boy's death were still doing various high-rank missions so as to rarely even see their home village, though he had softened enough to give them about a month off from them as vacation each year.

That was actually one of the reasons the Uchiha had been selected to police the town with almost sole acclaim to that right. While they were almost all capable of the Sharingan, not all became ninja, even though they copied the techniques. No, for some reason, very few actually became ninja, though Sarutobi was almost positive it had something to do with the standing mandate of two or more children per family, bolstering their numbers. Uchiha Itachi would not have been able to kill all of his family save Sasuke had any been on missions, after all, and their numbers were so great they had an entire sector, which not even the Hyuuga could boast to. Still, they copied techniques to become some of the better blacksmiths, chefs and other various trade skills of Konoha. And copying taijutsu and doing enough physical exercise had made them perfect to enforce the laws of Konoha on the standard population.

Sarutobi sighed as he entered the Hokage Tower, getting his mind back to its main focus. He had lost his faith in the village all those years ago and had taken it out on his ninja and the people to spite them. They had wanted to kill an innocent child to kill the Kyuubi, even though it would have released the demon fox upon them again before the seal stabilized after the first year when baby Naruto would have a full chakra circulatory system. Even the ninja who swore to the Yondaime's name and memory to back their own word failed to trust in him beyond his death.

And he had never forgiven the people for that, letting them weaken and their skills stagnate while keeping the riffraff out of the village where they couldn't cause trouble for the newborn.

The wrinkled Hokage shook his head to get back to present as he entered his office. 'This is far more my fault than I would care to admit. Especially since I have not taken measures to ensure my ninja better themselves without being prompted by a thirteen-year old sneaking in and attacking the ANBU's headquarters. I should have been doing that as soon as I knew what was coming.'

He sat in his chair, his body protesting from his strenuous morning workout, while he sent a message to his secretary to call Team Eight's two Jounin sensei into his office. His son had given him an opportunity to lay to rest some of his last doubts regarding his two most unique Genin.


"Naruto-kun, I've been thinking," Hinata said as she laid on the couch in Naruto's apartment with her head on his lap after her shower. The day's exercises were done with and they still had an hour before lunch. Ino had begged off spending the meal with them, citing other business to attend to, so Naruto and Hinata were lounging in his apartment in barely enough clothing to be considered decent and were happily content to snuggle. An action that was becoming far more necessary as the weeks progressed, though neither was overly aware of it.

"Oh? And what is that, my beautiful angel?" Naruto asked, his eyes being drawn to the barely concealed cleavage hidden by Hinata's bath robe. They were both wearing them, but were also both quite naked beneath them.

And he liked to take in her beauty...

"Mhm. We've been helping Ino-chan train and become stronger than she did in the past, but we haven't had hardly any contact with the others. We haven't seen anything of Team Ten since they were formed aside from in passing when our teams met each other in the Hokage's Tower and have no clue where they're at in skills or knowledge. We've had almost the same amount of contact with Team Seven aside from that situation with Ino-chan and Sakura before we took her to the lake and you've only been sparring with Lee and Gai-sensei in the mornings."

The buxom girl stretched, thrusting her chest forward in an action to slide herself up and into Naruto's lap so he could hold her. And she loved tempting him, of course. It was an interesting rush knowing she had him so enthralled without really having to try. "I'm worried that we aren't taking enough action to help them get better. I was wondering if you thought we could talk Anko and Kurenai-sensei into finding some way to get some inter-team cooperation to hide what we're really doing."

Naruto hummed in the back of his throat in thought as his mate nuzzled his neck and nibbled at various points of his shoulder, neck and chin absently while waiting for his response. "I'll admit that we've made a lot of progress with Ino-chan, but a large part of that is her willingness to trust us and work with us voluntarily. I mean, we both know there isn't likely to be another female who'd willingly let us touch and grope her just to get her to learn a new chakra control exercise. I know Sakura would try to kill us, Tenten would probably try to skewer us with something blunt that should never be used as a weapon in the first place. I have to admit though, Ino's been taking to her training much more easily than I thought she would. I swear, it's almost like old times with the three of us," Naruto said with a fond smile.

Hinata blushed mildly as she considered Ino's motives, and her own attempts to get the blonde girl to join them in their naughty escapades, but tossed it aside for now. She knew Ino appealed to Naruto and that Ino was finding the who situation worth continuing, so she held no reservations in her attempts, so long as she didn't attempt to manipulate anyone. If they didn't want to do anything, they wouldn't. All she had to do was get them to commit to it. "Sakura, I believe, wouldn't do anything that wasn't on Arch Bastard Uchiha's orders, Naruto-kun. But do you see what I mean? We've been training ourselves up, and Ino-chan, but we haven't really done anything to prepare for the invasion or get anyone into a state where they can withstand what's to come any better aside from Ino-chan."

"I do, yes," Naruto said with a frown as he began to stroke Hinata's hair, squeezing her warm body into his own as he felt her wet tongue caress his neck. "But, there isn't a whole lot we can do. All of our plans and ideas would draw too much attention and, if we do anything too big, we may alert Kabuto or one of Orochimaru's spies and change the invasion plans, which could be worse than letting it happen as it did. The best thing we can do is ... nothing, really," Naruto finished with a stubborn frown. There were so many thoughts and strategies running amok in their minds regarding the invasion, as their thought processes were still trained from years of war, but they both knew that everything they tried would alert Orochimaru and his spies that something was known and preparations were being put in place, which could make them come in greater numbers or more dangerous tactics. That was the only reason Kabuto was still alive. At least for now. They never had figured out everyone who was a spy in their ranks. And that caused a lot of harm.

"What if what we did wasn't wide scale and had different explanations?" Hinata asked, not taking her head from Naruto's shoulder. "At least with our peer group, since they're the only ones without actual experience."

"Did you have another idea?" He asked, slipping a hand under her robe to grab her leg and pull her more comfortably into his lap but decided to leave his hand there. Much like Hinata, whatever contact he had, neither were willing to lose.

"Possibly. The Chuunin Exams start in five and a half months now and that gave me the idea. What if we created some kind of technique scroll or got some kind of prize and had a tournament between the Genin? Maybe even something that the teams could fight over and, whoever's in the lead at a given point, get. Not like the Chuunin exams, but just something like capture the flag where one team had the scroll at any given time. It'd have to be something they would actually want to fight for, but you get the point."

"Mhm," Naruto mumbled, only half listening as his hand slowly began to move on Hinata's creamy thigh, moving dangerously close to naughty bum territory as the girl began to nip at his neck with more vigor, actually leaving marks the other women of the village would see. "What do you think they'd want?" He asked lowly, tilting her head forward as he claimed her own neck and began to work his way down to the top of her chest and back up slowly, nipping and licking lightly.

Hinata gasped as Naruto's hand shot up to cup her firm cheeks and twitched in anticipation as he worked his way lower before moaning in disappointment as he raised his lips to her neck again. "S-something desired, Naruto-kun," she said before growling and straddling his legs and sitting in his lap to grab him by the hair and force his head back hard to claim his lips for a long minute before coming up for air.

Naruto flipped Hinata onto her back and pinned her arms above her head with one hand while the other threw open her robe as he growled out, "something they'll be desperate to claim," before his lips came down to suck on her hardened left nipple and make her cry out in pleasure.

"S-something they'll need," Hinata moaned out before she tore open Naruto's own robe and pulled him down hard onto her, crushing his body against hers and mashing their lips together in a heated kiss where their tongues began to duel each other furiously even as she rubbed her soaking slit over his erection, coating him in her juices.

Hinata whimpered into Naruto's mouth as he lightly bit onto her nipple and his hand cupped her breast and massaged it precisely as she had trained him to do. Wantonly, she thrust her hips upwards in an unconscious attempt to make Naruto advance and stop taking his damned time as a month and a half of physical desire and need began to be released.

Hinata could feel Naruto's arousal slide between her lower lips, rubbing her swollen clit deliciously and causing her head to tilt back. "Naruto-kun," she whispered, thrusting her hips again and relishing in the electric jolt of pleasure that shot through her.

Naruto growled and grabbed Hinata's wrists, holding them above her head and biting Hinata on her collarbone as he angled himself to take his mate, pressing the crown of his engorged manhood lightly into her, readying himself to plunge forward.

Then there was a heavy pounding on the door, causing them to squawk and break apart leaving Naruto to fall heavily to the floor.

"Naruto! Hinata! Open up!" The voice of Mitarashi Anko yelled from the other side of the door. She would have just simply burst into the home, but the first time she had done that, she had almost been hit by five traps she had seen go off, and only a quick substitution technique, which she had meant to do with a lamp but had been forced outside instead, had kept her from being skewered.

Hadn't kept her from falling five feet from the air into a dumpster, though.

"It's a bad idea to kill your Jounin sensei, it's a bad idea to kill your Jounin sensei," Naruto chanted quietly as he tried to calm himself from his hormonal high. Hinata looked down and swallowed thickly as she saw his erection sticking through the folds of his robe, glistening from being covered in her own fluids. It was easily the most erotic thing she had seen in her life! She took a deep, calming breath as her heart rate spiked at the sight before she shook her head. She wanted him, needed him, but if she touched him again now, even the Hokage would fear her wrath for interrupting her. She could neuter the man without leaving a mark.

"You may want to put that away, Naruto-kun. I'll see what in the hell they want." She closed her robe as she rose and then opened the door, not hearing Naruto still chanting since all he really wanted to do was take her and finally make her his and was interrupted before he had gone even remotely as far as he and Hinata had been about to go.

Anko pressed her fist forward to knock on the door once again when it was thrown open and a vicious-looking Hinata glared at her and Kurenai with no small amount of rage showing in her eyes that spoke of murder and mayhem to the two Jounin. The older women's eyes took in the thick cotton robe, the protruding, hardened nipples, puffy red lips, large bite mark and the bare thigh that was made visible from the girl crossing her arms under her breasts and making the robe rise to just barely cover the juncture between her legs.

And seeing the inside of her thighs glistening, followed by a still very excited Naruto by the couch, they knew they had just interrupted a very naughty moment. Something that caused Kurenai's hackles to rise.

"How can we help you?" Hinata asked in an icy tone, making Anko grin lecherously, though she didn't remove her eyes from Naruto. For only being thirteen years old, the boy was well-endowed. Something the purple-haired woman was sure had to be the Kyuubi's doing, though she had no idea as to why. She also had no idea that it was just wonderful genetics. Uzumaki Kushina, were she alive, could have assured them of that.

"Having a bit of play time, Hinata-chan?" The Snake-Jounin asked in amusement as she waggled her eyebrows.

"Were," Hinata grunted, letting her superiors enter as she turned to find Naruto still chanting. "Naruto-kun, Anko-sensei and Kurenai-sensei are here."

Naruto shook his head and glared at the two Jounin who were looking at him unashamedly. "You two suck," he bemoaned, lamenting the loss of Hinata's touch.

"Is that an order Naruto?" Anko chirruped, gesturing down to his erection. A sudden spike of killing intent made the woman look to Hinata who knelt next to the blonde and grasped his stiff member in her hand, making him yelp as her hand slid easily up his shaft due to the natural lubrication.

"Mine," she stated simply, causing Anko to burst into laughter and Kurenai to blush.

Glaring at the two youths in front of her, Kurenai let her red eyes glow with a sealless genjutsu to look more intimidating. "Didn't I tell you both pants were to remain on?"

"We figured that, once you knew we were older than we looked, it was more of a suggestion," Hinata said, looking as innocent as possible.

Kurenai sighed. "Can you take your hand off of his penis, Hinata? It's a bit distracting."

"It wasn't bothering me," Naruto broke in.

"Enough," Kurenai sighed. "We've got a mission. We're here to discuss it with you."

Naruto and Hinata sat on the couch, Hinata sitting beside him rather than on his lap when Kurenai cleared her throat. "What's our mission?" Naruto asked.

"Shouldn't you put that away?" Anko asked, pointing at his still-stiff member. "Most boys would be embarrassed as all hell about being seen by random women, especially two adult ones."

"It doesn't go away without release for several minutes as long as it doesn't get any attention and it won't fit into my pants like this, so there's really no point in getting dressed. Also, I know I'm above average even for an adult male, and I've still got a bit of growing to do, and I've been seen a lot in the past, so it doesn't really bother me. Now what's our mission?"

"Do you think you could at least try to cover up?" Kurenai asked, seeing him reach over to pick up the grinning Hinata. "Forget it, forget it. We'll deal." She nearly sighed in relief when he set the girl back down with a frown. She wasn't even thirty yet and she felt like she was too old for this crap. At least she wasn't shamelessly staring at him like Anko was.

"Now then," Anko said, looking between Naruto's phallus and Hinata, wondering where in the hell the girl planned to put it, "let's discuss our newest mission and objectives. And don't worry," Anko continued, unable to refrain herself. "We'll make it a 'quickie'."


"I'm surprised you would want anything to do with me," Sakura said quietly as she sat heavily onto one end of her bed while Ino sat smoothly and delicately on the other while both pulled out their dango and yakitori skewers. Ino had offered to buy the lunch if Sakura would be willing to talk to her. It was amazing what kind of pay you could get when you weren't just running basic errands. "You seemed pissed off at me the other day. And now you wanna talk, but plan on fattening me up with mass amounts of dango? I can't tell if this is a friendly or enemy action," Sakura quipped with a smirk.

"Anko-sensei got me addicted to the things," Ino admitted shamelessly. "I've been eating them like mad but my team exercises are making me lose fat still, so I don't mind. And Hinata-chan's been getting me hooked on basically anything else on a stick. She also said we need fats in our diet so our bodies stay in good shape, especially our monthly cycles or we won't develop properly." Ino flicked her wrist, causing the three balls of sweet goodness to fly into the air and into her mouth. Those contests Hinata had challenged her to were paying off. She could eat more in a single bite without choking, now.

"And setting up this meeting?" Sakura asked, eating her dango in greater moderation. Her exercise program was basically the same as it was during the Academy since Kakashi had them jog around the clearing a few times to get about the same amount of exercise. And as it was, she was sure she was too fat anyway. Though, the near non-existence of fat on her body and lack of proper diet could also explain why she still had yet to begin to develop like many of her peers.

"I want to give our friendship one last try," Ino said bluntly as she grabbed for some orange chicken. "Sasuke broke us apart because we both became his fangirls and wanted to date him and eventually have little Uchiha babies. I don't care about that anymore and I really want to have my friend back."

Sakura scrunched up her face and looked at Ino with undisguised curiosity. "How could you say that? You were just as much after him as I was a month ago! How could you change your mind about him so quickly?"

Ino sighed and leaned back, looking at Sakura intently. "About a month before we graduated, I met up with Hinata and Naruto and they took me shopping."

"I remember. You said Naruto had better muscles than Sasuke-kun and he bought you a red summer dress in thanks," Sakura interrupted. She also learned Naruto was apparently quite well endowed, but didn't feel like bringing that up!

"Right. But since then, they've been teaching me a lot of stuff. One of those things is something my dad had told me a long time ago that I didn't really listen to, but think I should have."

"What do you mean? And what could they possibly teach you?" Sakura asked remembering the blonde boy to be an idiot and the Hyuuga girl to be painfully shy. Though she did note Ino's massive blush with her last question.

"We'll discuss what they taught me later. But I want to stick to our friendship right now. And my dad told me that everyone has a bunch of different faces. When in public, a person will act better and nicer depending on what the people around them are like, or they'll be who they want to be and are when alone or even try to be really romantic and suave when trying to garner someone's attention or dangerous in front of enemies."

"Like when Iruka-sensei told us about spies and double agents acting like friends just to get information, you mean? Just acting different?"

"Exactly," Ino said with a nod. "And also just wanting to make people like you and think you're a better person by being nice around them even though you aren't normally that nice or acting tough and mean in front of an enemy. My dad told me that there are expert actors out there along with the bad ones, but that no matter how good someone was, there were always little things to look out for to see how a person is lying; words that they say in place of other words, the way they say something, expressions, body language, clothes they wear and even the things a person eats. Have you ever noticed that the more skilled a ninja seems to be, the more they stick out with weird hairstyles or clothing? While it's usually because they get their clothes custom-made for their fighting style or weapons of choice, it helps them stand out when they want to be noticed, but fade into obscurity when they dress drab."

"I understand all that," Sakura said slowly. "It's basically the stuff they say can give away a spy or someone impersonating someone else. What does this have to do with Sasuke-kun?"

"When my dad told me all of this, I heard him, but I didn't really listen," Ino explained. "I filed it all away in my head for when I thought I would need it later, but never actually tried to apply it except for some fun when I was bored, trying to profile some of our classmates and teachers, or when he would take me out one day and have me practice on people before he would critique my thoughts compared to his own." Internally, Ino realized she should ask him for assistance in doing that again. He had stopped when he realized she wasn't taking the practice seriously.

"I remember, he used to do that at least once a week when he wasn't on missions. And Sasuke-kun? How does this fit in with him?" Sakura interrupted again, dismissing the obvious.

"I'm getting to that," Ino said with a slight glare, making the pink-haired one shuffle on her bed and take a large bite of her dango as a compulsive coping mechanism. "I never did it with Sasuke, or at least not for real. I did it, but I didn't do it right. I chalked him up with reasons and answers supplied how I wanted to hear them."

"I don't understand," Sakura admitted gently, worried about Ino's anger spiking again. The girl decked her almost a week ago with far more power than she had in the Academy and Sakura didn't want to get hit again.

"Basically, I excused a lot of his actions based on being orphaned and finding his family dead, but felt that the right girl, thinking it was me in my head of course, could bring out the good and caring side of him if we had the chance."

"Exactly!" Sakura chirruped with a smile and bounce in her seat.

"Exactly wrong, yes," Ino grunted. "That's the part I got wrong, Sakura. I looked back on everything from our past, all of our talks with him, if you could call them that, any time we've offered to train with him and his general personality and I realized that, if he does have a good side of him, it's buried so far down that I don't think anyone, even Sasuke himself, could find it. My dad does a lot of the psychological profiles for graduating Genin and I can still remember him telling my mom about how disgusted he was by the Uchiha in general and how Sasuke was living up to his family legacy."

"You're wrong," Sakura countered firmly, memories of her discussion with the Hokage coming to the forefront of her mind. "I'm his teammate and I think I would know him better than you would. I know he has a tough exterior, everyone knows that, but he's been through hell and is having a hard time trusting anyone. I've been getting closer to him and know he is a good person at heart."

As Ino had said, she had begun paying more attention to people and reading them as she had been taught to the point where she tried to do it constantly. She did so during this talk with Sakura and saw something that truly made her mourn her friend. Blind devotion. Sakura wouldn't see something beyond what she wanted to see unless it countered the version of Sasuke she had in her head so thoroughly as to completely shatter her illusions of him.

Ino strongly debated planting seeds in Sakura's mind, making a comment here or there to get them to fester and keep Sakura thinking about them often enough to begin to make her break the illusion of Sasuke herself, but the blue-eyed blonde knew that could cause more damage than it would help if Sakura reacted to it differently than desired, thus reinforcing the illusion, the lie.

"I disagree, but I'll let you come to your own decision," Ino said after a lengthy silence. "I can't force you to change your mind, but I can ask that you keep your eyes open. I'll always be here to help you talk things through if you need me to."

"So you're really not going to try and win his heart anymore?" Sakura asked, watching Ino carefully. There was, after all, always the chance that this was some elaborate trick to get her to weaken her guard now that she had the chance to nab Sasuke so Ino could get the chance to win his affections.

"I'm really not," Ino confirmed. "Friends again?"

Sakura smiled warmly, believing the blonde-haired girl. It seemed like a very long time ago that the girls had learned to read each other, but learn they had. Ino was sincere. "Friends." The pink-haired girl leaned against her headboard with an almost evil smirk as she asked about something she had noticed earlier. "So, what could Naruto and Hinata have been teaching you that made you blush so bad?"

Ino blushed again.


"How is our little pet coming along, Tayuya?"

"Very well, Orochimaru-sama," the foul-mouthed redhead said from her position kneeling on the floor. "He never seems to take the training weights you provided for him off and I've observed him double his original workout schedule. He attempted to arrive at a team meeting late as their Jounin sensei is most often late by at least three hours, but he was called out by the Inuzuka and the sensei was forced to reprimand him by issuing even more physical training for a week."

"Thus far, the Uchiha's speed has made a marked increase, though still nothing worthy of praise. Similarly, his strength and stamina have increased and he seems to be taking to the spars quite well."

Orochimaru's gold eyes gleamed in the wake of such excellent news. "Do you think he is ready for a test?"

Tayuya hesitated only a moment in thought, thinking through what she knew of the boy. "I have not seen anything aside from his taijutsu. As you ordered, I did not exceed his fighting abilities and used only what he used, which I think is what he was doing. I believe he is ready, but don't have any information to work off of for jutsu knowledge."

"A minor detail," Orochimaru waved off airily. "I can teach the boy jutsu. It's his body I need to ... know."

Tayuya barely held in a shudder as the rumors of her masters perverted tastes ran through her mind, making his statements seem far more pedophilic in nature than even she was comfortable with, and she was only sixteen. "Then I believe he is ready, my lord."

"Get the others ready and proceed with the plan. If he is worthy, give him my offer. If he is not, bring back his body for study."

"As you command, Lord Orochimaru," Tayuya said with a bow and quickly left to do as she was told. She also had a lot of foul language she had been forced to refrain from using and she was just waiting to let it out. It was a sick sense of humor on her master's part to force her to speak politely in his presence when he learned that her swearing was a mental quirk that she couldn't stop.

She'd be stopping every traveler on the road from Sound to Leaf to spend a few minutes cussing at each one just to relieve that itch.


Messenger Ninja Two-Two-Three-Nine let out a shuddering breath as he found himself surrounded by seven ninja who all bore hitai-ate of Whirlpool and the Uzumaki spiral on their clothes. The two women and five men all had odd scars on their faces, two on each cheek, showing it was some kind of ornamental or traditional happening than a war-time effect and they were all fully armed.

And he wasn't.

"So," the woman in the middle drawled out, "'what could a Messenger Ninja want with the Uzumaki', we asked ourselves. The legend says our name is the only one your group have ever feared, and now you come looking for us. So the question we have for you is, why? Why would the little rabbit come to the lions?"

"Are you truly Uzumaki?" Ranna asked before he could wizen up and keep his traitorous mouth shut. He also worried that he just sprouted a puffy, ball tail.

Quirking an eyebrow, the woman nodded and made a sarcastic showman's bow. "Uzumaki Rein, at your service, Mister Messenger Ninja."

Ranna blinked owlishly, thinking the name fit. The girl was extremely slender with an impressive chest that Jiraiya would give his left testicle to see, cobalt blue eyes and lighter blue hair, very pale skin with a heart-shaped face that, if commented on, could also be considered in the shape of a raindrop. Except this woman was scary. "Then you will find a scroll addressed to you in a storage seal on the calf of my left leg. Simply apply some chakra to remove it."

"Jinrai," Rein ordered, making the man on the far left step forward. Ranna almost squealed like a tiny little girl when he saw the man, who looked more like a bear or large tree, waggle his fingers with a sinister smile as he approached to pull up the bound ninja's leg and apply the proper chakra to cause the scroll to appear in a puff of smoke.

"It's authentic and from the Hokage," the beast of a man rumbled, his voice sounding like a lot of gravel.

'Or a headstone moving,' Ranna thought with a shudder, considering his situation.

"A blood seal?" Rein asked curiously. "He would need an Uzumaki's blood in order to calibrate it to us." Able to see it was a true blood seal rather than high-quality trap, the woman nipped at her thumb and let a drop of blood fall into the seal, causing it to glow and melt.

After several seconds, in which her eyes widened to what would have been comical proportions had Ranna been more inclined to humor at the time, and her jaw dropping, she summed the letter up for her cohorts. "Kushina had a kid," she near whispered. "A boy she named Naruto."

"That girl had a seriously unhealthy interest in noodles," the second girl whispered to the man on her right.

Rein ignored it as she continued. "The kid's an orphan now. Kushina died right after childbirth, the night of the Kyuubi attack in Konoha. Her husband," here she paused to look at Ranna and then back to the others, "her husband died the same night to help defeat it. The Hokage says a lot of praiseworthy things about the boy, but not much that actually means a lot, oddly."

"Think it's sincere or another trick to get at the Trove?" Jinrai rumbled. The unasked question, of course, was whether they should get rid of the newcomer or not.

"Had to be," Rein said, staring at the page and wondering why it seemed off some how. "He'd need our blood to attune the seal to us."

"Kushina?" Sora, the other girl asked. "It as much as admits she was there."

Ranna looked at the girl and wondered at the choice of names as this girl had dark green, almost black, hair that hung below the girl's butt, hazel eyes that favored green and brown and was shorter than Rein and a much smaller chest with lemon-sized globes under very heavy-weight clothing. He figured her name would be more earth-oriented than sky.

"If she died that long ago, her blood would be useless for this. Chakra doesn't freeze like blood and that's how blood seals work, you know that," Rein chided. She was the one with a hobby in seals, but she talked about them enough that each of her allies should have remembered that much.

It was an odd thing that most who didn't know seals weren't aware of. A blood seal didn't check one's blood for lineage, but the chakra it contained to compare it to blood used when the seal was crafted, needing either a direct match, or one close enough to fool it. Lines of ink on paper couldn't check for someone's physical properties in their blood. That was absurd. It would be like saying the seal matrix could go back and tell you who your parents, grandparents and great grandparents were, names, favored techniques and all sorts of other impossible things.

That just wasn't the case. Like demons had unique chakra, humans did as well, and just as varied and related as blood. It was just so similar that, like blood, it was unique to familial lines. That was why fresh blood had to be used with so many sealings and why you couldn't use stolen blood to make a blood seal open up for you without the person right there next to you. The chakra it contained would disperse after perhaps five to ten minutes as it leaked out. And that chakra in the blood or special inks was what made seals function.

That was why you couldn't just copy a large seal from a book and expect it to work. Complex seals had to be too precise that only someone who practiced or was a seal master could write it to completion before the chakra dissipated. It was just a point of convenience that all inks in hidden villages were made for seal work in case it was quickly needed.

That unique nature inherent in blood was also what made summoning contracts so special. They couldn't tell anything about blood, but the unique nature of the chakra held within is what signed the contract and assigned a single person to the information held within to uphold that contract.

"That's assuming she actually died that long ago," Onara, the other male, interjected. He was of average height and build and looked unremarkable save for the luminous yellow of his eyes. If it weren't for his crescent-shaped dagger at his hip, Ranna was sure he would have forgotten the man's existence after his eyes left him.


"What do you think about how close they seem?" Anko asked Kurenai as they left Naruto's apartment building and began walking on the road back to Kurenai's home. Naruto and Hinata seemed incapable of physical separation while they spoke and somehow managed to move so subtly that they were snuggled up together before either Jounin was even aware of it with Naruto's arm over Hinata's shoulders and the small girl curled into his side. The movements had just seemed so fluid and natural that they couldn't recall them.

"They're comfortable with one another," Kurenai admitted, thinking over how right it had seemed for the two to be in each others' arms. "And are obviously much further along than I would have thought likely until an hour ago."

"True, but you heard what she was telling Ino in the tent about kunoichi maturing faster than civilians, and that is just as true for boys as it is girls. And, if they're to be believed, they are older in a way. A big part of why sexing 'em up young is frowned upon is because they are supposedly not mature enough to handle it. Ninja are forced to mature much faster and adult minds in kid bodies just kind of reinforces that. Not to mention that they are considered adults anyway and are allowed anything but drinking until Chuunin. And that's only because of how it affects their minds. Even if they're doing the nasty, there isn't anything wrong with it. It's almost expected that it'll happen since it's a damn fun and thorough way of relieving the stress of our job. If they did come back, they may be used to it, though Hinata-chan didn't seem like that was the case."

Kurenai frowned and looked at the smirking purple-haired woman askance. "Still, they're a little too comfortable, don't you think?"

Anko didn't answer immediately, but thought about what she had seen. Kurenai had been the one to brief the two Genin, having more patience for that sort of thing, so Anko had spent the majority of her time observing the other two, after Naruto's little friend was put away, anyhow. And aside from managing to get closer without being overly obvious, she had noticed a few things.

"Were they too comfortable? I don't think so. After all, I wound up losing my virginity younger than they are at nine, but I did notice one thing that intrigued me."

"Oh? What was that?" Kurenai asked, wondering what Anko saw. The woman was kinky as all hell and had some very strange fetishes that Kurenai would admit both thrilled and astounded her, but for Anko to get 'intrigued' meant that it had to be even outside of her own unique history.

"They weren't focusing on you or what you were saying nearly as much when they were separate than they did as they were closer and cuddling," Anko said slowly, almost as if thinking out loud. "I've been noticing it in the past few days, but hadn't really been able to quite figure out what I was seeing until we were actually briefing them."

Kurenai dissected Anko's thoughts as they turned into a slightly more upscale section of the village where most of the restaurants were. "So, you think their being close and possibly what they were doing before we showed up could be an actual need between them? That they can't focus as precisely without being near one another?"

Anko shrugged lightly. "I'unno. But, with what they said about how they came back, isn't it possible that it could be? I mean, they said they had to blend a little with the fuzz ball, and most animals in the wild have a period where they go into heat. I don't think this is that, since they weren't rutting one out while we were there, but is it not possible it could be something similar?"

Kurenai winced as she admitted that it was, indeed, possible. "I don't know, but I'd have to say it's just as possible as it isn't. But what do we do about it? And is it going to effect them during missions or training?" Unasked was how it would affect them long-term.

"Wanna ask 'em about it tomorrow?" Anko asked, looking forward to such an uncomfortable discussion. The two teens had been rather confident as of late and she was perfectly willing to try and take them out of their comfort zones. It was always so much fun!

"No," Kurenai said immediately with a shake of her head. Her views were completely different and she didn't want to get uncomfortable herself. "Let's keep an eye out for even the tiniest slip during performance and then call them on it. It hasn't appeared to have influenced them as of yet and I'd rather not discuss it if it won't. As far as I can tell, it's just making them want to be near each other. Nothing negative as of yet."

Anko giggled perversely. "What if it already has?" She asked brightly, poking fun at Kurenai's hesitation to talk sex. Her lover was an absolute minx in bed, but actually talking about any of it had her embarrassed as hell. It was like she could do just about anything and get off on it, but unless she was talking dirty, Kurenai just didn't seem to ever be comfortable discussing sex as a general topic.

"What do you mean?" Kurenai asked carefully as they turned onto her street in the residential district.

"Think about it. Ino's been a part of this team for over a month now and the two of them haven't excluded her at all. In fact, they're even including her in almost everything and our kinky little Hinata-chan is the one who started her new training with Naruto and the groping technique and stealing her panties to make her chase her when she could just tell her to do so. It's also our kinky little Hinata-chan who has been encouraging Ino to talk about sex with her and been teaching the girl to take care of her needs manually. Naruto's not been doing anything like that without prompting first unless it's specifically with Hinata."

Kurenai had been poised to unlock her front door when she paused half way through Anko's explanation and froze in shock as her girlfriend made far more sense than she was preparing for. "Oh my Kami," the red-eyed woman said quietly. "Hinata's even spoken about adding in other girls to their relationship."

"Exactly!" Anko exclaimed happily as she reached forward and unlocked the door for them and ushered Kurenai in. "I'm not even sure if Naruto's aware of it yet."

"Why are you so pleased about all of this?" Kurenai finally asked, noticing Anko looked far too happy. "This is only happening because they admitted that the Kyuubi changed her! This could all be some weird plan to escape or turn them into her own agents or something!"

"It's sex, Kurenai," Anko grunted. "And Hinata was right when she said that ninja their age have more hormones to fight against and, two people, whether in love or lust, won't want to fight all that much, especially when they're confined to small tents and situations where few clothes could be necessary. Surely you remember how it was. It wasn't that long ago, after all."

"I was older when I did it the first time," Kurenai defended. "And it wasn't out of lust. It was for a mission, just like you. I certainly wasn't looking forward to it or hoping it would happen. I just did my duty."

"That wasn't my point," Anko soothed. "They're young, in love and have no real reason not to bump uglies, though I don't know where in the hell Hinata thinks she can fit that thing. It's fucking hug-"


The snake-Jounin smiled sheepishly. "Yes, they admit to being changed by the Kyuubi, but I don't see it controlling them. Otherwise, they wouldn't be helping Ino get stronger or talking about the future. Do you think the Kyuubi would talk about a future family together like those two during orientation? Though I do think she may be the cause of them needing to be close," she said, getting them back on track.

"Then we keep an eye on them and talk about it if we feel like we need to, yes?" Kurenai asked.

"Works for me," Anko agreed.


"He groped you!? And you let him!?" Sakura near shrieked. "But! But he's Naruto!"

"And he stops as soon as I tell him to and he never once said anything to others or myself about it in any way to belittle me, mock me or just make fun of me, either," Ino admitted as calmly as she could even though her face was hot and red. She didn't feel she had to tell Sakura that she never stopped him or that she actually caught herself encouraging him at times. "He only talks about it whenever we're discussing the technique or what the training session entails and he has never, not even once, said anything disrespectful to me about my body."

"But ... He has to touch you and you have to feel it ...," the pink-haired girl said quietly and almost unbelievingly. "So, he's actually touched you ... everywhere now?"

Ino nodded hesitatingly. "Yea, he has. But, it's only when I don't get free fast enough and he's told me that I can claim any places off limits, though that kind of defeats the purpose of getting me used to it, so I actually haven't."

"How long does it take you?" Sakura asked, natural curiousity and innate perversion fueling her thoughts. Oh, what she wouldn't give for training like that with Sasuke-kun!

"It ... depends," Ino said as she looked away from Sakura. "Sometimes I'll get it right away, but sometimes, I forget to keep trying and I'll take several minutes to get back to it." Internally, she couldn't stop herself from finishing the sentence, 'while I'm getting hotter and hotter until I explode.'

"What ...," Sakura blushed and bit her lower lip in nervousness. "What does he do and how far do you get?"

Ino cleared her throat. When she had thought about telling Sakura these things, she hadn't realized just how difficult it would be. She had been proud of her achievement and had wanted to tell her renewed friend about her new chakra technique, which the bookworm naturally had to learn the source of. And how Ino had learned about it. The blonde had tried to only tell part of the story and lie, but her lies had fallen around her and the truth had just ... come out. She would have to work with Anko-sensei about that.

"He'll touch me ... sexually and always ends up making me have an orgasm during the training," she finally admitted. "Every single time. It's like I only get free when I ... er, finish."

Sakura's face was as red as her dress and her jaw hanging loose. "Are you serious?" She whispered.

Ino nodded.

"Why would you let them do that, though?" Sakura had to ask. "Why do they force you to do that?"

"They don't 'force' me to do anything and I've always got the choice to stop," Ino rebuked immediately, making very sure that Sakura didn't misunderstand any of what she had just heard. It would not do to have this get around and getting Naruto into trouble because of Sakura's own perceptions. "I can't recall exactly how, but we got into a discussion about escaping ropes and being bound, which got into rape and why it was so horrible and Hinata decided to teach me this technique the same way she learned it, which was Naruto doing this to her. We also chose to have Naruto t-touch me because it would help me be used to it if it was happening in the field and I had to do this while being molested or something."

"R-rape?" Sakura choked out. It was kind of amazing to realize how some topics weren't discussed in the Academy.

"Not so much at first," Ino amended. "But, it was pointed out that all kunoichi run the risk of being raped and just being touched by someone who would stop when I asked is much better and safer. But it helps, too. I won't be so scared if I get caught that I can't get free if I've been training to deal with being touched."

"Does he... uhm...," Sakura began to ask, gesticulating with her hand and imitating poking upwards with a finger, unable to ask.

Ino's eyes widened. "No! No, he hasn't put his finger inside. Just ... touched me down there."

"Oh," Sakura said with downcast eyes, totally embarrassed that her friend had gone through such things before she realized something. "Er, before we broke off our friendship, you said you tried... well, that it hurt when you did. Is it better now? Doesn't it hurt when he tries doing that?"

Ino blushed yet again. "I still can't do it myself. Hinata-chan explained why it hurt and it doesn't hurt now, but it doesn't feel as good as when Naruto-kun ... er, does it. I've never been able to ... finish on my own."

"Have you seen him?" Sakura asked despite herself. She knew she shouldn't be so focused on it, but damn it, she was a healthy, hormonal girl herself! She'd been successfully masturbating for three years already, thank you very much! Though, she had always found it amusing to think of Ino's inability to do the same, which she now felt a little bad for.

Ino blushed and nodded, measuring out with both hands and shocking Sakura. "Anyway," Ino began, feeling like she shouldn't discuss the details of that situation since she promised Hinata she wouldn't, "I brought this whole thing up because I was thinking about showing you some of the chakra control techniques if you want."

Sakura blushed and covered her chest with her arm, looking scandalized. "I ... er, don't feel comfortable..."

"No! We don't have to do that!" Ino practically yelled denials. "I mean just tree climbing, water walking or this technique without the touching if you want! I mean, no touching at all!"

The resulting silence was rather uncomfortable for both girls. Anko would have approved.


"Uzumaki-san's reports all show him to be a Genin of high skill, Danzo-sama. Likewise, he is currently active in an S-class mission that is classified under the Hokage's personal authority," the ROOT agent told his master. Danzo had always had the Kyuubi boy under observation, getting monthly reports on his progress, but these past few weeks had proven the boy to suddenly be quite adept at avoiding his searching agents.

Naturally, that made the old war hawk quite curious.

His agents had been able to learn that he had been spending almost all of his time with the Hyuuga heiress, not surprising as they were now teammates and it was well-documented that the girl had a severe infatuation with the boy. That was known as Danzo had all major clans being watched as well, which included their heirs.

Also, the Uzumaki was spending almost as much time training as he did just for being awake. With five hours of deep sleep each night, he woke up to train with Maito Gai and his star pupil, Rock Lee and didn't go to bed until most men would be dragging in exhaustion.

However, it was his training with the Yamanaka girl and the meetings with the Sandaime that none of his surveillance bugs had caught along with his sudden blossoming of skill that the scarred man was so curious about.

From what rumors he had heard, the boy had a rather ... active romance with the Hyuuga heiress now and skills that were high enough that his Jounin sensei had felt the need to discuss it with the Hokage at which point he had given Team Eight free reign of Konoha resources.

While he could claim it to be senility on the Hokage's part, that in conjunction with an unknown S-class mission meant it meant something. What, however, was the question.

"Keep tabs on the boy and relay any new information as we receive it. I want to know everything we can find out about his sudden change."

"As you command, Danzo-sama."

As the ninja left his presence, Danzo sighed and pondered on the fate that awaited the Kyuubi boy. He would have preferred to raise the boy and train him to be the perfect weapon. With his regenerative capabilities, he could advance in physical training at a rate that would be beyond any humans outside of a bloodline limit, a fact Maito Gai was using to full effect so his favorite pupil would have a worthy sparring partner. And with his chakra capacity, even as it was now, he could teach the boy any number of jutsu and the Uzumaki could just fling them everywhere on the field. His blatant use of the Shadow Clone technique proved that. He was a veritable one-man army, if only he was properly trained so as to become that.

He had tried several times to acquire the boy, but Sarutobi had stopped him each and every time. It rather upset the one-eyed council member.

The good news, however, was that Sarutobi was more willing to grant him leeway and room to maneuver on almost all other matters just so he didn't push with the Uzumaki problem, following a pattern of compromise that made playing the old ninja surprisingly easy for such a shrewd political mind.

And that worked to his favor.

By building up everything he could right now, then he could gain the backing of the other council members and eventually get to the point where the position of 'Hokage' was merely a showcase position where he was truly in control of matters within and without of Konoha.

Unfortunately, that was still a little time away. He didn't quite have the resources to claim authority over the whole Council, yet. The ninja portion were just as strong and firm as he, himself, was, and could back up any threats or promises they made.

The civilians on the council, however, were foolish simpletons who could be intimidated into quite literally anything. He had them eating out of his pocket on every matter. It was even to the point where he could dismiss them whenever he chose. But right now, they were numbers that worked to his favor. But once their use was done, they would be gone and he would be left to rule Konoha as it was meant to be ruled.

Which was why he was collaborating with Orochimaru. Had he been the Yondaime Hokage, Konoha could have been at the height of power by now and with his experimentations, they could have engineered a new bloodline with the combined effects of all the others they had.

But they had gone for Namikaze Minato, of all people to become Yondaime Hokage.

No matter. Soon, they would be rid of those within the village that kept them from that wonderful vision and Konoha could start anew. That was what Orochimaru had offered in exchange for jutsu, Sarutobi's death and sharing of all the bloodlines they could come across.


"Alright, everyone's had their permission slips signed and turned in," Iruka told Team Eight a week later. "Are you sure you can handle them all?" He asked, eying the students of his new class of ninja-to-be askance. Sixty-five young children were practically vibrating in their seats as they touched the issued packs with fidgeting hands. The Hokage had authorized the Academy to get a couple dozen field packs, filled with Academy-issued sleeping bags, field rations, first-aid kits and blunted weapons designed to be brightly visible thanks to bright orange, neon paint in case of careless throws. Such equipment was like the symbol of an incredibly awesome job to their young minds, something that announced they were important and doing important things and they just couldn't stop touching them, feeling like it meant something, even if they were only going to be camping overnight.

The only exceptions to those children sitting in their seats, fidgeting like squirrels on a sugar rush, were Hyuuga Hanabi, who was still recovering from the beating her older sister had given her and barely able to mold chakra, and Sarutobi Konohamaru and his two best friends Udon and Moegi. Those particular three were piled on top of Naruto while Hinata did her best to keep him held down.

Ino and Anko were telling the little hooligans where he was most ticklish, much to his dismay, while Kurenai did her best to pretend it wasn't happening.

The red-eyed woman was unsure of the Hokage's current plan for her team. Currently, only she, Anko and Hinata actually knew the full extent of it, though only the two Jounin knew his reasons.

What this class knew was that two separate classes were being joined together to go on this excursion into the forested area of training ground thirteen; it was a place close to the Inuzuka complex, but furthest away from the town and public places so they could go deep without going somewhere dangerous.

Having the two classes meant not everyone knew everyone else, so the hidden Team Ten could infiltrate the class as students from another class and none of the students would make a fuss and, with Naruto's casual use of Kage Bunshin, Team Eight was more than enough force to keep the kids in line.

Kurenai was a bit disappointed that Naruto and Ino didn't notice the constant use of three illusions running in the room, but that was part of why Anko was helping in Naruto's torture; keep their attentions elsewhere. Hinata was already aware of it, so there was nothing to worry about there.

"We'll be fine, Iruka-san," Kurenai replied to the man's earlier query. "We'll only be out for a couple of days and are more than enough for this."

"Are you brats ready!?" Anko cried out from where she had been tickling Naruto's side in vague hopes he would whiz himself.

"YEAH!" They all cried out happily, save for a few who were more reserved.

"All right!" Anko exclaimed, pointing off into the distance. "To the Forest of Death!"

She was met by silence before one little girl in the back squeaked and fell from her chair as she passed out.

"What?" Several choked voices asked quietly, disbelieving what they had just heard. The rumors of that place were that people didn't come out of there alive... and now they were going to go there?

"Don't listen to her," Naruto said as he stood up with his three 'subordinates' hanging off of him like leeches. "We're going to training ground thirteen. If you need to change your pants, please do so now and we'll leave in five."

They waited the five minutes for two boys and the blushing girl who had passed out earlier to return and then headed on their way in two columns for the march across the village and into the training grounds.


Tayuya was very pissed.

She and the other members of the Sound Four had infiltrated Konoha once again, laughing at the fact that it was pathetically easy. They had a tunnel that literally allowed them to walk right into the village from the northern sector within the Forest of Death, which was incidentally almost due west of where Team Eight and a large group of kids were having what amounted to a large camping trip. And further east was their current position, Team Seven's training ground.

Tayuya was still pissed.

Kakashi had the group do some D-rank missions and, once lunch came about, told them to exercise with various push-ups, sit-ups and laps around the clearing before poofing off to do Kami knows what.

It wasn't like he was doing a 'who', after all...

For Tayuya's purposes, that was ideal, even though she normally got disgusted by those actions. The Inuzuka knew he got better training from his clan and generally left after quickly finishing the required exercises, and today was no exception.

Sadly, that was true on all counts. The Uchiha, for example, was still running through the exercises, tripling the required repetitions and that fucking pink-haired fangirl was sitting under a tree in the shade, watching him like a creepy, staring, drooling and lusting stalker!

All Tayuya wanted to do was slip a kunai between those unblinking green eyes.

Finally, finally, the fangirl looked to the sky and determined she had to be home soon for dinner, having spent almost the whole latter half of the day staring at the Uchiha working on chakra control and exercises, and said a goodbye to her teammate, getting ignored in return, and left, making Tayuya grin madly. 'About fucking time! Get out of here you stupid bitch! I'm ready to play with my new toy!'

She, and the other members of the Sound Four, had been waiting for this for the past day and a half, and most of that day. They had planned meticulously, and now it was time to show off.

Tayuya leapt outwards and rushed the Uchiha mid-push-up and tried to land a drop kick on his head, grinning like a loon as he pushed off hard and basically threw himself several feet away. He let out a smirk as he saw who it was.

Without warning, Sasuke shot forward and punched towards her face, smirking wider as she dodged and backhanded him in his side. Yes, he was getting his ass handed to him, and by a girl no less, but he was getting in several good hits himself, so he believed. And this wasn't a fangirl, so it wasn't really like being beat up by a girl. It was like being beat up by one of the guys.

Even with his limited social skills, he was smart enough not to voice that thought out loud, though. No girl, regardless of how little they appeared to take care of their appearance, didn't like being called a guy. But then, every girl he had ever met seemed to take abnormal care regarding their appearance and every girl he had ever met tried to become his girlfriend, or more, within minutes of meeting him.

For twenty long and grueling minutes, the duo fought, kicked, punched and during one grappling hold where his hands had gone somewhere they shouldn't, a flurry of attacks that he wasn't sure what they were, just that they were fast and painful.

And worth every second of it!

Sasuke had been doubting if his silent assailant was actually a woman. Sure, she had relatively soft features, but she wore baggy clothes, kept her hair in absolute ruin, could keep up with him and didn't speak. Those were not the traits of any girls he knew.

So he put it to the test, happy to find out that those baggy clothes hid some very impressive endowments.

What he didn't know was that she was a Sound kunoichi. As such, it was a real risk during her last few years growing up that the village, filled with almost purely missing nin and bandits who got crash courses and training, baggy clothes and a horrid appearance was almost necessary to keep one's self from becoming the physical plaything for a stronger ninja. In fact, her baggy clothes, dirty and ratty appearance and even her tendency to be angry and mean was all a carefully-crafted outward persona to keep herself protected.

The cussing was simply a quirk that seemed to work to her favor.

Ninja in every single village didn't normally teach without some reason or some form of payment. Teachers did so, but were compensated with money or given orders. Sometimes, a ninja would take a liking to someone they saw who impressed them in some way and they would teach that person just to see what they could mold from the raw talent.

Others received payments in the form of sexual favors, which was the case, more often than not. Even in Konoha. And the Hidden Village of Sound was no exception! It was practically an unwritten rule! If you were a kunoichi and wanted to learn anything, you were going to spread your legs for someone to teach you something and if they enjoyed themselves, you were taught better and more likely to survive for another lesson. Being pretty in that village was tantamount to being taken and then given a scroll or words of advice as a parting gift, usually the latter on how not to get ambushed and used. The same held true for some of the men as well, though they talked about it even less than the kunoichi. You didn't want to be a 'pretty boy' in Sound any more than you did in prison.

As an intelligent and observant girl, Tayuya recognized that she should appear as little more than a ratty beggar with a high penchant for attacking anyone who so much as eyed her wrong and who trained as thoroughly as she could while maintaining a constant level of situational awareness during her original lessons until she became an honest-to-Kami kunoichi where someone strong and powerful could take her under their wing and hopefully under their protection, rather than under their bodies.

Sound village was made up of most of the worst sort of scum Orochimaru could find and all were loyal only to themselves, so it was no wonder that she hated the personification of weakness Sakura portrayed. That girl would have been passed around like currency in Otogakure until she was this broken, shell of a person and no longer able to be called a Genin. Tayuya was disgusted at the pink-haired girl because she had no reason in being a Genin.

No. Part of one's 'true test' to pass a Sound Village's Genin test, much like Konoha's second test after being assigned teams, you had to individually plan out some way of breaking the law and getting away with it, giving those plans to the one to judge you and, depending on what it was and how dangerous, you either passed or had other tests required of you while your illegal act was eventually posted on a board so others could see what kind of credit you got.

Tayuya knew from the very beginning that she wanted to be a powerful and well-known kunoichi. So, she had elected to kill twenty Jounin. She had never been the fastest or strongest and didn't have any powerful bloodlines, which she felt was a good thing since Orochimaru would have cracked her open to examine to his heart's content. But she was an incredible strategist and knew how to plan for contingencies and judge a person's strengths and weaknesses. And she used her intellect effectively to determine the best way to make her name special in Sound.

It had actually been very easy. A little skin, some poisoned sake delivered into a pub and forged documents showing her as an undercover Genin looking for what may be a spy, and she dosed those Jounin, twelve Chuunin and roughly thirty-seven standard bandits, all known to be habitual rapists, thieves and murderers, had earned her the marks that got Orochimaru's eye, along with a healthy number of bounties on the missing ninja's heads. It had been ... liberating ... seeing the faces of those who were paying out to someone who wasn't even of Genin rank yet, which had been withheld by Orochimaru's orders for the fun of seeing the various reactions of those doling out the money.

And that was what allowed her to get a new toy in the form of Uchiha Sasuke! She wasn't really sure what it was about him, but she loved these spars. There was no romantic or lusty interest, she knew. She was about as interested in males as an Akimichi was in dieting.

No. Tayuya was relatively sure it was all about the fact that she was the one creating something out of this particularly useless ninja. He was her pet, no matter what anyone else wanted him to be. Well, except for Orochimaru. She wasn't sure what the snake sannin wanted him for, exactly, but his desires were her desires.

So, once the last Uchiha had copped a feel of his unknown assailant, the other three members of the Sound Four showed themselves, hoping to direct the redhead's fury towards them instead of the boy she would turn into a paste.

"Uchiha Sasuke. We're here to extract you from this village and take you to ours or eliminate you so no one has you. Are you going to come willingly, or do we have to go to plan B?" Jiroubou asked with a sneer. The man was not much taller than Sasuke, but he was certainly much larger. He was heavier, kind of like an Akimichi, but seemed to have a red mohawk and hair only around his head as if he purposefully removed the hair of his head like a 'V' shape.

Behind the larger man were two others. One, Kidoumaru, was very tan and lanky, with dark gray hair held back in a spiky ponytail and wearing a sleeveless shirt, that was probably to let his other four arms fit, and a cocky smirk with a large purple rope tied at his waist and a Sound hitai-ate over his forehead.

The other, Sakon, had gray skin, bluish-gray hair with bangs covering his right eye and a hairy growth from the back of his left shoulder, who was actually his smaller, twin brother, Ukon. He seemed to be trying to pass himself off as a woman with turquoise lipstick and brown eyeliner and a beaded necklace around his neck over a tunic-like shirt that may have been a slight attempt to look like a dress.

As they had expected, giving him an ultimatum pushed him away from doing what they wanted and made the last Uchiha choose to resist whatever they wanted. "Hn."

These people talked too much. Why couldn't they be like his sparring partner and simply either attack or pass on by? Ninja were meant to fight and cheap talk didn't really mean much to someone who had a person they had to kill who was currently leagues above their own level.

"You two attack the girl. I've got this piece of trash," Kidoumaru ordered, smirking at the tired Uchiha. They had planned this for after he and Tayuya had been fighting to ensure they were relatively weak. Well, the Uchiha was. He had just been working out for several hours and had sparred for twenty minutes. Tayuya was actually still relatively okay since she had greater reserves and far greater physical fitness than the boy, so she was hardly winded. Still, she put on quite a show.

Immediately, Sakon and Jiroubou rushed towards Tayuya and engaged in a taijutsu battle at a level several steps above where she had been fighting Sasuke until Jiroubou hit her with a roundhouse that she blocked, but was still shot into a tree that splintered from the impact.

"It's fun to watch, isn't it?" Kidoumaru asked rhetorically as he smiled brightly at Sasuke who was using the time to recuperate and planned to attack only after this moron, who had the audacity to attack an Uchiha, attacked first. "We're at a much higher level than you brats. Wanna see some of our special moves?"

"Let's go, bug boy," Sasuke taunted, looking forward to a good fight, even as Tayuya landed a dropping heel kick to the fat guy's groin after flipping him over her shoulder.

Strange how he felt ... proud ... of her. Stranger still how that made him feel more confident.

Maybe it was the guy's screams?

Kidoumaru scowled. "Spider boy, is more like it, kid. I've got ultimate arts that you could only dream of," he said dangerously. "For example," he flashed through several hand seals and stopped on the tiger seal, stamping his foot and causing eight pillars of flame to erupt from the ground and head off towards the shocked Uchiha who didn't recognize the technique from the fire jutsu scrolls he had.

Sasuke leapt to the side to dodge the fire and smirked as he flashed through handseals for his own technique, deciding to fight fire with fire, so to speak. "Katon: Grand Fireball!"

Kidoumaru smirked and raised a wall of earth three feet thick to cover him for the fireball and an underground move to get behind the last Uchiha, who had been waiting for him to approach from behind the barrier and kicked him in the side, taking him by surprise. "You decided not to come with us and join the winning team, so you've got to die. If you want to try and live, you'll have to do better than that to score points against me!"

Sasuke wiped the blood from his lip where he had landed and skid on his face as he got up, now quite angry. He chanced a glance at the silent redhead just in time to see both men try to kick her in the sides, only for her to grab their legs and spin them around like a top and flung them away. Well that was certainly an idea...

The Uchiha leapt up and launched several kunai to the multi-armed bastard, only to have each deflected by kunai from each of his hands. 'Damn those extra hands are a pain in the ass,' Sasuke thought as his opponent jumped and kicked him in the side, sending him to the ground beneath them.

He landed hard on his side and used the illusion of getting up slowly to flash through seals before turning and launching an attack at the boy in the air above him. "Katon: Phoenix Flame Burst!"

Sasuke smirked as the attack hit until the enemy poofed into smoke and revealed a charred and smoking log. He could almost feel the smirk of the six-armed man behind him as he leapt away, aware of the blade headed towards his neck.

Tayuya was once again getting pissed. No one liked to lose a fight, but she was being double-teamed by her teammates who she normally did her best to destroy during fights. And now they were smiling as they got free opportunities to beat her up until they found a point where the Uchiha couldn't win.

'That little fucker had better up the ante soon, damnit! I'm getting tired of this shit!' Tayuya tossed a kunai, stolen from Jiroubou's pouch, towards Kidoumaru, forcing him to lean backwards on instinct and giving her pet the second needed to fully escape death and, while he was looking away, she decked her two opponents, wiping those insufferable smirks off of their faces. 'Take that, bitches.'

Sasuke turned just after Tayuya's stolen kunai embedded itself in the ground and received a kick to his face, sending him backwards, followed by Kidoumaru who began a relentless assault on the boy.

Tayuya smirked as Sasuke lost all control over his fight and became nothing more than Kidoumaru's bitch; at least as far as she saw it. She ground Jiroubou's face into the dirt with her foot on the back of his head while simultaneously punching Sakon's face as the gray-haired boy tried to wriggle out of her headlock.

Both boys were lamenting the fact that they weren't allowed to win the fight at this stage, Sakon more than the other. She didn't use deodorant.

It had been a very simple, but beautiful plan. Sasuke was to get his ass handed to him quite thoroughly, which is why the show-off was used to fight the last Uchiha, since Kidoumaru preferred to toy with his opponents. Sasuke would continue to get his ass handed to him until Tayuya came to the rescue with the first stage of her Cursed Seal.

Almost bouncing in glee, the redheaded woman activated her seal to the second stage and launched both of her victims, much to their surprise as it wasn't a part of the plan, into Kidoumaru once it became obvious that Sasuke was beginning to evade several of his strikes as he began to dodge some of the punches the multi-handed enemy threw at him and leaping out of the way of several shuriken.


"Alright Naruto. Set up clones for everyone and help them set up their tents. Hinata, you and Ino get to gather fire wood. Grab a kid and get them to help. They're cheap labor and if they don't listen, you can leave them in the woods to fend for themselves," Anko demanded.

"Yes, Sensei," both girls responded as Hinata grabbed her sister and Ino found herself with the little girl who had fainted earlier stuck to her leg and looking like she would only be removed with a pry bar.

Konohamaru, Udon and Moegi each had a Naruto clone that they were receiving piggyback rides from, much to their consternation.

"Damnit brats! I'm not a horse!" One of the clones yelled out.

"So, the poles go through the holes and into the caps at the bottom?" One of the boys asked a Naruto clone as he was watching his teammate feed the poles through the sleeves on the rounded tent.

"Yea, just make sure you don't go too fast or you could rip the tent and then it's worthless except to patch up another one if you've got the materials to do it," the clone responded. "Trust me. If you make a rip and it rains, you'll be floating in the water from the inside in the morning."

The kids laughed, not realizing Naruto was telling them about a time when he had been pranked by Jiraiya for ruining his tent and that all of that 'rain' had actually been from one of the larger frog summons and ... it hadn't exactly been rain...


Sasuke looked at his sparring partner with wide eyes as their three opponents were thrown across the clearing like rag dolls. She had been covered in dirt, before, but now her skin was dark brown with dark circles around her eyes that had become golden-yellow. Her hair lengthened and she had grown what appeared to be large, thick horns from her head that looked like some demonic version of a crown.

'Beautiful,' Sasuke thought as he watched the girl fly through the air in seemingly slow motion, captivated by the sight, as she punched the males and sent them careening across the clearing and into trees. She hadn't done that during their sparring sessions! He could see the aura of power surrounding her and the chakra coursing through her veins!

The ferocious redhead looked to her toy with a victorious smirk, only for her eyes to widen. Her toy was staring at her with one of his eyes the dark, blood red of the Sharingan with a single tomoe gazing back at her. And it appeared as though a kunai swipe had grazed his eyebrow and cheek in a downward motion that barely grazed his eyelid. Though the blood dribbling down made his appearance even more fierce as he scowled at their enemies once over his shock over her appearance. "Well, well, Pet. It appears as though you've fucked up, but earned a battle scar and a new eye out of it. If you weren't so much fucking fun, even if you are damn ugly, I'd be pissed at you for getting damaged. I've been teaching you better than that, you little cum bucket!"

Naturally, she hadn't actually taught him a whole lot in words, but in kicking his ass and showing him the counters for those various moves. Usually amidst kicking his ass some more.

Sasuke's eyes widened as he closed one eye to look through it and then the other to see the difference. His vision was abnormal in seeing naturally from his right eye and in hyper-clarity with his left, but he didn't even notice the difference until his sparring partner mentioned it. 'Finally,' he thought. 'I'm a true Uchiha!'

The vengeance-seeker smirked as their opponents ran away, obviously cowed by the power of his Sharingan, even incomplete like it was, and watched as the red-headed woman stomped towards him, her changes reverting back to normal between steps, showing some of those baggy clothes were because her body was larger when using whatever power he saw in her. It was only fitting that she be there to see his progress and that she take in his majesty.

"Now that you've got that, it's time to talk, taijutsu bitch."

Or not.

"My name is Uchiha Sasuke, in case you didn't know," Sasuke said, unsure as to whether he should be happy or pissed that this woman was so disrespectful. He was never spoken to in such a manner!

So why did he want her to keep doing it? And why did it make him feel ... frisky?

Still, it couldn't be allowed to go unchallenged. "Speak to me like that again, and I'll-"

He was cut off as the red-headed woman knocked him flat on his ass, spun him to his stomach and then kicked him right between his bony cheeks, putting her toes right up his poop-chute. "Scream taijutsu-bitch! Scream!" The horrible woman cried out gleefully.

"Fucking bi-i-i-tch!" Sasuke yelled out, horrified at the realization that he had been able to see her movements since she didn't move at her fastest, but he was far too slow to react in time to stop the pain.

Tayuya fell down on top of the last 'loyal' Konoha Uchiha as he tried to push himself up and grabbed his hands, locking them behind his back and putting her smiling lips up to her toy's ear. "Tell wonderful Tayuya-sama she's the greatest, Pet, and I won't rape you with a kunai." As if to emphasize her point, she ground her knee into his already stinging anus, relishing in his grunts of pain. "Fucking say it, taijutsu-bitch!"

Sasuke attempted a mule-kick into the red-headed girl's back, but found her legs holding his down. It was such a horrible realization that he was at some girl's mercy, who was threatening something he was quite against and never thought possible, that he did exactly as he was told. "Tayuya-sama is the best," he bit out through gritted teeth.

Tayuya grinned wickedly and nuzzled the peeved boy's cheek with her own dirt-encrusted one. "Good boy," she cooed. "My master is the Snake Sannin, Orochimaru. That power you saw me use, he wants to offer you, if you're willing to serve him. He'll teach you jutsu and to use your eyes to kill the man you plan to, but he wants you to recreate your bloodline in his village and be his primary enforcer as payment to get the techniques and the seal. It has several levels that get stronger as you go, if you're strong enough to survive the infusion of power," she gloated, wriggling to stay on top of the squirming boy until he stilled after hearing about the promise of power.

"How much more power?" The Uchiha asked with narrowed eyes.

"Only ten percent of those who take the empowerment seal are strong enough to survive it," Tayuya whispered seductively, licking her lips. She didn't give a damn about the boy in any sort of manner related to lust or sex. The high she was getting from this was perverting the boy as her own, personal toy to play with and into serving her master. It was infinitely more fun and so much more satisfying!

"If you can survive just simply receiving the seal, then the power has two levels and one forbidden that no one has ever activated and survived. The first grants you a little more strength and speed with a massive chakra boost. The second level. Well, that's what you saw me with. I didn't even need to go all out to knock those punks around. I just wanted an excuse to. What do you think? Are you-" she cut off long enough to grab the prone boy's groin and squeezed, making him grit his teeth while refusing to make a sound, "-man enough for it? It would mean betraying this pathetic excuse for a village, eventually, but you would get the power you seek."

Sasuke breathed out slowly as her vice-like grip on his balls was released and took a moment to examine his options. One one hand, this girl had him unable to defend himself while she was providing an offer of everything he wanted, and was very possibly going to kill him now that her offer was given and if he refused.

On the other hand, he realized other villages may very well offer the same things with more in the deal.

"What if I refuse? What if I said it sounds good, but I wanted more?"

"My master will give you everything you desire, as long as you're loyal and are worth his gifts," Tayuya purred. It was actually a little disturbing, considering she was very dirty and smelled ... well, perhaps it was best not to think about the powerful stench that wasn't all sweat. "What more do you want beyond power? Hundreds of techniques? A powerful leader?"

"What if I wanted you?" Sasuke asked, his smirk back full force as he felt the hand on his groin pull back quickly and the body atop of him still. "What if I decided I want you to be shown your place and service me each night for how you're treating me now? Would your master give me that to satisfy me?"

As a measure of self defense, Sasuke's ass hole clenched tightly closed as he felt the sharp point of a kunai press into his backside. Maybe trying to call the girl's bluff was actually a very bad idea? A very, very bad idea!

"You could ask that, unless you would rather not sing soprano," Tayuya hissed, feeling the material of her bad pet's pants give as the kunai broke through. 'Hooray for sweet, blessed, male anal rape!' Tayuya mentally decreed.

"Or not," Sasuke squeaked out, his face contorted into the expectation of agony to come until Tayuya removed the blade seconds later.

"Good boy," she responded. "If you want more, you can discuss it later. For now, you should hide your eyes while working to advance them. Don't even let your sensei know."

"Why not," Sasuke snarled out. He had been waiting for this moment! He was only just now finally a true Uchiha! He had finally activated his birthright! And some man-hating bitch was going to tell him to hide it!?

"It's a trump card that will be a secret weapon against any enemies who don't know you've got it, for one, you little shit," Tayuya growled out. "Only a fucking idiot would let everyone know of their true strength and all of their techniques and abilities. Especially if you want to join Orochimaru-sama! If these fuckers know you have the Sharingan, they will know to watch out for it."

'That ... was pretty smart,' Sasuke agreed with himself. If he was going to go to another village, then they would try to send even more people to get him to come back in they know he's got a functioning Sharingan.

"I'm in," Sasuke said with his smirk back in place. "When do we do this?"


"Oh, yea!" Chouji sighed out happily as he, Shino and Shikamaru entered their tent and each released their illusions of Academy students. He glanced at his watch and then whistled. "Holding that thing up had me nearing my limits! I only had fourteen minutes from my record before I'd have lost it."

"We were close to our limits as well," Shino stated, receiving an update from his kikaichu bugs. Having the best chakra control and reserves than his teammates, Shino unsealed several high-energy foods, most of it for the Akimichi who had been forced to stop eating outside of arranged meal times. It was doable, but he was miserable the whole time.

"We'll gather our energy and proceed with our objective as planned. It should actually be easier than we thought. Did you see how she moved around? I haven't seen her use chakra at all today," Shikamaru explained. He wasn't thrilled with the idea, but he was the one who found himself in the position of team leader since Chouji naturally deferred to him and Shino ... Well, the Aburame seemed to just be happy for the team to have a function and seemed to have fallen into the support role. It may have just been that he was naturally more quiet and Chouji had already elevated his Nara best friend.

"She appeared injured," Shino stated. "She had wounds peppering her arms and neck that corresponded with known tenketsu points, stepped heavily and was constantly shifting her pack throughout our march."

"It makes our mission all the easier," Shikamaru said, getting into his sleeping bag and setting his wristwatch to go off early. "Let's get what rest we can. Everyone will be going to bed now that our dinner is over with.


Hinata sighed as the orange-pink sky seemed to brighten just a little more. She loved mornings, even more so than the wonderful view a setting sun could provide. Sunsets were a time of winding down and life slowing to rest, but mornings were a time of rebirth and awakening; when everything was fresh and when quiet reigned supreme. She got through the majority of her most strenuous exercises to keep in shape and push her body to its limits, it was peaceful and the world itself was just waking to begin its day.

And even though she was removing most of the orange from his clothes, the morning light reminded her of the only man she had ever loved. Uzumaki Naruto. Her mate.

For so long, she had seen him as a strength to emulate. In order to become strong and to grow into what she wanted to be, into who she wanted to be, she had to try and become him in essence. Never give up. Never surrender. Never stop attempting to achieve her goals. He was a failure, never really able to do things the way he was expected to or in a way that was expected with the means he did use. It was truly amazing to watch. He could find some ingenious method around his limitations that amazed and astounded anyone who watched him succeed.

It wasn't until after the boy had left on his training trip with Jiraiya and he was no longer there to watch and gain strength from, directly, that she realized her error. She didn't want to follow him anymore.

She wanted to walk beside him. She wanted to be worthy of him so that she could be his.

Her focus had originally been on trying to grow to be like the boy she saw in the Academy and at that point about seven months after he left, it became to be someone equal to him. Originally, she saw in him an inspiration to better herself, which eventually turned into love of the boy himself. And she wanted to be someone worth loving in his eyes. She found she had a selfish streak. She wanted to be his and his only. Even if it meant sharing him with Sakura, she would do so, just so he would be hers. But she planned on growing stronger and better than Sakura in every way so that the pink-haired shrew would pale in comparison to the Hyuuga Heiress.

When he came back, she had been working to her new vision for two years of his three-year training trip and she found herself successful. Her own Hyuuga-based abilities were better, as was her chakra control and everything regarding taijutsu, even though neither had really seemed to gain much ground on ninjutsu techniques, but it was in his sensei's specialties that Naruto had grown while Hinata had invented a few of her own techniques and learned what Kurenai was willing to teach her individually, which wasn't as much as she would have done had the red-eyed woman not been sent on more missions due to a lack of higher-ranking ninja after the invasion.

Four years of war with the Hidden Sound village, and those who had allied themselves with Orochimaru, had her fighting beside Naruto repeatedly as needed until two and a half years before their trip back in time when Sasuke had finally killed Sakura, the only one on Team Seven who still held out belief that he wanted to return to Konoha and had offered herself to him. Her death had been slow, torturous and messy. They never did find out why he had saved her skin.

From that point forward, Hinata had been by Naruto's side as friend, confidante and new teammate since both were trained by a Sannin since Sasuke seemed to want to be the only one and was out for the blood of any others, including Kabuto and Shizune. For three whole years, Hinata's deepest fantasies, at least those she thought were realistic, were realized and she fought beside him.

And then they began dating.

It had actually been almost accidental when it had happened. They had been coming back from an intelligence gathering mission and came across one of Orochimaru's experiments where the Snake Sannin had taken Sasuke's knowledge of Haku to hunt down other ice-wielders to steal their bloodline and had succeeded. While they had won the fight, it had left Hinata with a severe case of hypothermia from being encased in ice before Naruto broke her free.

She had already passed out due to the cold and lack of oxygen.

It was just incredible luck, or hidden perversions, that had made Jiraiya succeed in forcing Naruto to read his works in which a similar incident had occurred where the young lovers had fallen into an icy river. Naruto used a basic earth technique to create a huge cavern underground with a vent so they'd have plenty of air and shucked both of their clothing, knowing body heat was best to warm someone who was so cold since the clothing was wet and any fires or fire-based techniques could actually stop her heart if she was warmed up too quickly due to shock.

Hinata had been nearly molesting him when he awakened. She had thought it was some wonderful dream and planned on getting as much out of it as she could before awakening to whatever the real life situation may have been which would not be nearly as ... satisfying.

That was part of why they did little more than kiss and some wonderful exploration through fondling until they had come back in time. Outside of being taught that it was wrong since early childhood, she was constantly afraid of losing control.

And now she was totally okay with that.

Odd as it sounded, she found herself more intrigued that she wasn't bothered by how quickly they progressed once coming back in time than they had ever gone before hand than she was in how far they had actually come after returning to their past. And would soon be going, if she had her way.

She had her mate. She had plans to include at least one more mate that she was sure would appreciate Naruto-kun so she could enjoy Naruto's attentions when she really wanted to and they shared the knowledge that they would never be parted of their own accord.

They were apparently married in a demonic merging of some sort. Hinata planned on discussing that with the Kyuubi once the she-demon woke back up. She was very long overdue for her wedding night if that were the case! And it was becoming extraordinarily difficult to not rape the boy, or beg for him to take her, wherever they may be at the time she got the urge.

It happened a lot when they were in his apartment or in restaurants.

But all of that was why she was sitting out in the cool morning air rather than in her tent, curled in Naruto's arms.

She was about to do something horrible to him.

Naruto and Hinata had suspected the Hokage would still have trouble believing both them and their story. They even planned on the possibility that they'd have to speak with Yamanaka Inoichi about the whole thing as well, which they thought was a near certainty when Ino joined their team.

Or Ibiki. But they felt that was a little harsh for the peace-loving Hokage.

They hoped. They really, really hoped.

No. Hinata had her own role to play in this babysitting mission that she wasn't really sure would go over well.

She watched with her Byakugan active as three apparent Cloud ninja met up with her on the outskirts of their camp, the largest one holding the bound, gagged and wide-eyed form of her sister who was was kicking in a futile attempt at escape. Her chakra coils were still damaged and, while she was capable of molding chakra, it hurt her to do so and she was smart enough to wait until a better opportunity presented itself.

"We thank you for your sister," the large one holding Hanabi grunted, turning just enough so the now still form of the littlest Hyuuga could see her sister's sinister smirk. "We are sure the Raikage will appreciate her."

Hinata's smirk almost faltered as her little sister let out a pitiful whimper as she recognized the fact that Hanabi realized she was being sacrificed. "The little bitch has been a thorn in my side for far too long," Hinata responded in a light tone. "Just remember her head is to be mailed to me once he's taken whatever uses he has for her."

As expected, Hanabi's struggles intensified as she was exposed to such a helpless situation for the first time. She attempted screaming through her gag and calling out for help as tears fell down her face and she ignored the pain to her body as she flailed around.

"Let me make it easier for you," Hinata offered, reaching behind Hanabi's neck as she looked into her little sister's terrified eyes. "Goodbye, Hanabi-chan," she said, kissing the girl's forehead gently even as her finger shot a jolt of chakra to knock her out.

"I'm glad that's over with," the large man said again, readjusting the dead weight on his shoulder.

"Now for the next phase," a taller, lanky Cloud ninja said with a sigh, his hands in his pockets as the third blinked slowly, his posture remaining impeccable and seemingly taking everything around him in at once without seeing any of it.

Hinata nodded sadly before taking out the sealing scroll the Hokage had given her and laying it on the ground as Kurenai walked over to them.

"Remember what to do if he finds you," the red-eyed woman warned before flashing through a long series of hand seals as Hinata unsealed the mannequin from the scroll and jabbed one of the kids' bright orange practice kunai into its chest.

"Ninpou: Sustained Illusion."


Sasuke finally made it to his family home as the sun was rising, having to evade the random fangirl herd that tried to ambush him. That they were out so early in the mornings, despite their lowered numbers, was really quite disconcerting to him.

Sasuke, while only believed by his fangirls for their own oblivious dreams and fantasies, was actually very sentimental. He kept every gift given to him by anyone who he believed was of any consequence. After the massacre of his family, that was really only the Hokage and any technique scrolls that anyone was willing to give him that held something powerful within. Sadly, there were laws against that, though, so it only happened once or twice, and he didn't have the chakra capacity to learn them, much to his ire.

Which was actually why it was illegal to give such techniques to those not already ninja unless you were their superior and could instruct them in learning it and would know, in theory, if they were simply capable of it. It was too dangerous considering the very real possibility of chakra depletion and death.

But the Uchiha were known for their power. They were known for mastery of every technique they had ever witnessed. They were known for their perfection.

Sure, there was that black dot on their history known as Itachi, but Sasuke firmly believed he could correct that error and the Uchiha would be back to their heights.

At least, they would be once he felt he was ready to tell the Hokage to find the thirty most powerful kunoichi for breeding to keep the Uchiha as strong as possible if he wasn't Hokage himself, already.

Sasuke was almost sure the click of the gates echoed far more loudly than they ever had in the past. As if they knew he was a True Uchiha now and heralded him in the only way they knew how.

He quickly stepped through the gates and then closed them, ensuring no raving fangirls could enter behind him. The walls were made to keep people from scaling them. No use against a ninja, but against a fangirl who all but failed her ninja studies or never even tried, it was like an absolute defense.

Sasuke sighed as he activated his new eye and took in the sight of his ancestral home. The Sharingan copied everything, really. When it came to books or scrolls, it was like having a photographic memory. When seeing someone move, it was like his body memorized them instead of his mind, making the new ability reflexive in nature.

This sentimental side was rarely given time to come out, but Sasuke felt it was necessary. To see his true home through the eyes of an Uchiha and memorize every crack, every blade of grass and every indication of the life of the Uchiha. Especially since he didn't expect to stick around for very long. He was unsure as to when he would be getting that seal the angry, man-hating redhead was talking about, but it appeared to almost be happening soon. And he didn't expect to still be there afterwards.

The Uchiha sector was, simply put, massive. So large, in fact, that the noises from the rest of the village were nearly nonexistent, aided partly by the morning hour. Sasuke walked slowly about, gazing with one red eye at every surface and wall, taking in the splattered blood, charred walls, rusted kunai still embedded in various surfaces and the ghost-town appearance of the entire place.

Sasuke could almost feel himself surrounded by the spirits of the fallen just as every other time he came here and knew they were proud of him for achieving his first goal in the many to come.

After two hours of wandering, he found himself in front of his old home, shared by the then head of the Uchiha family. Sasuke paused at the front door and took a deep breath.

He had watched his parents get killed in this house. Several hundred times, in fact, after his older brother put him under genjutsu with their bloodline and forced him to watch as he killed their entire family, one by one. But of all the clan, he had actually witnessed his parents' murder right in front of his eyes, free of genjutsu.

And it was to that place his feet led him. He could still see the blood, now brown from age, staining the tatami mats where both of his parents were slain before his eyes. His enhanced eye could make out the outline of his mothers arm and face in the stain where she had bled out.

"Mother. Father. I've returned now that I'm a true Uchiha. My eyes aren't complete, but the hardest part is over and I'll progress as quickly as I can. Far faster than him," he hissed. "I know you all cry out for vengeance. I do, too. I'll kill Itachi and bring honor back to our name."

A few seconds later, as if letting his message sink in, he turned and headed towards the Head's suite. It was a room his father had always forbidden him and everyone else from entering, even his own wife. He said only a true Uchiha could enter and only the head of the household. Even Itachi had once been backhanded for trying to follow his father in as a child.

Until that moment, Sasuke had always heeded his father's orders. He was an Uchiha, but he wasn't a true Uchiha. Now, however, he was.

The door opened with an ominous creak as Sasuke continued to use his new eye to memorize every feature, every item and every second of his walk down memory lane and this new experience.

He was rather disappointed.

The walls were lined with shelves that held dozens of scrolls and papers, his father's desk sat neat and orderly as everything had to be with an odd stone resting at the corner of the writing mat. There wasn't a single picture in the room or anything personal. It was all very boring, truth be told. Sasuke wasn't sure what he expected, but not the picture-perfect definition of an office. Well, aside from the mass amount of dust, anyway.

The only thing that seemed to stand out was his father's sword, resting on a shelf on the wall in a place of honor behind where he would sit.

It glowed.

Curious, Sasuke reached over and grabbed the sword, pulling the weapon from the sheath and staring in awe at the blade. From his normal eye, he saw shiny silver from the iron as any normal blade, but with his Sharingan, he saw chakra coursing through the blade, pooling ever so slightly to highlight imperfections that spoke to the holder.

The greatest power and final level of the Sharingan comes from the power to kill our strongest bonds. Strength from Pain.

Sasuke's grin was predatory as he resheathed the sword and turned from the room, carrying the sword with its message back to his apartment as he thought.

His first thoughts were of his brother. Itachi's best friend had died not long before he had killed the rest of the family. Sasuke felt that played a very major part of his success. The Uchiha had always been powerful and he was never able to understand how Itachi, genius that he was, was able to kill them all. That explained much. The greatest power of the Sharingan had apparently made it almost child's play. It was always believed that Sasuke had killed his friend. Did that mean you had to kill someone who meant a lot to you? Or perhaps the one who meant the most?

Kill your friend and gain ultimate power? Sasuke could do that.

Then Sasuke realized he didn't have any friends. Not really. There were many who wanted to be, but none of those friendships he really cultivated and shared. You obviously had to care about the person you killed or just killing any random stranger would do. To that end, there was no one he could currently kill to advance his eyes further.

'What is the strongest bond a person can have?' Sasuke asked himself. 'Itachi killed his best friend and that gave him the power to destroy all of the other Uchiha. If a best friend could do that, what is stronger than that?'

He thought about his problem all the way to his apartment until, passing the Yamanaka flower shop, he came upon the answer. It was, simply put, quite brilliant. A friend was one thing, but a lover was another, entirely. It would also explain why Itachi hadn't killed a woman for his strength, as he never had time for a relationship.

Or he now had another reason to hate Itachi for debasing the Uchiha name with scandal.

His fangirls were always going on about how love was supposedly the greatest thing one could ever come across, and all of the Uchiha had remained married to their spouses, which meant that it had to be most likely that they held those bonds as more important than love. Well, he didn't care one way or another about those girls right now, or their petty beliefs in love. But in the future? Well, that wouldn't matter. For now, he knew he couldn't fall in love. He had too much to do and too many goals to achieve before that came about. But how could he get that bond otherwise?

Marriage was out, no matter what. That required too many people knowing what was going on and far too many eyes. It would also be pointless, as he planned on getting the strongest ones later. And he didn't need them as wives. He only needed them to breed with.

So, why not a girl he used just as he would in the future, without the wife thing holding him down or restricting him? It would be just the same, just without a ring or vows and the like. At worst, it failed, but he learned how to handle girls, something like another form of training. At best, he got a bond even better than Itachi's, since he used a male friend as his kill.

"Good morning, Sasuke-kun! How are- Oh no! What happened to your eye!?"

Sasuke almost grunted as he normally would as he approached the other members of Team Seven, but decided he had found the perfect bond. She was a fangirl who already admitted to loving him and wanting to date him. She claimed to wanting to marry him already. And she already spent nearly every day with them. She would be the easiest female to cultivate a bond with.

Sakura would also be the easiest one to kill once he received his signal.

"Training," he grunted in response to the pink-haired girl's query. "It'll be fine."

Sakura blinked in surprise as she received an actual response and then grinned warmly. 'Take that Ino! I knew I could break through his shell!'

"What kind of training nearly gets you knifed in the eye?" Kiba asked, sensing dishonesty in his rival to Alpha.

"The effective kind," Sasuke glared at the Inuzuka as he refrained, barely, from smacking Sakura aside as she reached to gently prod his wound, hoping for some kind of bonding contact and testing how far the new limits would be for her time with him.

The Uchiha grabbed Sakura's prodding hand gently, barely refraining from adding crushing force, and held it for a few seconds, causing her to blush. "It'll be fine. It was shallow."

"Oh," Sakura said quietly, unsure of how to respond to his hand holding hers still.

Sasuke allowed himself the barest hint of a smirk before releasing the hand and turning to Kiba. "Let's spar," he said, surprising the Inuzuka. In truth, Sasuke wanted to have something to occupy himself so he didn't have to back himself into a corner of dealing with Sakura until he decided the best way to deal with the girl that was staring at him with starry eyes.

And then the best idea came to him, and as the fight commenced, he allowed his smirk to show through, both angering the Inuzuka and allowing his mind to act on working that seedling of an idea into a full-fledged plan.

Sometimes, it was truly wonderful being a genius.


Naruto awakened with a start to the sound of a high-pitched, horrified, bloodcurdling scream. He rushed out of his tent and summoned a kunai for both hands from the seals on his fingertips as Ino was getting out of her sleeping bag to join him and looked to see only one person out already.

A dozen feet from the last tent was one of the little girls on her knees, still screaming at the sight of Hyuuga Hinata laying on the ground with a bright orange practice kunai sticking out from her chest. Blood covered her clothes around the wound and trailed out of the corner of her mouth.

Naruto's heart clenched tightly in his chest for the brief moment it took in the sight. "Hinata-chan! HINATA-CHAN!" Naruto suddenly found himself at her side and fell to his knees and checked the Hyuuga's vitals before yanking out the kunai in her chest and trying to heal her in vain. She was already so stiff! She wasn't even warm anymore!

Kurenai and Anko walked up to Naruto as everyone stood a small distance away, unsure of what to do before the latter rested her hand on his shoulder. "Naruto ... stop. There's nothing you can do. She's gone."

Slowly, Naruto laid his pale-eyed goddess to the ground and turned to the dozens of eyes around them looking on in fear and horror. "Who did this? Who is going to DIE!?!"

An eruption of chakra enveloped Naruto's body as he drew on every single iota of his power to use it against the one who dared kill his mate. The force was so sudden it forced his two wide-eyed sensei to step back to maintain their balance.

They were ordered by the Hokage to spook the children so they had an idea of what being a ninja could be like, which Anko had claimed rights to immediately, and to get an idea of how teams Ten and Eight functioned using a plan of their own design. Which would have been perfect if Anko and Kurenai weren't so curious about their two time-traveling Genin.

They decided to test Naruto since Hinata deferred to him in almost every instance that didn't seem to be about their relationship or Ino's training, since the female blonde did the same to them for everything, really. The bondage escape technique they were teaching was a prime example of that.

They hadn't actually thought it could go bad. And they were wrong.

Naruto was now stalking towards the terrified Academy students with an aura cloak wrapped around him like a blue living flame that ruffled his clothes and hair violently before he his eyes narrowed and he looked back at his mate's body. In some small part of his mind, he realized she was too strong to fall like that to an Academy student.

"N-Naruto?" Ino asked, looking between Naruto and Hinata, horrified at what she saw. She flinched as his eyes darted to her with a grunt before scanning the crowd. "Please calm down. We have to-"

"Four are missing," he interrupted, counting their numbers. "Hyuuga brat and a missing tent."

"Naruto, calm down," Kurenai commanded. "There are tracks! We can calm down, focus and- SHIT!"

Naruto had looked to the ground as Kurenai spoke and finally noticed scuff marks outside of the authorized camp area and rushed to follow before he was tackled by Anko and pinned beneath her.

"You idiot! Check- Yack!" She was cut off as his cloak seemed to help him roll them over before Kurenai put her own weight over top of them both.

"There are tripwires!" Kurenai yelled, trying to get through to her Genin even as he seemed to growl beneath the two older women. Suddenly, both women were thrown aside as Naruto shoved himself up and created a dozen clones who created another hundred to trip all the traps left behind by whoever had left.

Three dozen clones were lost to bright orange kunai as the real Naruto took off with a bestial snarl. "Hinata-chan!" His chakra cloak receded slowly as it turned purple and his speed, strength and senses increased as Ino watched him run into the foliage.

Anko pulled herself painfully from the tree she had been blown into while Ino helped Kurenai out of a bush. "That didn't go well," she grunted.

"Where the hell did he get that kind of power?" Ino asked worriedly as she stared at the dead form of her friend. "Hinata-chan..."

"Release," Kurenai commanded as she approached Hinata's body, turning it back into a mannequin, much to Ino's shock and gasps of surprise from the gathered children. "It was part of a test, Ino. Mostly for Team Ten who kidnapped Hinata's sister. We've got to get to them before Naruto does."

"Ino, stay here and keep the kids in their tents. Don't let them run off," Anko said before she and Kurenai leapt to the branches and left the camp.

"We really fucked up, didn't we?" Anko asked rhetorically. "What do you think would have happened if we hadn't created evidence for the kids to follow?"

"I don't know," Kurenai admitted. "But right now, he's moving faster than we are."


"The brat's wakin' up," Chouji said, acting his part in this mission. He dumped her onto the ground on her butt none too gently, getting a grunt of pain from the littlest Hyuuga and stepped back so she could see them all.

At Hinata's request, and knowing she couldn't use her Byakugan for another week and a half, they kept up the illusion of being Cloud ninja so she could experience the helplessness of such a situation. Hinata wanted her to experience the reality of the world outside of the Hyuuga compound in a way where her name didn't carry weight with anyone who wanted to cause her harm.

Hinata wasn't being cruel with her request. It was to teach her little sister a much-needed lesson. The Hyuuga were not infallible. People didn't always flee in fear at their name, no matter what the Hyuuga claimed within their walls.

The girl didn't learn that lesson the last time around until the second invasion nearly a year after Naruto returned from his trip when it was only her, Hinata, Neji and two servants left after a group of Sound ninja blew up their estate. Hanabi found her abilities were almost impossible to use against someone who was faster or stronger and that anyone who fought mid to long range was impossible to fight against and win. Two months of that and the girl had taken her own life.

At the time, Hinata practically coexisted with her family and the death hadn't really hurt her. Death of someone close by had become almost commonplace by that point. It was the way she died that Hinata was upset with. And that the girl, who had always criticized Hinata as weak, had used a large number of explosive notes to make it fast and painless.

To Hinata, who had worked for years to grow stronger and prove everyone she wasn't worthless, it had been disgusting.

So, she wanted Hanabi to have that experience now, and hopefully grow from it. Maybe she would even be able to call her 'sister' once again.

But she wouldn't go out of her way for it.

Hinata, under the guise of a Jounin where the others were Chuunin, approached her shaking younger sister with a smirk and a saunter. "Well, well, well. The Hyuuga awakens at last."

Without realizing it, Hanabi tried to burrow her way into the tree behind her. 'Why aren't the others here already!? Why did Hinata do this!?' The distressed girl wailed within her mind.

"Hinata-chan!" Hinata, blinked in confusion and looked around, wondering why she suddenly felt ... broken and angry. She could almost swear she heard...

Hinata shook her head to get back into the moment and glared at her cowering sister. "Such beautiful eyes," she said with a wistful sigh. "I can't wait until we get you to Kumo so we can pluck them out and create copies."

"Raikage-sama wishes to breed Byakugan users," the stoic one reminded.

"She doesn't need her eyes to pop out a few dozen children," the female Jounin said with a wicked smile. "Reinforce her bindings and let's go."

The larger one held the girl as she squealed and tried to squirm free while another sighed and put in another rope to hold her like a sling and they began running again to reach their rally point with Team Ten's Jounin sensei outside of the training ground.

Nearly a minute later, however, the disguised Shino stopped to look around, causing the others to follow suit.

"What is it?" The disinterested one asked.

Shino didn't answer, instead allowing a dark blur to race past them with a growl as leaves rushed in its wake, pulled by the displaced air.

"What the hell?" The large one asked, dropping Hanabi against the base of a tree so he could maneuver.

The dark blur rushed through the clearing without warning until an explosion of branches and leaves warned them of it as it captured the tiny Hyuuga with a growl and was gone before they could see what it was, leaving the wind carrying the broken debris following its path.

"Byaku- Oh no!"

The dark blue form dropped silently from the branches above them to the ground twenty paces away on all fours, showing blonde hair, elongated fangs and dark blue eyes showing bloodlust.

"I-Is that Naruto?" The larger one asked.

Shino's kikaichu warned him against fighting and told him he should run. This was something dangerous. "I suggest we-" The rest of Shino's warning to remove their illusions was cut off as the boy growled and launched himself towards them with glowing blue orbs in both hands.

Hinata released her henge and rushed forward out of the resulting smoke to get in front of the others just in time to take the assault, getting thrown back into a tree with Naruto's lips crushing her own, his left hand holding the back of her head to his and his right holding her butt so her face was level with his.

"Well...," Chouji said with a blush as he released his own henge with the others. "That's something you don't see all the time." It was actually kind of hard to take his eyes from the sight as Hinata's hands wrapped around the blonde's neck and she moaned into his mouth.

"Troublesome people. Do you think we should stop them?" Shikamaru asked his teammates.

"I think that would be foolish on our part. He was obviously quite angry and none of us would have been able to remove him from our path," Shino advised, averting his eyes as Hinata wrapped her legs around her boyfriend's waist and let out a high-pitched gasp as Naruto's teeth found something that was apparently sensitive.

"Team Ten! The mission's over! You need to- What!?" Kurenai snapped at Anko, who was yanking on her shirt. Seeing the purple-haired woman pointing behind a tree, Kurenai leaned back to look and saw Naruto and Hinata really getting into one another. Though, now his hand was disappearing into her coat and... "Hey! Cut that out or we'll take a water hose to you two!"

"Did they just totally forget other people were around?" Anko wondered aloud, blinking at the sight of Hinata's hips rolling slowly into Naruto's. It was somewhat hypnotic. "And do you hear something squeaking? Other than Hinata?"

"That would be that one," Shikamaru said, pointing to Hanabi who was desperately trying to get the two Jounins' attentions as she worm-crawled her way towards them. She was confused as hell, but didn't want to be around these people anymore and knew at least the red-eyed one from having seen her before. She was sure to help her.

"What the hell was that all about?" Naruto growled into Hinata's ear as he bit her on the collarbone, making her cry out gently in equal parts pain and pleasure. He thought he had lost her and was going to kill every one of them for being a part of her death in even the barest of ways. When he saw her, he just knew it was her and now he couldn't get enough of Hinata.

"Mm! Hokage-sama's o-orders," she mumbled just before his lips claimed hers again. His kisses were less demanding and much more passionate, now, causing her to pull him closer and sigh as he stopped kissing and just simply held her.

"And why couldn't I be a part of the plan?" He asked. "Why did I have to believe that... that you died?"

"Why didn't you tell me?" Hinata heard in her mind.

"It was the plan I was given, Naruto-kun," Hinata whispered to answer all of the questions, holding his face in both hands. "The details aren't ours to decide on. We do as we're told." She found it odd trying to comfort him while her legs were wrapped around him and she could still feel his hands right where they had been the whole time, but it was working, and that was all that mattered.

"It was our plan," Kurenai admitted now that her Genin weren't trying to suffocate one another and she felt they would pay attention. "We were wanting to see if you would fall for a genjutsu." Not the whole truth, or even the majority of it, but better than saying they wanted to see what he'd do compared to when it was supposed to have been one of the kids that they were supposedly going to pilfer and leave evidence for. Naruto would have joined the rest of his team in walking the kids through finding evidence.

"It's over now. We don't want you to kill anyone just from a test," Anko groused, not looking like she was totally being sincere. She was actually hoping for a little blood. "Hey! Stop kicking me, brat!"

Naruto and Hinata looked down to see what Anko was yelling at and saw Hanabi glaring at the older woman. Interesting time to grow her backbone. But then, that Hyuuga countenance had to come back at some point.


Ino was very curious. This wasn't an uncommon thing for her, but she was curious about her teammates and hadn't been able to ask any questions after they arrived back to camp, with a living Hinata of all things, and then went back to town. Naruto and Hinata were basically in their own world until after they had left the Hokage's office.

Apparently, Team Ten didn't get what their sensei had been hoping for from their side of things. They were meant to get Hanabi without assistance, but with Asuma, Kurenai and Anko discussing their plans and what they wanted out of the deal, Team Eight's two sensei brought up wanting to test Naruto and had promised he could track them down and let them realize they needed to work to get stronger.

They hadn't anticipated Naruto taking off before he could be brought in on what happened after the two Jounin checked his reaction. Not even a single punch had been thrown, making for the whole thing something of a disappointment. Only Hinata had gotten what she wanted out of the exercise, and that was basically mental trauma for her little sister.

Well, seeing a Naruto hell bent on killing them made Team Ten realize the dead last had apparently grown by leaps and bounds, so they at least got the result they were looking for. So, while upset they failed their objective, Asuma was still happy they were willing to see where they were not making any progress and also willing to work at it.

Of course, Shikamaru mentioned the only thing different was that Asuma didn't really do much to train them. That had been a little harsh.

Now, however, Ino was hoping to ask about that strange power that Naruto had released. She knew what chakra looked like. It was bright blue and oddly pretty to look at, but Naruto's had begun to turn purple as he ran off into the trees. And that just wasn't normal.

"Hey Naruto," Ino began as they were walking down the stairs of the Hokage Tower, "you said I could ask anything and you'd either answer me or tell me why you couldn't, right?"

Blinking in confusion, Naruto nodded. "Yea. Why?"

"I was wondering, why did your chakra turn purple when you ran into the forest?"

Naruto stopped short and turned to look at Ino carefully, as did Hinata. Was she really ready for this? Were they? "If we tell you, are you willing to hear out everything?" He asked. "Some of it will be S-class secrets and stuff you can never tell anyone without my permission."

"Naruto, you can't go throwing around state secrets like that," Kurenai rebuked with a frown.

"State secrets?" Ino asked, shocked. "Is it a new bloodline or something?"

"I am exempt from the law and if we don't tell her, she's going to ask questions that could get her into trouble later. We've only been a team for a short while, but I trust her," he said, looking into Ino's bright blue eyes as if looking to find a fault in her that would prove otherwise.

"Can he trust you, Ino-chan?" Hinata asked, pulling herself closer to Naruto and holding his arm between her breasts in an attempt to impress upon the other blonde that she knew his secrets and had honored him by keeping them.

"Am I the only one who doesn't know this?" Ino asked in confusion.

"On our team, yes," Kurenai answered. "It is a major secret that usually carries the penalty of death for divulging, but Naruto is exempt from that law."

Ino looked with shocked eyes to her fellow blonde and nodded slowly. "I promise."

"This isn't a game, kid," Anko grunted as she cleaned her nails with a kunai. "If you repeat what they tell you to anyone, you will be killed. Ever since the beginning, the Sandaime has upheld that law as a no tolerance policy. Once you learn, you can't unlearn it."

Ino's inner gossip was frothing at the mouth, desperately craving for this juicy information. She was sure it may be hard to keep the secret, but she had never had a friend who treated her with the kind of respect these two had. She would keep their secrets no matter what. "I understand."

Besides. This would give her an opening to asking about being taught to answer evasively since she obviously needed it.

No more words were spoken, but Naruto nodded and took off to his apartment with the others following. Hinata, because she planned on spending the day with him until nightfall anyway, and the two Jounin sensei because they felt it may be necessary to either take her to Ibiki to show her how serious this was if she took it negatively, or answer questions.


"That mission was horrible," Asuma said with a sigh as he spoke the his father once everyone had left. "Not a single punch was thrown, they didn't get Hanabi on their own, they didn't meet up at the rendezvous point and because of them, the whole class was absolutely terrified."

"Yes. I must admit that it failed to pass as a suitable test showing the students real-life situations in the field before risking them," Hiruzen said as he shared his tobacco with Asuma.

"Well, at least Naruto scared them enough to make them question training," the younger Sarutobi sighed. "And it let me know where I can take them."

"Oh? And where is that?" The Hokage asked curiously.

"I'll round them out and teach them a little of everything before I call in a few favors and get them some kenjutsu practice to eventually be a precision strike force."

The aged Hokage blinked. "May I ask how you got that out of this experience?"

"It occurred to me that we can't specialize in anything. Chouji is a short-range fighter without a single mid or long-range jutsu to his name, or technique. If he can't punch them, he loses."

"Shikamaru is the mid-range fighter with minor taijutsu abilities that are Academy-standard, and only barely passing, at that. His mind is incredible and he can come up with incredible plans, but he requires time to think. And he has nothing long distance either."

"Shino is something of a mystery, but I have enough to know he's moderate on all fields, but relies on his kikaichu bugs for almost everything. Other than his ability to track or spy with his bugs, he has nothing special as of right now in his arsenal, just like the others."

"So, in effect, they are all suited to nothing except Shino, but to have him specialize in that would be pointless since he won't be going anywhere alone this early in his career."

"And where does kenjutsu come into play?" The ancient Hokage asked.

"Experience, mostly," Asuma admitted. "Other than Maito Gai's team, none of the current Genin could take on a kenjutsu user effectively. So, I'm going to teach mine a bit on that and maybe get them one of their own weapons to use in that kind of instance and teach them as much of the basics on everything else to give them a wide spectrum of knowledge. Then, if they want to try something I can't help them with, help them find someone who can to get what they can."

Hiruzen exhaled smoke from his mouth and nose in a sigh. "Asuma, that is basically what you are supposed to do," the old man deadpanned.

Asuma had the grace to blush. "I'm talking the basics of literally everything I can think of, Dad. If I think it, they are going to learn it." Asuma shifted nervously. "In that vein, I was hoping to make another request?"

'It didn't work out too well last time,' the Hokage thought, wondering if his time-traveling Genin hadn't understated his son's lackluster abilities as a Jounin sensei. "What is that?"

"Can I get permission to take my team into the Pits of Despair?"


Arriving at Naruto's apartment, he unlocked his door and deactivated the security seals he had placed there, just in case. You could never really tell when a drunk would try something, regardless of the strong penalties for doing so.

"This is your place?" Ino asked as she entered Naruto's home. "It's nice ... Except for those," she said, pointing with a blush at a pair of Hinata's panties that were on the corner of the couch.

"So that's where those were! I was wondering why I wasn't wearing any today," Hinata mumbled to herself, looking to Ino after a second and seeing the girl's wide eyes and gaping mouth. "Just kidding!" The Hyuuga said with a giggle. As if to prove her point, she pulled up the band of her panties from her waist to show Ino, who still didn't look convinced.

"Hinata-chan, don't tease Ino right before a serious conversation," Naruto chided, though his smirk belied his own amusement.

"Fine," Hinata said with a pout as she pushed Naruto onto his couch, not so subtly tucking her panties into a pocket, and then sitting against his side in an overly obvious sign of affection, "but I get to tease her about something tomorrow."

Anko and Kurenai, both of which were far more used to horrible situations out in the field immediately recognized what Hinata was doing. By showing such an obvious affection with Naruto, it showed that she was unconcerned with what Ino was about to learn in an attempt to reinforce that the blonde-haired girl shouldn't be upset by it, and by promising to tease her the next day, reinforcing that everything would be the same and she expected the Yamanaka would be okay with it.

It was also common to simply joke and tease just before things got serious or the shit hit the fan in a mission, too, but neither Jounin spent too much time thinking along those lines.

So, both Jounin stood against the wall closest to Naruto's door and did their best to look like they were just there for the conversation and not to catch Ino in case she tried to run with a scream or yelling what she was about to find out.

"Ino-chan," Naruto began, losing the joking aura and adopting something much more serious. "We have two very large secrets to tell you-"

"Two?" Kurenai asked with a hint of worry a breath ahead of Anko. Hinata frowned in confusion and a touch of worry, but knew to follow Naruto's lead. He was the alpha and the one in charge and she had nothing to add that he had to hear.

"Yes, 'two'," Naruto said forcefully, darting his eyes to his sensei and back to Ino. "Now, Ino-chan, what you have to understand is that both of these secrets are considered S-class, classified state secrets that will have you executed for treason if you tell them to anyone. And I mean that. Right now, the four of us," he said, indicated the two Jounin, Hinata and himself, "and the Hokage are the only ones who know the second one and other than you, that is how we want to keep it for as long as possible. Do you think you can keep these secrets? Do you think you're able to know these things and never tell anyone without permission first? Remember that if you can't, the only penalty will be execution for high treason."

"I'm ready," Ino said firmly with a resolute nod after roughly ten seconds of thinking. Whatever they had to tell her, it was obviously big! "I know how to keep secrets," she said with a glance at Hinata. 'Just to be sure, though, I am definitely asking Anko for some help with evasive answers,' she thought to herself. While she had been able to keep from telling Sakura she had seen Naruto's penis because Hinata was playing with it, she had still told the pink-haired girl about it, which was more than she had intended in the first place.

"Ino-chan, I know we've only been on a team for not quite a month, but Hinata-chan and I know you far better than you can possibly believe. That's why we like having you on our team so much, why we promised we'd answer anything you ever asked us and why we're upholding that promise now," Naruto said, a little more warmly than when he started.

"I don't understand," Ino said with a frown. "We weren't exactly friends in the Academy."

"No, we weren't," Naruto agreed. "But that has to do with our two secrets. The first is one that is known to about three-quarters of the adult population and all Chuunin and above in Konoha. On the night of the Kyuubi attack, the Yondaime wasn't actually able to kill the Kyuubi. He-"

"What!? But we were told that-"

"And it was a lie," Naruto cut the other blonde off to continue, giving her a moment to look to her two grim-faced Jounin sensei to get confirmation. "It was a lie to protect me."

"You?" Ino asked, bewildered. "Why?"

"The Kyuubi was far too powerful to kill. So, the Yondaime sealed it into a container to protect Konoha. But, the Kyuubi was far too powerful to be put into something simple like a non-living container or an animal. It had to be something far more complex. So, he chose one of the babies born during its attack," Naruto admitted, looking down to Ino's feet so he wouldn't have to see her face. By the time she found this out before their journey in time, she had already been in several life-or-death situation with Naruto where they covered each others' backs and that kind of trust was able to provide a strong foundation. This Ino, however, didn't have that level of trust or history with him.

He was infinitely thankful when Hinata let go of his arm to hug him fully and kiss his neck gently. Friend, girlfriend or mate, it didn't matter. It was a purely loving gesture that meant everything to him.

"You?" Ino gasped. "Why? Why didn't he do it to himself?"

"The Kyuubi would have overloaded an adult's chakra system," Naruto explained. "By putting it into a baby, the chakra coils would develop so that it contained the chakra of the fox and wouldn't burst. Basically, it's like putting too much air into a balloon and it popping. Instead of that, we took the same air, or chakra in this case, and then built the balloon around it. It's just like that."

Naruto stood slowly and took off his shirt in a fluid motion and channeled some chakra to make the seal visible on his stomach. "That's what that is. It allows me to use the fox's chakra when I'm either out or in serious trouble and need more than I have myself.

"So, the Kyuubi's in that seal?" Ino asked, looking at the black lines carefully and in a rather strange calm.

"Yes. The seal is just like a sealing scroll, only far more complex. When I sealed your travel pack going to Kensei, it was the same concept. The major difference is that the Yondaime had to summon the Shinigami to pull the fox into me. The Shinigami did so, but it had to be paid and, unfortunately, the price to do so was his life."

Naruto didn't think it was worth telling the shocked girl that it was actually the right to feast on his soul in an eternity of combat within the Shinigami's stomach that actually awaited the Yondaime. Hell, even he didn't like knowing that.

"So that power you used was the Kyuubi's?" Ino asked, finally tearing her eyes from the seal.

"Yes and no. It was partly, but it was power I took from the fox. It's more complicated, but that's the best way I can think to describe it right now," Naruto said.

"Is that why my mom told me not to be friends with you?" Ino asked after a moment, not looking at anyone and looking somewhat ashamed to be admitting that fact.

"Most likely," Naruto acknowledged.

"Naruto-kun was banned from a lot of shops and most restaurants because the people inside weren't always willing to be quiet when he was around and it was easier to keep out one person than many," Hinata added.

"To be fair, a lot of that happened because the ones I kept going in to who would let me tended to get broken into during the night and I didn't want to keep causing them trouble, so I just stopped going to most places," Naruto admitted.

"There were times when I was beaten because of this, but it was almost always people who were drunk or just stupid villagers, but that isn't accepted at any time, and they were either heavily fined or, if they actually hurt me seriously, then they were executed, just as they would do for any other kid, and most villagers didn't want to have to put up with that."

"It was always the worst during the festival celebrating the Kyuubi's defeat," Anko spoke up into the silence, sounding and looking as though she were remembering something far off. "The first time you went out when you were old enough to run around on your own, a mob formed to try and 'finish the job'. From that point forward, you always had an ANBU guard or Jounin minder to ... discourage just that sort of behavior."

"I know," Naruto said sadly. "When I realized that, I stopped going. But that was the worst of it. Other than that, I had a lot of people kicking me out of class at the Academy or keeping me isolated in public. I also turned out to be under a lot of genjutsu during tests when they learned I was especially susceptible to them."

"But that isn't the case any longer," Hinata said, giving Naruto a kiss on his cheek.

"No, it isn't," Naruto said with a very warm smile as he looked around. "I've got people who care for me and that I care for now," he continued, looking at each of the girls around him in the eyes. "Two sensei that I respect and are fair and willing to help, teammates I know I can trust and even Iruka-sensei and Ayame-nee-san and old man Teuchi at the ramen stand. It's slow going, but I'm getting people in my life I care for."

"Do you get any special abilities because of the Kyuubi?" Ino asked after a moment of embarrassment. 'Aw man! There's no way I could tell anyone now! I'd feel horrible!'

"Increased stamina," Hinata said immediately with a giggle that sounded suspiciously like a perverted Sannin.

"Er, yes," Naruto said with a blush as he heard Anko snort and Kurenai sigh. "I absorb the Kyuubi's power over time, so constantly getting that chakra to increase my own means I have a lot of energy. I also heal quickly and have large chakra stores. That's about it for having her in me."

"So, how does that mean you know me?" Ino asked. She found herself a little curious that she wasn't totally freaking out right then. But, seeing everyone around her acting so casual, maybe even somewhat frisky in Hinata's case, and having been examining her feelings regarding her teammates so thoroughly in the past few weeks had her actually ... okay with this information. It explained questions she had about his power and definitely his stamina, but he was still Naruto. Just like he said, the fox was in the seal just like her travel pack.

"This one ... may be a little hard to believe," Hinata said for her mate, rubbing his upper arm gently.

"'That' one may be hard to believe!?" Ino asked with a snort. "You tell me Naruto's got a big-ass demon fox squished in his belly and you think I'll have trouble believing this one?"

"Yes," Naruto and Hinata said together without a hint of a smile.

"Oh," Ino said quietly, slumping into her chair. That kind of took the wind out of her sails. 'So much for levity.'

"I'm sorry, but I've got to ask, are you sure about this one?" Kurenai asked, looking almost pleading. She knew these were their secrets to tell and with whom they could bring in, but really, Ino was a fresh Genin by all counts and was a well-known gossip hound! "S-class secrets have that ranking for a reason and, Ino I'm sorry, but you aren't known for keeping secrets."

Naruto gave the red-eyed woman time to finish, idly noting how Ino deflated at the apparent lack of trust from her sensei. "Kurenai-sensei, this is our secret to tell and our decision on who we bring in. We had to learn the hard way that some secrets, especially when you know there are secrets, can't exist in a team if you want it to function. We rely on each other to watch our backs and if we have any distrust amongst us, it could lead to disaster. I did learn this the hard way. I won't repeat that mistake again."

Kurenai stared at her Genin for a moment before nodding and backing up against the wall one more time, accepting Anko's consoling hand on her shoulder for what it was meant to represent: understanding. The snake-Jounin didn't know if it was right either, but knew it wasn't up to them.

That, and Anko was reminded of Naruto's introduction on top of the Academy and trying to figure out why it suddenly seemed important or she would have been voicing her own thoughts as well.

Ino looked to her teammates, suddenly feeling an intense desire to not let them down. They trusted her! Even her sensei didn't believe they could do that! They just proved it. Naruto had already told her what she would honestly claim as the most impressive secret she could possibly imagine. She refused to let this information do anything but make her a better friend and teammate to them. She would not betray them! If it cost her her life, Ino would protect their secrets!

"Ino-chan, Hinata-chan and I came back in time a touch over seven years into our younger bodies using the Kyuubi's power."

"That ... isn't what I would have expected," Ino deadpanned. She wasn't sure if she should be impressed, confused or disbelieving.

Naruto and Hinata laughed before Hinata recovered first saying, "it is pretty strange, we know. But that's why we say we know you. You were our teammate on a pretty regular basis for about four years to us. We had become really good friends and we know how incredible you will become."

Naruto grinned fiendishly at Ino's blush and small grin. "You were my best friend other than Hinata-chan, here."

"Me?" Ino asked incredulously before her eyes widened as things clicked into place. "So that's why you were both suddenly different that last month in the Academy!"

"Yup," Naruto said happily. "We changed a few things so we could prepare for the future better."

Ino's eyebrows drew together in thought. "So, why did you come back?"

Hinata and Naruto looked guiltily at each other before turning to Ino without even the barest hint of a smile. "War," Hinata said glumly.

"We can't tell you much yet, but a lot of people had died and we were basically at what would be the last battle before we realized we just weren't going to be able to win and then the Kyuubi offered an alternative."

The time-traveling duo continued on, telling Ino and their Jounin sensei of the original teams and very small details about their future and people like Jiraiya and Tsunade that had made the biggest impact on their lives, along with how both Naruto and Hinata and trained under them, respectively.

Ino had been impressed after asking their sensei to ensure the whole thing wasn't some weird prank.

"That reminds me," Hinata said once their conversation was winding down. "I think I'm going to grow my hair out long again. It's easier to handle short like this, but there's just something sexier about long hair. Don't you agree, Ino-chan?" The bluenette asked, stroking her fingers through Ino's golden ponytail, making her blush at the fully intended suggestion in the comment.

"I think you're gorgeous," Naruto said brightly. "But I definitely think I enjoy long hair."

Ino's blush intensified.

Hinata allowed the smallest smirk to grace her lips as she settled against Naruto until Kurenai threw her hands up. "Oh for the love of Kami! Behave yourselves!" She snapped as she left Naruto's home with a grinning Anko in tow.

Anko knew what that light blush upon her lover's cheeks meant!

"And remember not to tell anyone about any of this, Ino," Kurenai remarked as she was leaving, waiting only long enough to get an affirmative from the girl.

"I should probably get going, too," Ino said, looking outside to see it was nearly the middle of the day. "G'bye you two. And I promise not to tell anyone."

"Thank you, Ino-chan," Naruto said with a smile. He watched the blonde girl leave with his smile still in place and Hinata under his right arm until the door closed and Hinata shoved him onto his back on the couch. "Hinata-chan, what-?"

"I know I was under orders, Naruto-kun," Hinata said as she laid down on top of him and kissed him on his lips firmly, "but I should have refused to let you believe I was really dead. I should have known you wouldn't react rationally to it and told them as much."

Naruto clutched Hinata to him in an almost crushing embrace as he was forced to relive that sudden spike of fear and anger from that moment. "Don't ever do that to me again, Tenshi-chan," he ordered.

"I won't," Hinata promised, raising to sit on her knees as she straddled his waist and began to unzip her beige jacket and let it slide off of her shoulders. "But I don't think you should call me an 'angel', anymore."

Naruto let out a whoosh of air as he managed to tear his gaze away from her chest. "Why not? I thought you loved that."

"I did," she said, lifting her shirt over her head and tossing it aside as she reached to unclasp her bra. "But now, after merging with the Kyuubi, I think I should be your little vixen."

Naruto's breath left him as her bra slipped from her shoulders and onto his stomach, revealing milky-white breasts and bright pink nipples already stiff and puckered in arousal. "My little vixen," he tested in a half growl. "I like it."

[Lemon Start]

Before she could tell him she was glad, she screamed out a keening wail as his mouth attaching itself to her left nipple and sucked hard as his left hand found her other and rolled it almost painfully between what were now skillful fingers. "Naruto-kun! AH!" She cried out in pleasure as his teeth lightly squeezed on her nipple and pulled back, letting it slide through almost immediately.

"My little vixen was a bad girl, wasn't she?" Naruto asked as he lifted himself into a sitting position and held her to his chest as he attacked her collarbone with furious nibbles as she tilted her head back with a gasp.

"Yes, Naruto-kun!" Hinata agreed, rolling her hips in an attempt to sooth the longing ache developing where they were joined with only their pants keeping them from their union. "I – Ah! Punish me, Naruto-kun!"

Somewhere between Hinata's unreal murder and that point where Hinata called herself his 'little vixen', there had been a shift between the two. Naruto had been content to let her lead their progress and take only what she was willing to give at any given time. But when he learned she wasn't truly dead, but had willingly acted to fool him, a need to dominate and correct her actions welled within him that was an expectation she was asking for now in between panting, moaning and keening wails.

Naruto was a creature that had always followed his instincts.

He pushed her backwards onto her back on the couch and grabbed her pants at the waist and tore them down, hearing the stitching voice its disapproval as they were removed in one fluid motion, leaving only the panting Hinata on the cushions, bared to his scrutiny and looking completely unashamed. Naruto stared into her eyes as he removed his shirt and felt her hands helping with his pants.

"N-Naruto-kun," Hinata whispered excitedly as he stood in front of her and allowed her to look at his throbbing arousal only inches from her face. As she reached to touch him, however, he moved backwards just enough to avoid her hand and then sat on the couch with his legs apart.

Hinata didn't ask what he wanted and he didn't tell her. She simply got onto her hands and knees on the floor in front of him and took her first taste of him, licking him from the base of his erection to its head and then bobbing her head down, taking him into her mouth and applying suction.

"Oh, Hinata-chan," Naruto moaned out, letting his head fall back as far as he could without taking his eyes off of the sight of Hinata's beautiful lips sliding up and down his glistening shaft. "That feels incredible!"

"Mmm," she hummed in gratitude of his praise, getting a twitchy pulse as the vibrations hit his member. Hinata bobbed up and down as she enjoyed her first time taking her lover into her, even if it wasn't where she was hoping for. She had dreamt of this for years and found the experience to be far better than she had ever dreamed.

Her Naruto-kun, her mate, was beneath her and moaning her name as she gave him pleasure. She relished in the feel of his rock hard erection under her tongue and how he never failed to jerk and his breath hitch when she swirled her tongue around the head of his dick.

"Don't ignore yourself, my vixen," Naruto growled out with a grin, staring into her eyes as she looked up at him. "I want to see you touch yourself."

Hinata squeaked as a tremor of pleasure spiked within her as he commanded her. Her hand immediately found its home in her soaking folds and she began to rub herself furiously with her right hand as her left stroked his dick that she couldn't yet take into her mouth.

Naruto watched as Hinata closed her eyes as her own pleasure ran through her in waves. Her rounded ass cheeks swayed hypnotically as she unconsciously moved with her hand, rocking her entire body back and forth with her hand and head as she bobbed on his erection. It was truly a wonderful sight to behold!

He could feel her pleasure; knew where it went through her body and how it affected her. He didn't know how he knew, or even realized it right at that moment. He simply knew that she was also able to feel his, but he couldn't stop the moans of pleasure caused by her lips, tongue or hearing her as she slurped and sucked his cock. "Ng! Hinata-chan! So good!"

Hinata moaned a squeaky sound of acknowledgement, too enraptured by her own nearing orgasm to do much else. But she wanted to see him and every single one of his reactions. Keeping her eyes open was far too much work for the girl, so she channeled a little chakra to her eyes and took in the world around her before ready to focus on Naruto when she saw they had another observer.

Ino was once again spying on them!

She had caught sight of them as she was walking out of Naruto's door and when passing the window, had seen Hinata on top of Naruto and was wondering if they ever got enough of each other when she saw Hinata rise and begin shedding her clothes. From there, she was just caught up in what she was witnessing to catch herself and leave the two in peace.

Hinata had already said they needed to be more familiar with the others and didn't have any problems with what she had witnessed already. That tacit approval for what she already saw kept Ino from feeling like she was in the wrong. Though, she also wasn't thinking. She was simply watching and finding it harder and harder to remove her eyes, getting a complete side-view of everything the two were doing.

For the first time since she began, Hinata allowed Naruto's dick to leave her lips with a wet pop and continued to stroke him so he wasn't totally without enjoyment. "Naruto-kun, Ino-chan-" lick "-caught what we're doing." Lick. "She's watching right now. Do you want to put on a show for her?" She immediately took him back into her mouth and bobbed her head quickly to make up for lost time, causing most of what Naruto heard to leave his mind.

"If she wants to watch, fine, just don't stop!" He ordered, far too gone to really care at that point. He was so close to the edge! And the moment he gave his okay with it, he felt Hinata's own arousal spike ever closer to her own elusive orgasm.

'If she wants a show,' Hinata thought, 'then we can give her one.' Hinata began rocking her entire body back and forth and letting out high-pitched wails with each thrust forward when she took Naruto's arousal into her mouth. Then, she took the hand that had been pleasuring herself and cupped it, getting as much of her own fluids into it before bringing it to her mate's dick and using it as lubrication for both hands to stroke him fast and hard, her breasts bouncing furiously as she pumped him to completion.

"Fuck Hinata-chan!" Naruto screamed out, erupting onto Hinata's face with two powerful releases before Hinata opened her mouth to catch a third and fourth and then lowered herself to bob happily up and down, relishing in the taste of herself on him and the future it represented as she swallowed several more releases.

Hinata slowed her movements as she felt Naruto soften slightly in her mouth, trying to milk any more of his salty cum from him or getting him hard again for another go, whichever came first.

"On the couch," Naruto ordered, watching Hinata look up quizzically at him from between his legs with his fresh erection half in her mouth before she nodded, with him still in her, before she let it out with slow pull of her head and a deliberate pop and licked her lips with a saucy grin. She was very pleased with herself.

As Hinata sat, she watched in glee as he knelt before her and put a leg over either shoulder and looked her in the eyes with a prankster grin on his face. "I assume this is why you've been having me do that training with Ino-chan?" He asked quietly, kissing the inside of her thighs, slowly inching his way towards her soaking core.

"I didn't think you noticed," Hinata answered just as quietly with a nod while she used her fingers to wipe his cum from her face and licked them clean. "I know you liked her before we got together and that those feelings could come back, especially being on the same- Oh!" She was cut off as his tongue swiped her swollen lips. "Team! Fuck it! Talk later, orgasms now!"

Naruto licked slowly and methodically from as low as he could reach, making Hinata mewl in a mix of surprise, shock and pleasure as he cleaned up the fluids that had been so frivolously wasted in running down the crack of her ass until she was finally only coated in his own saliva before he began to kiss either side of her wet folds.

"Sh-she just left, Naruto-kun," Hinata told him through closed eyes even as she writhed beneath him. "She began to touch herself and jerked, then looked around and left."

"Orgasm?" He asked in a muffled voice as he began to lick his way into her, snaking his tongue in and out, making her twitch and moan before she shrieked as he found the little nub that she had been so happy about when he touched her for the first time in the training field.

"N-no!" Hinata screamed as Naruto sucked gently on her clit.

Talking was over as Hinata lost herself to the pleasures of a wet, wriggling tongue that was so much better than her hand could ever hope to be!

Naruto was only just beginning to realize that he could feel Hinata's own pleasure when he was following what he thought were his instincts as his attention rarely strayed from Hinata's clit and the area just above it by an inch where he realized it wasn't quite as intense, but also didn't hurt as much as constant attention to the nub would cause her.

But his attention was so much on making Hinata happy that he didn't pay it any attention and simply thanked whatever it was for helping him give Hinata the same pleasure she had given him.

"N-Naruto-kun!" Hinata gasped as she shuddered as she felt his tongue flick over her clit and his hands rise to cup her breasts, rolling her nipples between positively delightful fingers a moment later. "Suck my clit! I'm about to cum!" Her only regret was getting herself so far along before Naruto returned the favor as she came viciously hard, squeezing Naruto's head between her powerful thighs and fisting his hair in her hands. Her head was tilted back and her mouth wide open in a silent scream while her entire body shook, even as Naruto continued to suck on her clit as ordered, prolonging the sensation of what could be nothing more than an explosion, if she were later asked to describe it.

Hinata finally fell flat into the cushions of the couch, panting because she had not taken a breath in nearly a minute as Naruto looked up with a self-satisfied grin from between her legs, the lower half of his face shining brightly from her orgasm.

Then she twitched as aftershocks glided through her body.

[Lemon End]

"N-Naruto-kun," Hinata panted, "that was incredible." She sighed contentedly as he sat beside her and used his shirt to wipe his face off before holding her close and stroking her hair as she continued to twitch for another few minutes. She had never been able to give herself something that powerful before! And somehow, she knew she never would.

"You deserved it for what you did for me," Naruto said, kissing her gently on the lips.

"When I pushed you down, I planned on just having sex with you. But I'm still satisfied," Hinata said, holding Naruto's face close so she could show him her smile as if proving it. "For now," she amended.

Naruto smiled. "I dunno what came over me," he admitted. "Suddenly, I just had to do that..."

"I know," Hinata soothed. "I felt it, too. I think it was something with the Kyuubi. I was expecting you to take me in the woods, to be honest. And the whole time up to that point, all I could think of was how you weren't ....," she paused, frowning as she tried to think of the proper word or action.

"Dominating you," Naruto said quietly. "I felt like I had to ... put you in your place, as bad as that sounds."

"No," Hinata said thoughtfully. "That actually sounds about just right. It was like I shouldn't do something without your permission first when it's something serious like that and had to be reminded that ... you are my alpha." She blinked as the term came from her mouth. It sounded so ... right. She had used it while speaking with Kurenai and Anko, but it hadn't had the same impact on her as the thrill that went through her as she said it right then.

Naruto frowned in thought, but agreed with a humming tone in the back of his throat. "About Ino-chan," he began. "Why are you pushing her like that? You said I liked her in the future, but I'm with you now."

Hinata blushed as she created a clone to set up a curtain for Naruto's window before she answered, partly so they could keep lounging without worrying about passing people and partly so he would watch her clone's naked body as she set it up, making sure to jiggle certain assets to keep his attention in hopes of getting him aroused again.

"I'm still surprised you caught that," she admitted.

"I probably wouldn't have if you hadn't all but told both of our sensei that you already planned on additional women," he told her, staring at her clone's shapely backside, but not nearly as enthralled as she had wanted him to get while something more important was on his mind. "It wasn't too hard to see your plan, although I don't understand why. Is there anything you want to tell me you haven't?" He asked, offering to let her choose what she did or did not tell him of her conversations with Ino or anything other than her own nefarious plots with his love life.

"Do you know why I'm so negative regarding Sakura?" She asked as a prelude.

"Yea. You said you didn't like the idea that I might redevelop feelings for her and ignore you, but you knew that wouldn't happen after we came back and I was the same with you," he replied, smiling slightly as Hinata's clone refused to leave and instead burrowed itself under his other arm, leaving him with two cuddly Hinata's under both. 'Dear Kami I love this woman,' he thought to himself.

"Exactly," Hinata said with a nod as she and her clone smiled at each other. "Before her death, I had decided to try and share you with her if I couldn't find a way to get you to myself. To be honest, I became almost sure I would have no choice but to go that route and share you with her, which then turned into sharing you with Ino when you began to spend so much time with her and got so close."

"But that was because I was one of the only guys she could hang out with that she didn't want to hang out with any of the girls other than Anko because they ridiculed her for ... well, becoming more like Anko," he finished weakly, realizing the two were together far sooner than in the previous timeline and Ino was once again looking at the woman with stars in her eyes. Anko had spent quite a bit of time teaching Ino some of her more sadistic methods of killing and turned out to be the only woman who treated her normally until her death.

"While you appeared oblivious to it, she had begun trying to get your attentions and we had already spoken about what we would do if you chose one of us."

"What?" Naruto asked in shock. "Then what happened when we began dating? I mean, she hugged me and said it was 'about damn time' I figured it out."

"I promised I wouldn't try to break you apart because I already thought you were going to get together," Hinata admitted as both she and her clone squeezed his arms. "She laughed at me and said there was no way she would let me just give up and is the whole reason I pursued you in the first place, even before that mission with the Hyoton user."

"You mean she's the reason we got together?" Naruto asked in confusion.

"Pretty much," Hinata admitted. "She told me she wouldn't try to get together with you unless I tried first because she didn't want me to lose something that was so important to me."

"That's why she invited us to so many things together and then flaked out on us," he said in realization. "I thought she was telling the truth when she said she was learning more about poisons and torture with Anko!" He exclaimed, sounding somewhat affronted to having been tricked. Anko was a slave driver and did not take well to having her time wasted. Having an appointment with her was tantamount to being in a life or death situation.

Hinata giggled. "I did at first, too, until it kept happening."

Naruto leaned back and hugged both Hinata's to him, letting them clasp his hands in theirs and hold them to their chests. "So you're bringing her into this because you feel like you owe her?"

"That is a large reason," Hinata agreed.

"But?" Naruto asked, recognizing her answer as only a partial one.

Hinata had the grace to blush. "If she joins us, then we don't have to be discrete in the tent on missions." She pointedly looked at Naruto's penis, still erect from when she took her enjoyment of him earlier after his climax.

"You wanted to have Ino-chan join us so we can get naughty?" Naruto asked with wide eyes. "I don't know which part to focus on; Ino joining us or the fact that you've practically been planning on how we can get frisky on missions since the team was formed."

Ignoring his curiousity, Hinata continued, "Ino-chan also saw us when we had our first time masturbating each other in the field. This would be the second time I'm aware of that she's watched us."

"Do you really want this?" Naruto asked his mate, not sure how to continue. "I've always kind of figured it was you and me. I won't lie and say the idea of both of you isn't interesting, especially with how comfortable this is," he said, squeezing both Hinata's and kissing them on the foreheads, "but I have no problems with keeping Ino-chan a good friend and keeping you."

Both Hinata's smiled warmly and sighed in contentment. There was just something so comforting in knowing your man was literally being offered two women and was offering to have nothing to do with the concept. "I want this, Naruto-kun. I know you care for her and I know how great of a friend she can become. Hell, she's nearly as close to us as she was in the future. I want to share you with her because I know you care for both of us and I wouldn't have had you if she hadn't wanted me to have the chance. I want to repay that kindness, Naruto-kun."

"And," she hesitated with a bright blush as Naruto and her clone looked at her, "I want to watch." Her clone blushed furiously as the real Hinata admitted one of her fantasies. They were identical in all aspects, but once created, the clones thought on their own and had been just as surprised as Naruto was by the admission.

Naruto took a deep breath before nodding. "We don't have anything that says Ino-chan is going to join," Naruto said carefully as he thought, "but if you really want this, then I'm willing to give it a shot. Just promise me this isn't some kind of boyfriend test?" He pled with a wane smile.

Hinata smirked in a way that he was not totally familiar with as her clone suddenly descended onto his erection again, moaning as Naruto jerked in surprise. "I want to give her the chance she gave me, Naruto-kun," Hinata growled out, kissing him hard before pulling back. "I'll even give you a sample of what it may be like."

Grin still in place, she and her clone fell to their knees before him and both began to lick his shaft in tandem, making him go cross-eyed.


[A/N:] - Next chapter! "The Safety Word is Banana!" Team Eight learns interrogation techniques.

"Alright, kiddos!" Anko beamed at her team. "Time to learn something new!"

"Um, Anko-sensei?" Ino asked hesitantly. "What's the rusty sardine can for?"

The Snake-Jounin blinked owlishly. "Incentive."