'Keith!' Brooke scolded staring down at her 5 year old son. 'Do not rough house with your brother.'

Keith's blue eyes darkened with guilt. He quickly stood up and put his hands together.

Brooke hated punishing him because he was so adorable when he was guilty, his little head covered with brown hair hung down

She reached down picking up her crying two year old.

'Say you're sorry.' She said bouncing gently on the balls of her feet to calm him

'Sorry Haden.' He pouted before sulking off to find the other boys.

'Georgia!' She yelled up for her daughter. She continued to bounce the little boy on her hip.

He had the cutest smile that he showed whenever he was with her. With the little dimples in both his cheeks and his blonde hair everywhere.

'Yeah mom?' She asked skipping down the stairs two at a time

'Go help Haley with the little kids.' She said handing over Haden. 'Make sure he's good.' She said

'Of course he'll be good.' She said cooing over him. 'He loves his Gigi. Doesn't he?' She staring deep into his hazel eyes.

'I wuv gigi!' He exclaimed throwing his hands to her face.

'See.' She said walking with her little brother to the living room.

'Another recruit for you Aunt Haley.' Georgia said walking into the living.

'And a volunteer.' She said seeing the desperation on her aunts face. 'That bad?'

'Horrible' She said before being interrupted by a smiling little girl

'Georgie!' The small girl screeched throwing herself at her sister.

Her dark brown ringlet curls perfectly framed her small petite face. Her blue eyes glistened.

'Brisa!' She said with the same enthusiasm as her 3-and-a-half-year-old sister

'I've been helping!' She smiled proudly skipping over to stand by her aunt

'Helping really?' She asked towards her aunt.

'Of course.' Haley said with a smile. 'She was very helpful unlike my terrors.' She said nodding her head towards her 5 year old and 3 year old daughters.

'That's not true mommie.' Andrea protested. 'I tried! Alex doesn't like me.' She pouted.

'Can I go play with the other girls?' Andrea asked with a hopeful look on her face.

'Fine,' She said as her daughter skipped off to join Ellie, Emma, and Peyton at their tea party set up in the dinning room.

'The only ones giving me problems are Alex.' She said pointing towards her golden headed daughter.

'And Mac.' She said looking towards Jake and Peyton's two year old son who was trying to grab Alex's hair.

'Well at least you have two good girls.' Georgia said smiling towards Brisa. 'Of course we are our mother's daughters.'


'Nice shot Keith!' Jamie encouraged as Keith beemed at his 12 year old cousin.

'Pass me the ball' Jenny said and quickly the ball was in the hoop with a swish

'Your joining my team right?' Lucas said staring at her astonished. He just wished his kids were half as good. Jenny had pure talent

'Of course. Next fall!' she said excitedly

'Lucas!' Brooke called from the front door.

'Ooooooo..' A chant came from the yard

'Shut up.' He joked.

'What is it pretty girl?' He asked jogging up to her.

'You're happy right?' She asked her face tighten as if to brace for bad news.

'Brooke.' He said caressing her cheek softly. 'This is everything I wished for and more.' He smiled as she sighed.

'But you really need to relax.' He said his hand gently making it's way to her 6 month pregnant stomach. 'For little Lexa's sake.' He smiled

'We have everything we've ever wanted don't we?' She smiled wrapping her arms around him.

"A power couple?" He asked with a smirk on his face.

'I would say Mr. 4-time-best-seller.'

'And Ms. My-fashion-line-couldn't-get any-bigger-or powerful. Hmm?' He said

'Couching little league?'

'Of course. Keith loves me as his coach.' He smirked proudly

'Baking treats for the team?' A smirk dominate on his face

'I buy them.' She said with mock hurt in her voice. 'Our summers and winters?'

'On a beach house and France of course. What would the French do without Clothes over Bros?' He said mockingly

She hit him slightly.

'Two boys and a girl?' She says questionably. 'That didn't really work out so well.' She said looking down at her prodding stomach

'I told you.' He said smiling slightly. 'We have even more. 2 girls and 2 boys.'

'Two of you Georgia and Haden.'

'Two of you too my dear. Keith and Brisa.'


'All I ever wanted and so much more.'

And as all stories should

This one doesn't lack

Of the kiss shared between the

Prince and Princess

A gentle kiss none the less

A kiss that defined all the had and will have

And as all stories should end

With 6 simple words

That every girl wants her life to end with

And they lived happily ever after


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