( sephiroth & aerith )

; we're of two different worlds

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This story will inevitably contain spoilers from Crisis Core. This story will inevitably not be exactly like Crisis Core -- in fact, I can tell you right now it simply will not be. I will be bending the characters and world to suit my needs. If you have issues with either of these things, then I would suggest you stop right where you are (stop I said!) and don't come back until you've sorted that all out, because the last thing I want is any kind of complaining from people. That is why I took the liberty of writing this note out for you. I really do love you.

I never promised you a ray of light,
I never promised there'd be sunshine everyday,
I'll give you everything I have, the good, the bad.
Why do you put me on a pedestal,
I'm so up high that I can't see the ground below,
So help me down you've got it wrong, I don't belong there.

One thing is clear,
I wear a halo,
I wear a halo when you look at me,
But standing from here, you wouldn't say so
You wouldn't say so, if you were me
And I, I just wanna love you,
Oh oh I, I just wanna love you

I always said that I would make mistakes,
I'm only human, and that's my saving grace,
I fall as hard as I try
So don't be blinded
See me as I really am, I have flaws and sometimes I even sin,
so pull me from that pedestal,
I don't belong there.

-- Haley James Scott ( Halo )

"He can help you."

Looking at Zack, Aerith knew instinctively she could trust him. But... "Sephiroth? The high general of Shinra." Stepping away from Zack, she shook her head, as emotions warring within her left her with nothing but a mountain of indecision. "Wouldn't he be more interested in doing what Shinra wants?" She asked quietly, her voice laced with the doubt she felt.

"He's my friend. And... I know I'm his friend, even if he doesn't want to let me know all the time. He would never give you up to Shinra... Not if I asked him to and I explained it to him. He would understand." Zack assured her with nothing short of absolute conviction. Something told her that he meant Sephiroth truly could understand...

But she wouldn't ask.

He moved forward to take her hands in his and she could feel their strength. She looked up into his bright blue eyes, serious with sincerity and she nodded.

"Okay." She agreed. "I trust you -- but don't let me down!" She said, falsely enthusiastic as she tried to hide the sudden dread and helplessness weighing down on her.

She did trust him.

But she also trusted Shinra to find some fault in Zack's plan and ruin not only her life, but anyone else who involved themselves in hiding her.

What else could she possibly think of Shinra? That was all anyone could expect from them.