Hurt, he caused her, right from the start. When love she had brought to him, and he'd ignored her heart. But a new day comes to them, darkness erases, and softly she whispers, "I will love you, until my dying day."

He walks a lonely path,
Led by his dreams
His world is at an end,
Or so it seems.

Harry lies there in the cold,
Broken in two
He can't control his fate,
What can he do?

What life has now become,
A tangled mess
He cannot heal his wounds,
He feels helpless.

Out of this empty night,
A sound emerged
And through the deep'ning cold,
Her voice he heard.

The girl he all but loved,
She jus' knew his name
She slowly comes near him,
He'll never be the same.

His heart begins to mend,
He shuts his eyes
She kneels down by his side,
She hears his cry.

But rain begins to fall,
Cho looks away
The winds, they howl at them,
She cannot stay.

He lays there on the ground,
Cold and so weak
Despair begins to spread,
And tears, they leak.

His last hope vanishes,
And darkness grows
Taking each shallow breath,
Is all he knows.

He surrenders then to death,
So sure to come
The cruel world slowly dims,
An end has come.

But through the clouding storm,
And cov'ring haze
She comes out from the dark,
Ginny's here to stay.

She gently touched his face,
Tears fill her eyes
Taking her cloak from her,
She 'round him ties.

She starts to mend his wounds,
And heal his ache
Slowly, opens his eyes,
A drink, he takes.

And then with horrid grief,
He realized
The past mistakes he made,
The love she hides.

He tries to speak to her,
A new day dawns
He knows she cares for him,
She won't do him wrong.

This angel before him,
Bringer of hope
She'd somehow forgiven,
Her love to show.

Hurt, he had caused her,
Right from the start
When love she brought to him,
And he'd ignored her heart.

Slowly she carried him,
Out of this place
A new day came to them,
And darkness erased.

And soft, she spoke to him,
"Oh come what may
I will love you until,
My dying day."