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This story will contain slash and implied mpreg. This story will most likely be short so therefore the chapters in length will be short as well.

Even though this story is old, people keep complaining about the grammar and spelling so I just decided to edit and revise the whole thing.

Chapter 1: The Boy In The Great Hall

Harry scanned the Great Hall at dinner. In just a few weeks he will be leaving Hogwarts for good. He already taken his NEWTS and is awaiting his results to apply for Auror training. He looked towards Ginny. They have been going out for almost a year and a half and they were still going strong. He then look towards his friends who has been with him through thick and thin even at the Final Battle.

Voldemort was defeated but unfortunately there was causalities. Tonks was killed by a stray Killing Curse. Moody and Mundungus was also killed. Luckily the casualties didn't involve any students. There was also causalities on the darkside. Remus and Fenir Greyback fought literally tooth and nail and Remus came out victorious getting his revenge. Bellatrix Lestrage was killed by surprisingly Hermione Granger. She was definitely caught on a bad day. Harry thought. Lucius Malfoy did not come out of the battle alive. He was killed by his own son. Draco Malfoy is still reeling from not only that his father was dead but he was the one to kill him. He's been in therapy ever since. But he's still a git.

"..ry! Harry! Earth to Harry!" Harry jumped.

"What Mione! You scared the shit out of me!" he yelled.

"We've been trying to get your attention for like 5 minutes. You okay?" Hermione asked concerned.

Harry nodded. "Yeah just thinking about the upcoming weeks."

"Yeah mate, only a few more weeks and we are out of here!" Ron said.

"Yeah I can't believe it. You still going to work at the twin's joke shop?" Harry asked.

"Yeah, I did want to be an Auror but after the battle, that's the last thing I want to do."

Harry nodded in understanding. "I understand Ron but there are still Deatheaters out there and I won't stop until they're all captured."

Ron was about to respond before a bright light blinded the occupants. It disappears as quickly as it came and there stood a boy no more than 13 years old. He looked around the students in the Great Hall until he saw one face that stood out to him. The boy's eyes met with the eyes of Harry Potter.


Before Harry could respond the boy eyes rolled back in his head and fainted in the middle of the Great Hall.