Catherine took one last look at the fancy hotel lobby before the elevator doors closed

Bringing Her Home

Summary: AU. Cath goes to California to talk to Sara and find out why she really left Vegas. Bad summary. Sorry. CS

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Catherine took one last look at the fancy hotel lobby before the elevator doors closed. She couldn't help but laugh to herself. It was hard for her to picture Sara Sidle ever staying in a hotel room, especially after she saw that documentary about what usually ended up left behind on the mattress and bed sheets, she ranted on about that for months!


She stopped in front of room 207. This was it. The room Sara was supposed to be staying in.

Catherine didn't know if it was that she wanted to get this whole day over with, or the rush that came with knowing she was about to see Sara again; but she didn't think twice before knocking on the door confidently…There was a long silence before she heard shuffled footsteps, and the door opened slowly.


God, she had missed that voice. She smiled warmly at the woman she hadn't seen in over 3 months. "Hey Sara,"

The brunette looked beyond confused, but under that confusion Catherine noticed a gleam in Sara's eyes. Was she actually happy to see her?! If she was, she didn't show it in her voice; "Uh, what are you doing here?"

"Oh, you know…just passing through." She chuckled nervously. Oh nice Willows, let's not be too conspicuous now.

Sara resisted the urge to laugh at how lame and cliché that excuse was. "You were passing through--in California?"

"Ugh, clearly not," The blonde rolled her eyes in defeat. "Now, I don't know about you, but I do not enjoy having conversations in the hallway of a hotel, can I come in please?"

Sara raised a suspicious eyebrow. "How'd you find me?"

"I'm still a CSI, Sidle. I have my ways." She smirked before stepping past the brunette into the room. Sara just shook her head in amusement before closing the door.


Sara looked everywhere and nowhere before finally managing to be somewhat comfortable with her visitor and asked;

"So how's everyone been?"

The blonde cocked her head to the side slightly, trying desperately to keep the venom out of her voice.

"You mean since you left or in general?"

"Both." The brunette muttered.

"Well, Nick and Warrick have been spending a lot of time along the Strip, doing who-knows-what; Brass has been locking himself in his office, while everyone else has been walking around on eggshells around Gil."

She chuckled slightly. "Except Greg of course, he's been a wreck. He actually told Grissom to fuck off the other night!"

Sara's eyes nearly popped out of her skull. She couldn't imagine someone actually saying that to Gil, let alone Greg. It was just too unbelievable for words.

"What about you? How've you been?"

"Why?" It sounded more defensive than she'd intended, it was supposed to sound somewhat hopeful, but with the lack of sleep and every other emotion running through Catherine's head at the moment it was hard to express just one. She was slightly curious as to why Sara was asking how she was as opposed to Gil, but she ignored subject.

The brunette looked down at her hands, trying to ignore the ping of hurt that came from that one little word. "I just wanna know Cath,"

Catherine sighed lightly before replying. "Well, I haven't told Gil to fuck off yet...Give it time though."

Sara met Catherine's gaze only to see that the blonde had meant for that last comment to be funny, so she smirked, just glad that Catherine hadn't continued being defensive.

"So why'd you leave?"

"…I needed time to think." Sara was starting to find her fingernails extremely interesting at this point.


Sara let out a sound deep in her throat that was a cross between a sob and a chuckle. "Everything, my whole damn life; my job, my relationship--with Gil. I just don't see the point in any of it anymore." She shook her head in frustration.

Catherine took a second to process what the brunette had said before she gasped. "Sar, you didn't come here…" She couldn't finish the sentence; the idea of Sara coming back to her hometown to end her life was just too awful an idea.

"What?!" No Catherine, I wasn't planning on killing myself! Shit, I could never pull that off. I'm too much of a coward to do something that drastic."

Catherine moved her chair closer to the edge of the bed and grasped both of Sara's hands in her own. The brunette had to force herself to look at anything but the beautiful blue eyes in front of her. She already had too many things to work out; she didn't need the complications of her feelings for Catherine being added to the list. Not yet at least…

"Hey," Catherine started. "Sara, look at me please." Her grasp tightened slightly on Sara's hands. Not painfully so, just enough to remind the brunette that the strawberry blonde was definitely holding her hands.

Sara took a deep calming breath before looking back at the other woman.

"You are not a coward. You're the strongest person I've ever met. Although, I am glad you're not thinking about committing suicide, you're still a hell of a lot braver than I could ever be!"

Sara felt herself blushing slightly. She was never really good at taking compliments, and the fact that said compliment was coming from Catherine Willows just made it all the more embarrassing.

"Thank you Catherine, that's the nicest thing anyone has said to me in a long time."

The blonde smirked. "You're welcome,"

The two women sat in a somewhat uncomfortable silence for what felt like hours before Sara spoke up.

"Can I show you something?"

Catherine just nodded.

Sara reached into one of her duffel bags and retrieved a folded up piece of paper. She examined it for a minute, trying to decide if she wanted Catherine to read it or not, then finally giving in, she handed it over.

"I wrote it for you before I left…I-I just didn't have the guts to give it to you. Guess I'm not as brave as you thought, huh?" It looked like the brunette was talking to herself, since she was back to staring at the ground, but they both knew better.

Catherine remained silent and she unfolded the letter gingerly. Sara had never written anything specifically for her before, the occasional memo on her desk or text message sent to her cell maybe, but she was always texting back and forth with the guys…God only knows what they all talked about then. She looked up at Sara before she started reading. She looked terrified. The letter couldn't be that bad, could it?

Blue eyes began scanning the page:


'If you're reading this I'm already gone; please don't hate me for leaving or for what I'm going to say…I really don't know where to start… It's funny, I've been waiting 7 years for this moment and I'm at a total loss for words. Of course, I'm used to feeling that way when I'm around you. That's meant as a compliment though. I've never met someone who was actually able to make me forget to breathe just by smiling at me, or make my whole body feel like Jello at a glance…'

Catherine smiled broadly at the last part, her heart swelling at Sara's words. She couldn't believe she was reading this; that Sara Sidle had written this about her. She continued reading:

'I never thought I'd ever feel this way about anyone before. At first I thought I loved Gil, but what I felt for him was nothing compared to how I feel about you, Cath. I kissed him before I wrote letters to both him, and you, and I realized that I felt nothing. He was safe, and simple, and he made me forget about you…for a little while, that's why I was with him. But I'm tired of pretending to be happy, and lying to myself. I'm not happy in my job anymore, and I'm especially not happy pretending that I don't love you. So I've decided to move back to California, start fresh, maybe get a job teaching at a college. I'm not really sure yet. I'll write whenever I get a chance, promise. I'll miss everyone at the lab immensely, you guys were the family I never had and always wanted. But I'll miss you the most. I love you Catherine.


Catherine looked back up at Sara, who still had a terrified look plastered on her face. She must've taken the tears welling up in Catherine's eyes as a bad thing.

"I'm sorry Catherine; I didn't mean to make you cry. I should've never given you the letter."

The older woman chuckled through her tears, wiping her eyes. "I'm not sorry Sara, and these are good tears, trust me. I feel like such and idiot for not telling you how I felt sooner. We both could've saved ourselves some trouble."

"What do you mean?"

Catherine smiled softly at Sara before sitting right next to her on the bed, she grabbed both of the younger woman's hands.

"What I mean is…I love you too Sara, and I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner."

Sara's smile practically lit up the room. Before she could stop herself she had her lips pressed against Catherine's. The kiss was short but it expressed how they both felt.

They slowly pulled apart and Sara thought about apologizing for being so forward, but the crooked grin on the older woman's face told her it was more than ok.

Catherine leaned her forehead against Sara's, not wanting to move but she knew they couldn't ignore the giant elephant in the room any longer, so she asked in a whisper, trying not to ruin the moment:

"Sooo, are you ready to come back home now?"

Sara leaned away slightly.

"Cath I…"


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