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2 years before present time

"Ino…he's amazing." Sakura said looking at the newborn baby Ino cradled in her arms. Ino smiled at Sakura and then, back down at the baby boy in her arms.

"Thanks Sakura…" she told her pink-haired friend.

Sakura was inside the delivery room when Ino was giving birth, she wasn't the one who delivered the baby, but she had to be there. As a nurse, but more importantly, as a friend…Sakura was staring again at the baby, he just came from the room of the newborns and Ino just got a hold of him.

Sakura sat down on the chair beside Ino's hospital bed and smiled, "so, do you have a name picked out for him yet?" Sakura asked her friend. Ino smiled, "haha. Not quite yet, forehead." Ino replied.

They heard a knock on the door and entered Kiba first, Ino smiled at her husband who was coming toward her, then followed their good friends, Naruto, Shikamaru, and Hinata. The rest had gone home after Ino gave birth and would visit her again in the morning. It was 1.08am right now.

"Hey, how are you?" Kiba greeted Ino as he kissed her on the forehead. She smiled and looked up at him, she let out a sigh of relief and answered, "I'm great."

"Ino! You must be so happy right now!" Naruto exclaimed. Ino turned away from her gaze at Kiba, and looked toward Naruto. She smiled at the blonde boy, "oh…you don't even know it, Naruto…" Ino said softly.

Hinata smiled at her friend, "I can't believe you're a mom, Ino!" she said excitedly. Ino smiled again. She was too happy all she could do was smile.

Then she looked toward her bestfriend, Shikamaru Nara. He looked bored but extremely relieved and thankful. Bored because it was late at night, relieved Ino was safe and happy and thankful because he only wished the best for his bestfriend, and she got it.

"Hey, Shika…" Ino said suddenly. He looked at her, "what is it?" he asked. "you're still here, huh?" She asked him. Shikamaru grinned a little and answered her a 'yes' by raising his eyebrows. "Thanks…" she winked at him.

"…well, there was no way I was leaving without seeing my bestfriend after giving birth…" Shikamaru said plainly. Ino and Sakura laughed. Sakura then looked up at Kiba who was right in-front of her, still beside Ino.

"So, dogboy…" Sakura started, Kiba looked her way, "have you thought of a name for the first Yamanaka-Inuzuka yet?" Sakura asked. He chuckled, "Ino…do you want to pick the name for him?" Kiba asked his wife. Ino thought about it, she was still cradling her son. "hnn…" Ino closed her eyes to concentrate.

"Why don't we all help pitch in a name for him!" she suggested to everyone in the room. Sakura lit up, she loved doing these things. "sure!" Hinata smiled widely, Naruto was also excited, and Shikamaru just waited.

"So…any ideas?" Ino asked them.

"How about! Na-" Naruto was going to say…

"No, Naruto, we're not going to name our child after you…" Kiba quickly cut him off. The girls laughed at the frowning Naruto. "How about you, Sakura…I know that you're in deep thought." Ino said looking at Sakura.

Sakura blushed, "I don't know…I haven't thought of a name yet, Ino-pig." Sakura said. Ino giggled, "just take your time, babe…" Ino said as she thought of a name as well…her eyes shot open. "How about…Alex, what do you think Kiba?" Ino asked her husband.

Kiba thought about it, "well, I like the name…I just don't think it's for the little tyke, y'know…" Kiba explained to Ino. "hnnn…" she thought looking down at the kid embraced in her arms. "Well, I guess I do see your point…" she said.

"uhm…Harvey. So it starts with an H!" Hinata suggested. They all giggled, Hinata wanted to say something too, but hoped it wouldn't work out, she was merely joking them and didn't actually want the name to be used. After all, she didn't like that name for their kid. It was actually Hanabi's choice. She remembers her younger sister telling her about baby names she wanted…

"Hinata…I'm sorry, love. He isn't a Harvey…" Ino said. Hinata giggled, "I know…I was just kidding. I don't want you to name your kid Harvey, that's for Hanabi's kid— actually don't want you to use my suggestions." Hinata said. Ino smiled at her.

"Tyler…" Shikamaru said out of the blue. Ino perked up, she looked at her baby then up at Kiba with a wicked huge smile. Kiba grinned at her, "Shika!" Ino suddenly said out loud looking at him, then back at Kiba. "Oh my gosh, Kiba, I love it…" she said. Kiba rolled his eyes, but not in a bad way, in a sort of defeated way, "Tyler it is…" Kiba said. Ino smiled, "hello there, Tyler…" she whispered to her baby.

Shikamaru sighed, "what a drag…they go and use my name…" he mumbled. "Hey! How 'bout a second name for the tyke?" Naruto asked, Ino looked at him, then back at Kiba. It seemed she always needed permission from her husband. "sure, why not…" Kiba said.

Naruto opened his mouth to say something, but Kiba had cut him off again, "for the last time, we aren't naming our kid Naruto…" The Kyuubi holder frowned, "fine then why don't you name him something common like "John…or Joe…" Naruto said feeling 'bad'.

Sakura's eyes shot up, "Joseph!" she suddenly said "Tyler Joseph…" Sakura suggested with a smile. And Ino approved. Kiba couldn't do anything about it, he loved the name as well. He sat on the side of Ino's bed and put his arm around her shoulders…

When he did that, as if something amazing was gonna happen next, the room felt a bit warmer and more comfortable and everyone smiled, looking at the new family.

"Everyone, this is Tyler Joseph Yamanaka Inuzuka…" Ino announced to the whole room.

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