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"What's wrong with you?" Ino shoved Sasuke's arm playfully. He chuckled once again. Sasuke rolled his eyes, "nothing. Can't a guy laugh for no reason?" he asked her. Ino's facial expression read "what?! DUH!"—her mouth hanging open an everything. "No. Did you hear yourself just now? It sounded crazy. And second, maybe yeah! A normal guy, but you're Sasuke Uchiha." She told him. Sasuke chuckled, "Ino…" he said.

The two continued walking and giggling til they reached the gate to Hana's house, Ino paused infront of the place and stared at the gate. She was really having second thoughts about going into the house.

"Are you going in?" Sasuke asked looking at her.

Ino shook her head, "I'm so scared of her dogs…" Ino admitted to him. Sasuke laughed lightly. "Why don't you tell Hana you're here or something…?" the Uchiha suggested. Ino gulped. Then she brought her hand into her pocket and took out her cellphone.

Kiba or Hana? Who…who? I'd love to talk to Kiba. But Hana will definitely be the faster way…Ino thought. She always had her weird decisions.

"Call Hana. You know it's faster." Sasuke suddenly blurted out. Ino stared at him shocked and amused. She sniggered, "fine…" she said. Then she pressed number 9 on her keypads and pressed call. Hana was on her speed dial.



"Yeah…it's me!" Ino said cheerfully to her sister in law.

"What is it?" Hana asked concerned. She thought there would be something wrong.

"Oh, nothing…I'm at your gate. Kiba told me to go and get Tyler." Ino said to her.

"Oh…alright. You can come right in…"

"Uhh…honestly, H…your dog, the one with the eyepatch…scares me a bit."

Hana chuckled on her end, "alright…I'll just fix Tyler's stuff and head on out and give him to you. I know it isn't exactly traditional to let your guests wait out the gate, but I have to speed out the house soon, anyway…" she told Ino. Ino chuckled, "sure, sure…I'll wait here."

"thanks. Bye."

"see ya…" Ino pressed the closed button and ended the call.

"yeah. We're waiting." She stated with noted sarcasm, standing nonchalantly, bobbing her head slightly. Being all cool and breezy. Sasuke laughed. Ino was still old Ino, but she was much more fun now. She knew how to have fun with the people around her.

After 5 minutes of waiting, Hana ran out toward the gate. Tyler cradled in one arm and his bags carried in the other. The gate slid open. Ino and Sasuke stepped back surprised.

"Hey." Hana greeted them, then looked toward Sasuke, "You're…" she said looking toward him.

"Sasuke Uchiha." He told her.

"You're back?"

He nodded. Hana shrugged, "where's Kiba anyway?" she said turning her attention to Ino. Ino slumped her shoulders, "ehh…workin late in the shop…if I didn't know any better they're playin poker out back." Ino told Hana. Her sister in law laughed, "so true…" she said handing over Tyler to Ino. The boy was staring at Sasuke, he was obviously unfamiliar with the Uchiha.

"Here…and I better get going now…" Hana said speeding off, "see ya 'round, Ino!" she waved. Ino waved back at Hana even if her back was turned. Ino just shrugged then looked toward her son. He was staring at Sasuke and Sasuke was staring back.

what a cute baby…Sasuke thought slowly staring amusedly at Tyler.

"Tyler…" Ino called out to her son, he looked up at his mom. He smiled, "mom!" he said in his cute baby voice. She smiled and give him a kiss on the cheeks. "hey sweetheart. Did you have fun at aunt Hana's?" she asked the boy, he nodded "hungry…" Tyler then said.

"Oh? You are…" Ino said, "okay…hold on a little bit more, kay…" She told her son properly carrying him now so it would be better for her when they start walking. "Sasuke, can you carry his bag for me?" she asked him. Sasuke rushed beside Ino, "yeah! Sure!" he said immediately taking the bags from her, "thanks, dear…" she said quickly as she fixed both hands in fixing up Tyler's shirt and shorts.

"What's the plan, Ino?" Sasuke asked her.

Ino smiled at him, "I wanna see Kiba, actually…so we're gonna visit the shop, alright?" she told Sasuke. Sasuke shrugged, "sure, I guess…" Ino shot him a smile. "yeah! Plus! You have to check out the shop. It's cool there, when it newly opened, it was our hangout for the longest time. Well, it still is, next to Ichiraku's…" Ino told Sasuke. He chuckled, the group began to walk, "actually, the shop's our night hangout…" she explained to him. "Ah…" Sasuke nodded.

"Oh! Before I forget…!" Ino suddenly said, "Tyler, honey, this is your uncle Sasuke…" Ino said making Tyler face Sasuke. When Sasuke heard his name he turned toward Ino, then he faced her son. He gave him a smile. "He's mommy's best friend. He's really nice…" Ino told her son. Tyler looked at Sasuke.

"Hey there." Sasuke said to the boy patting his head. Tyler closed his eyes because Sasuke was new to him. He was a stranger, when Tyler knew that he was okay and wasn't a bad guy he smiled at Sasuke then let out a cute baby laugh.

"That's my boy!" Ino said grinning at Tyler then giving him a kiss on the nose. Sasuke chuckled looking at the mother and son. Then he imagined Ino as his wife and Tyler looking more like an Uchiha then Kiba. The life he wanted with Ino. This is exactly what he would be doing right now if she was his wife and had his son, only their kid would look like Sasuke.

It was really how he would have wanted his family. All three of them happy…True, Ino, Tyler and Sasuke were happy, but they weren't the Uchiha family. But Sasuke just gladly watched his fantasy life right before him, as long as Ino's happy.

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