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Chapter 11

Except on You

"Breakfast?" Viola's perky face was the first thing that Olivia saw upon opening her eyes. The girl pulled back, revealing her very skimpy top, bare and oh-so-toned stomach, and cut off shorts. Not that Liv was complaining about the great view she had woken up to, but it started awake other things besides Olivia's brain.


Viola smiled as though she had just won some great prize. "Do you want breakfast?"

"Yes, please." Olivia purred, letting her eyes roam across Viola's framed torso.

"There are, uh waffles and eggs, you want? Sunny-side, scrambled, poached... I mean, there could be. I can totally rock the kitchen like Martha Stewart."

Distracted from her more carnal thoughts, Olivia interrupted Viola's breakfast ramble. "You can cook?" Somehow, the idea of Viola in the kitchen, without it catching on fire, or possibly exploding just wasn't something Olivia could picture.

"Y-yea. It's a selling point of mine that I keep all locked up and secret like."

"That's really sexy." Light eyes settled on dark ones, and Olivia's mouth spoke before her brain caught up. Really, she had not meant to be quite that blunt about her attraction.

Viola gaped for a few moments. "That's uh, new? Cool. Very shiny, could get used to hearing things like that from you-uh, thanks. That is not a response I have ever heard for that before."

"You're welcome." Shifting in the bed, the blonde tossed back the covers. "You mind?"

"Huh? Oh. Yea. I'm in the way. Right. Moving now." Vi stepped back.

"Breakfast sounds delightful. After I get done in the bathroom, I can help you with the eggs. I saw you have mushrooms in the fridge."

"Yea. Sure. Sounds great. I'll see ya downstairs then." Viola turned around and stumbled out of the room.

The blonde watched until Viola's cute little butt had left the room before she made her way into the bathroom to take care of her necessities. When she was done, she slipped into her chosen outfit of a cute, flowing pink skirt that stopped above her knee and white polo that she left all the buttons open on. Checking herself in the mirror, she laughed to herself. "I do look like a tennis player. Maybe a bit more modest though."

"Liv! You ready yet? I'm hungry." Vi called from the first floor.

One last smoothing of her wrinkle-free shirt and Liv put on her best smile. She strutted down the stairs and into the kitchen where Viola was rather gracefully juggling five bell peppers.

"Another secret skill?" Liv chuckled.

"Nope. I've been juggling since I was four. I've performed at school talent shows, Renaissance Festivals, and birthday parties." She tossed each pepper into a bowl before flourishing a bow. "My favorite thing is flaming torches. Makes everyone squeal in delight."

"Really? Men squeal?"

"Sometimes, if they're like Andrew. Mostly the ladies though."

"You enjoy making the ladies squeal?"

"Oh yea, nothing better. Uh, happy people are good. Smiles, laughs, squeals of joy, little kids with balloons and their parents with cotton candy and teenage siblings that want nothing better than to text their friends about how awful it is to be stuck with family. But, I love mine. Usually, except when my mom makes me wear dresses or pink. Hate pink. Except on you. You look good in pink. Like, really good. Couldn't look better on anyone else. In fact, I..." Inhale. Vi's brain caught up with her mouth. She chewed her lip and looked at her bare feet.

"You what?" Olivia had crossed the room to stand next to Viola. Her hand reached out of its own accord, swiping out hair that had fallen across Vi's face. Neatly, she tucked it behind an ear so she could see her favorite soccer player's face.

The swollen lip was still being held hostage by white teeth. Viola stoutly refused to look up.

"Vi? You okay, hon?"

"No." The brunette whispered harshly. "You know what?" And she looked up, eyes wet, cheeks flushed. "I'm not OK. Haven't been since I freaking transferred to Illyria. Everything was turned upside down the moment I had to show up to class as Viola instead of Sebastian. People hate me, call me a transvestite, they call Seb awful things just for being my twin, my relationship with Duke took a nosedive that I could never pull us out of, we stopped being awesome friends, my bff's go to another school, and the only thing that's been keeping me sane is soccer."

Olivia swayed on her feet, stunned by the brunette's sudden outburst.

"I'm so beyond not okay, it's ridiculous! Top it off that Duke and I constantly fought about you, about things that did and did not happen, and I couldn't take it anymore. We broke up. Over you. Because he still wants you, and I like you way more than I ever liked him."

Stunned was a good word. Surprised, excited, confused, scared, and overjoyed were all good words too. Olivia settled on one though. "What?"

"It's why I invited you over this weekend, so I could tell you what's been eating at my heart for a month." Viola took a shaky breath. "I like you. I'm in like with you. I really do think you're a beautiful, sexy goddess, and I would be happy just to sit in your golden presence. Of course, I'd really like it more if I could maybe kiss you too. That would be all sorts of awesome-fantasticness, not to mention I'd probably be quiet and we all know how much a lot of people would love that. Not that my really caring about what other people think influences how much I want to kiss you. In fact... Mmmph."

Lips colliding with her own cut off her Viola-babble. A hand slipping along Vi's stomach to settle on her hip had her breath hitching. Olivia pressed herself along the twin's body and tangled her other hand in long brunette hair. Easily, happily, wonderfully, the teens' bodies melted into each other. Heat and sweat built up until a long moan broke their silence. Viola had to pull her head up to gasp a lungful of air. Chest heaving, she looked down into Olivia's eyes.

"I like you too." Olivia whispered.

"Oh. Well, that's cool. I..."

"Babble at me later, Vi. Kiss me more now."

"Or that."

They smiled at each other. Their lips met again, and they lost themselves in the feeling of being the climax of a silly romance story.


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