The only constant is change

Susan had known that leaving Narnia again would hurt. She was prepared for the daydreaming and longing. She even prepared herself to miss the handsome prince. In fact she was doing just fine. Growing up meant moving on, it meant changing. Susan was doing just that.

The first week home had been hard on all of them. Peter had gotten into twice as many fights. Lucy doodled on all her papers. Edmund had challenged half the school to chess matches and won. Susan had spent most of her time on the archery field destroying targets.

But soon it was time for all of them to move on. They needed to keep on going. So they did. Peter had a moment of clarity and realized that maybe going into politics might suit him perfectly. He had of course, immediately run to the library and gotten every book about modern and ancient politics he could get his hands on.

Lucy seemed to catch on as well and had taken up painting. She was not great yet but her improvement was astonishing. It was simply beyond what one would normally expect. All of her paintings were of Narnia, of course. They were stunning. She had an entire collection dedicated to Mr. Tumnus. Aslan was slowly taking up just as many of the paintings.

Edmund had more or less stumbled upon his path. It had been in church one day when he though a scripture passage reminded him a lot of something Aslan had once said to him. The next stop had been the library. Edmund became obsessed with comparing religions and ancient text. According to his latest research Narnia existed everywhere. Just not plainly.

Susan had taken up a less valiant or grand occupation for her time. She had continued to do what she had always done best, take care of everyone. Their mother was still having trouble. Father had returned from war different and it pained their mother so. Susan seeing this rift had stepped up. She took over most of the chores in the house and taking care of the others as much as she could. So far it appeared that her efforts might save her parents.

"Do you ever miss him?" asked Lucy.

Susan looked up from the roast she was in the middle of making. "Do I ever miss who?" Susan replied rummaging around for the salt. Where the devil had she put the salt?

"Prince, I mean King Caspian," continued Lucy as she set the table. "Do you ever miss him?"

Susan looked up mildly surprised. "Why do you ask?"

"You liked him didn't you?" Lucy looked a pinch confused. "Like how one likes a suitor." Lucy tilted her head looking very much like the subject was something that she still didn't have a full grasp on. Even with her mind older than her body Lucy continued to feel that she had not yet hit puberty.

"Something like that," replied Susan as she pushed the roast into the oven. "It's a little different. But yes I do miss him. Some times. I miss him when I miss Narnia," Susan said finally.

Lucy seemed to understand the last statement more than others. "Is that why you don't talk to any of the boys here?"

"I don't talk to boys here because they are all extremely immature and frankly I cant stand them," Susan said with a slight scoff.

"Do you think you will ever get over him?" Lucy asked sounding not like herself.

"What?" asked Susan. "What are you talking about Lu."

"Peter says the reason you don't talk to boys is because you are madly in love with Caspian and boys here don't measure up," Lucy scrunched up her face exactly in a way that showed she was quoting from memory.

Susan rolled her eyes. "I'll let you in on a secret. Don't listen to most things Peter says, most of the time he is talking for the fun of it," explained Susan to a giggling Lucy. "Secondly I am not madly in love with him." Lucy gave Susan a look that said she didn't believe this statement. "Yes, he was handsome and smart and good in battle. And he could stand up to Peter and kind and compassionate and understanding and a long list of other good qualities."

Lucy raised one eyebrow indicating she knew there was more and was waiting for it to come out.

"Fine you win. He was doubly handsome. Gloriously handsome. The stuff romances are made of. The most handsome man in the WORLD!" At this Lucy was laughing at Susan's over the top exclamation.

"So?" asked Lucy after she stopped laughing.

"So what?" replied Susan pulling potatoes out of a pot and cutting them up.

"What do you think about everything? I know Peter is still convinced he will return to Narnia so what do you think?" ask Lucy.

Susan looked up from the potatoes. This was going to take a minute. She put down her knife and wiped her hands, moving to sit down with Lucy at the table.

"Remember how you told me to have faith in Aslan." Lucy nodded her head. "Well now I do. Narnia helped me grown up Luce. I learned a lot of things about life and about myself. And true I learned what a real man should be like. And even though I feel now that no man could ever really compare I figure that now that I know Caspian I can find a man like him here. I know so many things Luce. Truth be told I too harbor hope to return, but right now there are mash potatoes with my name on them," explained an earnest Susan.

There was silence in the room for a minute as Susan went back to work. Susan did believe everything she had said. She was the sensible one. There was no use putting up a tantrum and wasting away when there was still life to be had and a family to care for. She might one day find a man like Caspian, then she would know for sure. But till then she was going to be the sensible strong one and care for her siblings.

"Susan?" asked Lucy timidly.

"Yeah Lu?"

"Every thing is going to work out," said Lucy.

"I know sweetie."

Hi guys! Thanks for reading. Okay so the next chapter will be coming tomorrow night. I named this story Being Reasonable because i feel too often that fan fictions are extremely over the top in so many ways. I want to make this story reasonable and believable. This also relates to what both main character are saying to themselves on the inside.

I also promise that Susan and Caspian will be together. My idea for this story is to try and keep true to characters and real people. Also I am working off both the books and the movie. The next chapter is going to have to relate to the end of The Last Battle.

This is because I am going to show Narnia and England in Parallel. Because of this Susan is going to be in two places at once very soon. but i want you to realize that because Aslan is all powerful this is going to be possible. Also be cause time is fluid.

If you are interested in some of my other work check out Not So Royal Behavior for some great laughs.