"You smiled." Caspian said trying to hold back his joy. "Can I take that as a yes." He tried not to cry when tears spilled out of Susan's eyes, he promised himself he was going to stay on his knee until she said yes for real.

"Yes, I'll marry you." She managed to get out before he jumped up from his position and squeezed her nearly to death.

Susan was trying to breath but Caspian wouldn't stop kissing her and that was constricting her ability to get air into her lungs. When he finally relented she looked over his shoulder to see something simmering. There off in the field just barely she could make out what look like Lucy jumping up and down and Peter giving Edmund a high five. She blinked and then it was gone. But in the moments that passed afterwards she knew for sure that it was fine, that the world was going to be fine and she had finally found that happy place just for her.

"We have to go tell the council!" Caspian said suddenly. "If I don't tell them soon they are going to smack me for making them wait, they have been on pins and needles for weeks about this."

"You told the council?"

"Well some one had to help me get all the animals to set up this arrangement." Caspian motioned towards the glowing field covered in flowers in bloom.

"Lets go tell the world." Susan said with perhaps the largest smile she had worn since the last time she was queen.

"Okay, but as soon as we are done you are all mine." Caspian swooped in for another breath stealing kiss.

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