Perfect Day

Perfect Day

Angel Square was deserted as Rex Balsom felt the rain pouring down on him. Adriana had left him. Gigi was avoiding him to have the family she was meant to have with Brody. Yet something about that just twisted in his gut. He wasn't sure why, but every time he saw Brody with Shane at the diner or stopping by BE, he felt like a complete outsider looking in. Perhaps he'd grown to close to the boy, but he'd known what it was like to grow up with out a father.

He sat by the fountain, ignoring the rain. Letting it drench him, wash away his sins, wash away the pain of the last few months.

Clarity. That's all Rex wanted right now. He wanted to know what he was suppose to do now. Where he belonged.

"Rex?" Gigi held her umbrella slightly off to the side as she held a bag from the pharmacy in her arm.

He looked up, watching the way her eyes studied him. The way she was trying not to smile even though he was soaking wet. "Gigi."

She sat next to him, allowing him shelter under her umbrella. "Why are you sitting out here, in the rain, in the middle of Angel Square?"

He couldn't speak for a moment, all the words he wanted to say just didn't want to come out yet, they hadn't had proper time to form. When he looked in her eyes he couldn't hold back, "Answers. I was looking for answers."

She smiled, "Rex, I know its been hard since Adriana left and finding out about Charlie. But you'll get through it. Maybe even crack Roxy and find out who your father really is."

"And have my family." He was surprised that came out.

Gigi stiffened up, "Yeah, you're family. I have to go get this stuff home."

"Is Shane okay?" He didn't want her to go, he didn't want her to walk away.

"Just the norm. Just refilling prescriptions and getting some stuff." Gigi was about to walk away, "He's in the school play. It's on Friday night. He would love it if you came, want me to get you a ticket?"

Rex smiled, "I would love that."

Gigi nodded, "Great, come by BE tomorrow and I'll have it for you."

Rex watched as she walked away, "Night Gigi."

She turned to him once again, "Rex, I hope you get the answers your looking for."

"I think I just did." A smile came across his face, why hadn't he seen this before?