The Notebook

The Notebook

Summary: Catherine finds a notebook at work filled with poems. Will she figure who wrote them in the end? CS. Poetry

A/N: These are my poems. I just decided to put them in this story as a way to get them out there and as an excuse to post somethin on my new profile.

Disclaimer: Only the poems are mine unless stated otherwise. CSI belongs to CBS.


Chapter 1: Friday

Catherine Willows strolled into the LV Crime Lab's locker room, happy that shift was finally over. Now she could go home and relax for the weekend before starting the work week all over again. She sighed contently, nothing but pajamas, ice cream, and lame movies in bed for her this weekend.

She made her way over to her locker and began gathering her things before she noticed something on the ground from the corner of her eye. Her gaze found it's way to a small composition notebook lying on the concrete floor. Any other day she would have dismissed the book and went back to what she was doing, but something made her pick it up.

'I should just leave this on the bench in case whoever it belongs comes back to get it. It looks important, wonder what's in it.'

Catherine was never one to pry into someone else's private writing's, but she figured she would open the notebook and see if there was a name inside.

She slowly opened the notebook and her eyes skimmed the first page. No name, but there was something.

"A poem…"

It wouldn't hurt to just read a little bit. Her lips moved quietly, reading the poem to herself:

'If I Told You I Was Dying Would You Die Too?

If I Told You That I Loved You, Would You Say It Back?

If I Never Spoke Again Would You Still Whisper My Name?

If We Were A Thousand Miles Apart, Would You Still Be Right Here?

Would You Still Look At Me The Same If I Told You My Hopes And Fears?

Would You Cry When I Cried And Laughed When I Laughed?

Would You Forgive Me If I Ever Wronged You?

Would You Hold Me Forever And Never Let Go?

If I Stopped Breathing Would You Never Breathe Again?

If You Could Have Anyone Would You Still Choose Me?

If Today Was The End Would You Make It Last Forever?

I Would'

She finished the last line before closing the book.

"Wow," The blonde whispered, tempted to read farther into the notebook. But before she could her cell phone started beeping; it was her alarm.

"Shit! I'm gonna be late for Lindsey's recital!" Catherine grabbed her purse and slammed her locker shut. She placed the notebook on top of the lockers without giving it a second thought before rushing out of the room.



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