The Sunas Bedtime

Gaara was in his bedroom, simply ready to end the day.

"Hn.. time to relax after a hard day full of basketball training.." Gaara said, yawning as he slips into his bed and turning off the lamp on his nightstand.

After a few moments of silence, Gaara finally dozed off to sleep, but was suddenly jarred awake when he felt something.. or someone.. crawl into his bed.

"The hell?!" Gaara said, reaching over to his nightstand and turned on the light.

Kankurou was lying next to him, staring at the ceiling.

"Brother?! What are you doing in my bed?!" Gaara said, a bit miffed.

"I can't sleep, Gaara. I've been up thinking about many things.." Kankurou said, still staring up at the ceiling.

"Hn.. Okay.. But don't you think you could gather your thoughts in your own bed?" Gaara suggested, eyebrow raised.

"But I need to share them with someone.. It gets so lonely in my room.." Kankurou responded.

"I mean, for instance, I always wondered if there were life on other worlds other than our own.. It's an amazing subject, don't you think?" Kankurou continued.

"And.. HEY! Why don't you invite that cute redhead next door to have a sleepover here tonight? I would love to chat with him.. and with you of course!"

Gaara was getting irritated the longer Kankurou lay next to him, talking about the most useless subjects in the middle of the night. And now he wanted to invite Sasori? In the middle of the night?!

"Well, brother.. I have just one thing to say about your hypothetical theories.." Gaara said to him in a cool voice.

"You do? Really?!" Kankurou said, turning to him in anticipation.

"Hn.." Gaara said.

"YOUR STUPID DRABBLE IS ANNOYING ME!! NOW GET OUT OF MY BED AND LET ME SLEEP!!" Gaara then yells loudly to his brother.

No sooner than Gaara raised his voice, Kankurou was out of his room in a flash.

"Hmph... that takes care of that.. Now, return to my restful respite.." Gaara said, turning off his lamp and lying back down, drifting back off to sleep once again.


Gaara was suddenly woken up again by another voice next to him.

"Hello, big boy.." the voice said in a sexy tone.

Gaara's eyes shot wide open.



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