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In a mansion found in the heart of England, a girl is found in front of a fireplace, reading a book called 'The Chronicles of Narnia : Prince Caspian'. Her eyes were covered by the book but her long black hair was seen, tied into a high ponytail and she was wearing a tube covered by a shirt in an X pattern while matched by a long skirt. Beside her lay a sword and a long bow with a quiver full of arrows, all brandished and had strange relics engraved in it. Then, she gave a long sigh, closing the book with a snap revealing a pair of melancholic amber eyes.

"I wish life is just the same with Narnia. A world where peace prevails and where imagination rules.. ", she called out to a picture frame beside her, the picture of her, her mother and her father when she was still little.

"But then again, not all dreams come true right?", she gave out a chuckle taking her sword and bow and walking out of the house.

This girls name is Maria Arrieanne Yelaine Fernandez or Arrieanne for short. An orphan at the age of 10 though her family left her a big fortune which allowed her to live alone. Today, she was celebrating her 16th birthday alone. She wished she could have her family back who died in a plane crash. Since then, she never allowed herself to cry. She also wished to go to the place called Narnia, created by a lion whose mane was gold, and lead by the King's and Queen's of old who suddenly disappeared. Little did she know that her wish was coming true…

She carefully aimed the arrow and in a blink of an eye, she let the string go and the arrow hit a bull's eye. Taking another bow from the quiver, she prepared for another launch when suddenly, the land she was stepping on became to shake causing for her to sit with a 'thump!'.

"What the?!"

Slowly, her vision began to change. From the training ground she was in, she began to see an island with a beach. The shaking halted, for her to see she wasn't on England anymore. Standing up, she saw she was inside a cave and noticed she still have her sword and long bow with her. Then, familiarity struck her.

"This place…Is this Narnia?"

Making a move to go out of the cave, she heard voices, splashes of water and giggles from the outside.

"Where do you think were supposed to be are?", a voice, probably a male said when her eye's widened.

"Where do you think?", another one asked making Arrieanne more speechless.

"Well… I don't remember any ruins in Narnia", the first voice answered.

"NARNIA?! Impossible! But.. Those familiar dialogues."

Gathering up her remaining things, she stood up and peeked at the cave to see the four individuals, two men and two women wearing school uniforms. Her mouth was in a perfect 'o' shape when she saw them.

"The King's and Queen's of old! Not to mention I'm in the Prince Caspian book!"

"What in Aslan's name is going on here?!", she asked, rather loudly catching the attention of the four Pevensie's.

"Who's there? Show yourself!", she heard Peter yell, more like commanded her making her squeak. Slowly, she came out of her hiding place, her sword and long bow with her.

"Who are you?", Susan asked when Peter and Edmund put their selves in front of their sisters.

"Oh hell no.. I'm going to mess up the storyline!"

"I-I'm Maria Arrieanne Yelaine Fernandez, ma'am. Please just call me Arrieanne. ", she said in a low voice but enough for them to hear.

"A human? In Narnia?", she heard Lucy ask when the other three shook their heads.

"Are you from Archenland?", Edmund asked while Arrieanne was still busy making a lie.

"Y-yes I do came from there.", she answered hastily making suspiciousness arouse on Peter.

"If you are from Archenland, why are you here?", he asked when she cursed mentally.

"Damn Peter and his suspiciousness"

Thankfully, another lie popped out off her brain.

"I'm here to visit the ruins of Cair Paravel, Sir. And I should be asking the same question to you. Your clothes seem.. rather suspicious. Who are YOU?", she said while holding the hilt of her sword for extra effect.

"Ruin's of Cair Paravel?", they all asked completely puzzled while she fought the urge to smirk.

"Who are you?", she asked again, this time un-sheathing her sword.

"I'm King Peter the Magnificent."

"Queen Susan the Gentle"

"King Edmund the Just"

"Queen Lucy the Valiant", each announcing their title with pride.

"Ha! Don't make me laugh. The King's and Queen's of old are long gone, also the Golden Age of Narnia. Don't you four ever disgrace their name!", she shouted advancing at them when Peter halted her.

"How can we prove to you that we are them?", Peter asked in a challenging manner.

"Answer the following questions that only the Majesties know.", she answered.

"Fire away", Peter said.

"Thank Aslan I watched The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe"

"The first question goes to the person who claims to be Queen Lucy, who was the faun who she met when she first went to Narnia?", she asked still not lowering her sword.

"Mr. Tumnus the faun", Lucy said immediately as Arianne nodded her head.

"For the one who claims to be King Edmund, what gift did you receive from Father Christmas?", she asked once again.

"I didn't receive anything!", Edmund yelled.

"For the one who claims to be Queen Susan, what animal cut the ropes bounding Aslan in the stone table?"

"The mice", she answered as Arrieanne nodded and looked at Peter.

"As for you, what is King Peter's famous battle cry?"

"For Narnia... And for Aslan", Peter asked rather smugly as Arrieanne finally lowered her sword.

"Very well, you answered all of it. But don't expect me to agree immediately', she warned giving them suspicious looks and sheathed her sword.

"But how did you know all of this?", Susan asked narrowing her eyes.

"I have my ways", she answered shrugging turning her back against them.

"Where are you going?", Peter asked.

"Since all four of you asked about the ruins of Cair Paravel, might as well lead you to it. After all, you never saw it when it was destroyed", she answered beginning to climb the mountain.

"I am so going to mess the story up. I just hope C.S. Lewis won't kill me"

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