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"Only a matter of time", Peter argued.

"What do you propose we do, Your Majesty?", Reepicheep asked. All of them were currently in the Stone Table, having a meeting.

"We need to not get into war/We need to get into war", both Peter and Caspian said. Caspian had a dejected look on his face when Peter glared at him.

"Our only hope is to strike them before they strike us", Peter continued looking squarely at everybody.

"But that's crazy, no one has ever infiltrated the castle", Caspian stated.

"There's always a first time", Peter countered, sarcasm dripping in his voice.

"And we have the element of surprise", Trumpkin said siding with the High King.

"But we don't have the advantage here", the young prince stated.

"If we dig in we can probably hold them off indefinitely", Susan said walking beside Caspian.

"I, for once, feel safer underground", Trufflehunter said.

"Look, I appreciate what you've done here. But this isn't a fortress, it's a tomb", Peter said eyeing Caspian.

"Yes it's a tomb. If we wait, the Telmarines can starve us out", Edmund piped up.

"We collect nuts", a squirrel said.

"Yes! And throw them at the Telmarines!", Reepicheep said sarcastically. "Shut up!", he added before continuing. "I think you know why I stand Sir".

"But we'll lose great numbers", Arrieanne said trying to change Peter's mind. After all, she already knew what will happen in the future.

"You know nothing, Arrieanne", Peter snapped while Arrieanne's eyes widened. She was about to bite back when Edmund took hold of her arm and shook his head. So much for hot headed Kings. Crossing her arms, she sat and muttered something about stupid kings and their ego the size of Andromeda.

"If we get the troops, can you handle the guards?", Peter asked looking at a centaur.

"I'll die trying, my Lord", he replied bowing at his King.

"That's what I'm worried about", Lucy said when Peter looked at her skeptically.

"I'm sorry?"

"We are left now with two options, die later or die now", Lucy continued.

"You shouldn't be listening, Lu", her eldest brother said.

"No, you're not listening. He was the one who defeated the White Witch Peter", she said.

"I have waited for Aslan long enough", Peter said his eyes hardening and walked out.

"What does that mean?", everyone asked from outside Miraz's castle. Edmund, Susan, Peter and Caspian already went first inside the castle and the others, including Arrieanne, were waiting for the signal of Edmund. After a few minutes though, Edmund had indicated the signal and everyone came rushing through the gate. With a battle cry, the war started between the Narnians and the Telmarines.

"For Narnia!", Peter yelled before joining the already heated battle and starter slashing the enemy. It was in the midst of the battle when Peter yelled, "Fall Back!".

"Everyone fall back!", he continually yelled. Caspian who was riding a horse together with his professor gave him a horse which the King boarded.

"Get out!", Arrieanne yelled to the other Narnians and at the same time killing another Telmarine. Unluckily, Miraz noticed her and shoot an arrow towards her which hit her squarely in the shoulders. Grunting, she took the arrow out and gave a short cry. I hate you Miraz!

"Arrieanne!", Peter yelled holding out his hand which she took and, with a jump, was behind him and snaked her arms on his waist to prevent her falling. Pausing slightly, both looked back to see the other Narnian's struggling to open the gate to no avail. Snapping the reins, the horse rushed towards the closing gate.

"I told you this was a bad idea", Arrieanne hissed at a remorse looking Peter.

"How was I suppose to know?", he asked looking over his shoulders to see his companion glaring at him.

"Sacrifice isn't worth if someone's life is in line", she said a bit softly and looked at the other way. I think I'm getting too attached…

"I-I'm sorry…", Peter muttered though that word hit a bull's eye.

"Sorry? All those Narnian's, probably hundred's of them are killed and all you can say is sorry?!", Arrieanne yelled as Peter halted the horse.

"Then what do you want me to do?!", Peter shouted at her while the others looked at the growing shouting match.

"At least admit you-OW!", she whimpered touching her wound.

"Your wounded!", Peter said, his eyes softening. Ripping his torso, he wrapped it in her wound while Arrieanne was blushing. Thanks Aslan its dark!

"Th-thanks…", Arrieanne muttered as Peter smiled in return, resuming the journey back home. Looking up, Arrieanne swore even though it was dark that Edmund was smirking at her. Oh no… What does that troublemaking kid planning…

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