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A/N: after days writing a paper about roman slave marriages, I really had to get some fanfiction out. This is it, hope you like it.

The Marriage Announcement

Bryce had said he was going to enjoy having Stevie as a daughter-in-law and he meant it. With that in mind, when he got back to the city, he took out a marriage announcement in one of the large Australian papers, unknowingly imitating another father at another wedding. Neither Stevie nor Alex ever saw it and that might have been a good thing.

However, in a city a long way from Drovers, a blond woman formerly by the name of McLeod came across it. She was surprised at first and read it a second time, the smile on her face growing. Once she was sure it said what she thought, she let out a loud whoop and hurried to go tell her husband.

In the same city but an entirely different neighbourhood, a brunette once called Mrs Ryan saw it too. It filled her with bitterness and the grim satisfaction that she had been right about her ex-husband and his best mate. But also, in the part of her soul that had moved past her former marriage, there was a hint of an emotion she couldn't name. It was happiness.