A Demon's Angel


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Burn your own soul

Make them fear you

Bring misery to yourself

Never forget the empty life


Let me tie you to me

I will feed on your cries

Bath in the death of others

Celebrate the bloody Sabbath


Do not look for the light

Just stay in black paradise

None may see our black wings

We will hide and not come back


Believe in nothing

And just stay with me

Not out of love but out of need

Because I need my tainted child


Please don't smile

Shed yourself of your purity

Please be tainted with me

'Coz your wings are glowing now


Please don't hurt my child

He is pure while I am stained

Give me all his pains and sufferings

It is not right if he falls now


He will leave me

Some day, I know he will

He was not meant for me

His white wing growing


Farewell to you my angel

White wings that's never mine

It seems wrong if I don't let go

My existence has reached its end


You purity was not for darkness

It is for the sun to make you shine

I was afraid you will be taken away

I held you close and chose to not let go


But now it is too late

I have to make things right

Goodbye to you my fruit of evil

Goodbye to the angel who shined my heart


Kyuubi looked at his lover. He saw a pair of blue eyes that could rival even the sky's beauty and sun-kissed hair that illuminates the night. He had a lithe body with enough tan to make him attractive.


He should be happy. He should be rejoicing. But he cannot. On the day that the Akatsuki have been defeated, he must leave. He must go back to his home. His duty has been fulfilled, his promise to protect the blonde and Konohagakure as a promise to the Yondaime.


How he will miss him. For three years since he was able to be free of his sealing, their attraction grew. Until a year ago, they confessed of their love for the other…


They were happy. But now, no more…


He is a demon. And a demon cannot stay with a human lover lest he will drain the life out of the blonde. His demon powers will poison them all and he cannot have that. No, he will not accept that. His love for the blonde will not allow him. So, he must go.


At midnight, the demon left. Leaving behind a note:




My love, a gift for you

My soul, bound to you

My heart, tied with you

My time, I leave to you


I am sorry but I must go. Leave you to live the life that you wanted. You realized it already, don't you? You are getting sick because of me. You are getting weaker because my chakra poisons you. My presence alone weakens you. You will die if I don't go away.


It hurts, it hurts so much. I found love but I also found a void. I love you but I must leave you. Is this what love is? Sacrificing for your love? Letting them go?


If this is love, then I can be happy. I know you'll be strong. I know you will grow up.


Please don't forget.

The time a man tames the beast is when the beast begins to love his man.