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Story Time

Draco slowed his walk, trying to pinpoint what was different. Ah! He knew; it was the voice coming out of his son's bedroom. Harry had said that he would never read that book again, but apparently Sirius had inherited both his dads' ability to pout. Draco bit back a laugh as an insanely high voice filled the hall.

"'SQUEEEEE!' Mr. Twiggles said as he flew into the air…"

Shaking with surpressed laughter, Draco listened as Harry read the rest of The Amazing Mr. Twiggles; supplying voices for Mr. Twiggles, Ms. Pettishankers, The Old Toad, and Little Fox. After a minute or two, Harry regained his normal voice to tell their son goodnight, and Draco figured he had recovered himself enough to go in there.

"Goodnight Sirius," he said, hugging the boy.

"Night Daddy, night Dad," Sirius yawned.

Both men exited the room and Harry turned down the light. Draco just smirked at him when he turned around.

"Don't you say a word," Harry glared playfully.

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