GaaSaku:Wish upon a star

I do not own Naruto or Gaara or Sakura. Even though I wish I did. Otherwise Gaara and Sakura would be a couple in the anime/manga

GaaSaku:Wish upon a star

A fan fiction

Chapter 1

"Sakura-chan"!! I heard Naruto's loud voice echoing throughout the hokage's tower. He knows that I am practicing my medical ninjutsu!! He busts through the door yelling my name loud as usual. "What"!? I yelled back. Naruto was hyper as always. He tells me that Tsunade-sama needed to speak with me. Why didn't she just come and tell me herself? Geez that lady can be so lazy! So I tell Naruto thanks and I head off to Tsunade's room. Naruto stops me while I was heading off and asks me if I wanted to have ramen with him later. I tell him "Sure if your buying"! "Okay okay" he says. I tell him to meet me at around 5pm at the ramen shop. "Dattebayo"!! he yells. So I tell him bye and head off to see Tsunade. I walk into her room and she says "Sakura. I have an assignment for you. This is kind of sudden but the kazekage has sent a request for a medical nin to come to Suna to train a few selected sand ninja for medical ninjutsu training. As you know, medical nins are very rare in Suna, so its very important that you accept this mission". "Of course Tsunade-sama, I understand. But how long does the kazekage want me to stay"? "Well he didn't say, but he did ask specifically for you to come". "I see. that is rather odd, but I will accept and I will leave first thing tomorrow morning". "Thank you Sakura. I knew I could count on my best pupil. Take care of yourself out there". "Thank you Tsunade-sama". I walk out of the hokage's tower wondering why Gaara would specifically ask for me? Was it because of Kankuro, when I saved him when he was poisoned?? Maybe? I am glad that he did choose me. I need a vacation! I wonder where I will be staying? I was so lost in thought that I didn't realize that someone was calling out my name from behind me. I turn to look and I find Temari. "Temari-chan"!! I yelled. "Hi Sakura! I was wondering if you were ignoring me because I was saying your name and you never turned". "Sorry Temari, I was so lost in thought". "Ah I see" she said. "But wait, Temari, why are you here"? "Well I am here to escort you to Suna of course"! "Really? But wait, it takes 3 days to get to Konoha on foot from Suna! I was just told about the mission an hour ago. How did you know I would accept"?? "Hehehe, well Gaara told me you would accept". "What? Can he read minds"?? "Some say, who knows though"? "So are you here alone Temari"? "Nah, Kankuro is around somewhere, probably eating"! While we were chatting, I heard Naruto yelling my name loudly again. He ran up to Temari and I and just gawked. "What"? we both yelled. "Sakura-chan I have been waiting at the ramen shop and you never showed up"! "Oh!! I am so sorry Naruto! I lost track of time. I have been talking to Temari for awhile". "Temari? Temari? Hi!! But what are you doing here"? "Kankuro and I are here to escort Sakura to Suna". "To Suna?? Why"?? "Well Naruto, Tsunade called me to her room earlier because she had a mission for me. I am to go to Suna to help train their ninja medical ninjutsu". "Oh I long will you be gone"? "I don't know Naruto, could be weeks, months..who knows"?? "Maybe forever", Temari said with a smirk. I just laughed but Naruto didn't like that idea too well. "No Sakura-chan!! Don't leave forever"!! "Oh shut up Naruto", I yelled. "Well shall we get going and find Kankuro so we can start our way to Suna"? Temari asked. "Well I still need to pack and get ready"!! "Okay okay, go get packed and we will meet you at the main gate". "Alright". "Naruto, I have to get ready to leave. Take care of yourself". "I will miss you Sakura-chan", he says while giving me a hug. I hug him back and I tell him goodbye. So I head off towards my house.

While I was walking I start thinking of Gaara. He sure has grown up a lot since I first saw him back in the chunnin exam days...he was such a different person back then. Its hard to believe that he was a bloodthirsty murderer. Now he is the kazekage of Suna. I remember when I was healing him back when Matsuri was kidnapped. He looked at me and I could see the hurt and pain in his eyes...but I no longer seen the blood lust in those eyes like the time he almost killed me!! I still remember the time when Gaara had been killed. I couldn't believe it. I cried and I cried...I never knew why I had cried so much until he was revived. I knew that I had fallen in love with him. It may sound strange because I haven't really had a long conversation with Gaara but the times we did talk, I felt my hear beat 2 times faster! It has to be love at first sight!! Maybe I will take the time to tell Gaara my true feelings on this mission. I hope he will understand. So I break away from my thoughts as I arrived at my house. I would have to get my mom to come and take care of the house while I am gone. I call my mom and I tell her about my mission and she said she would look after my house while I am away. So we said our goodbyes. I go upstairs and pack up my things and I head out the door. It was already dark as I head to the main gate of the village. "Hi Sakura"! Kankuro calls. He gives me a big hug with a huge smile on his face. "Hi Kankuro, how have you been"? "Fine fine, and how about your fine self"? He says. Temari bonks Kankuro on the head and tells him to quit flirting. "Owww!! Damnit Temari that hurt"! Temari smiles and says "Shut up! You big baby"! "Hmph" he turns to me "Sakura are you ready to leave"? "Well yeah but do you think we should be travelling this late"? "Oh it will be okay Sakura, we will protect you"! Kankuro said with a smile. "Okay, the sooner the better", I say. "Don't worry Sakura, we will set up camp in a few hours", Temari said. "Well shall we be off"? So off we go!!

We made small talk along the way. I told them about our failed attempt to bring Sasuke back to the leaf village and how I had once loved Sasuke. I asked them about how their lives were and of course I asked about Gaara. They tell me that he is being a great kazekage and how much he loves his people and the village. Of course Kankuro says that he needs a wife. I thought it was pretty funny! I would have thought that Gaara would have already married Matsuri but Temari quickly said that Gaara didn't see Matsuri that way but only as his student. But Temari tells me that Gaara does have someone in mind but he never told her who. Temari was really shocked to learn that her baby brother was actually in love. I just wonder who he loves, I thought. Kankuro sighed loudly and said "Hey ladies, can't we set up camp for tonight. I am beat"? "Oh well why not"? Temari said. Kankura sets up camp while Temari and I head off for the nearby hot springs for a bath. We both undress and we slowly sank into the hot springs. It was such a nice evening. The stars are so bright tonight, I thought. I look over at Temari to find her admiring the stars as well. She really is a beautiful woman, I thought. I am really surprised she wasn't married by now. "Temari", I said looking at her."Yes"? "Don't you have a boyfriend or someone in mind"? "No I don't have a boyfriend and yes I do have someone in mind". "May I ask who"? She laughs. "Sure as long as you don't tell him". "Okay" I said. "I love Shikamaru". I just stared at her in amazement. I never thought that she would have said Shikamaru. I thought she hated him!! She looked at me and asked me the same question. I told her that I wasn't married nor do I have a boyfriend but I did have someone in mind as well. She of course asked me who but I was relucant of telling her it was her brother Gaara!! But she finally broke me down. I tell her it was her brother that I loved. "Kankuro"? she exclaimed. "No no no" I yelled. "Gaara"? She said looking at me weirdly. "Yes I love Gaara" I said as I looked up at the stars. "I think that is really sweet", Temari said with a smile. "Gaara needs someone to love" she said. "It would be great to have you as my sister Sakura" Temari said happily. "Haha Temari thanks"! I know I was blushing now! No one knew of my love of Gaara until now... so I told Temari not to tell a soul and she promised. I am glad because I want to be the one to express my feelings to Gaara, personally. Temari and I talked about other things. I told her about how I am still a virgin and that I had saved myself for Sasuke. That I wanted him to be my first. I am now 19 years old and still a virgin. I am proud of that though. But Temari told me of her daydreaming of Shikamaru being naked. I couldn't help but to laugh about that. Anyway, we finally get out of the hot springs and dry off. We put on our clothes and walk back to camp. Kankuro was already asleep and snoring loudly. We just giggled. It was almost midnight so me and Temari settled down for the night. We said goodnight to each other and drifted off to sleep...

Fast forward

We finally arrived in Suna. It was night when we arrived. I was so tired!! "So where will I be staying here in Suna"? I asked. Temari turned to me "You will be staying with me, Kankuro and Gaara of course"!! "Okay that sounds great" I said. Kankuro giggled "Yeah you can sleep in my room"!! Temari punches him right in the nose!! "Damn you Kankuro!! You pervert"!! She yelled. "Owwww!! My nose"!! Kankuro's nose was bleeding pretty good. So I healed his nose for him. "Oh Sakura thank you, if only Temari was as nice as you". "I heard that!! Do you want me to break your nose now"?? Temari said with an evil gaze. "Eeeeekkk"!! Kankuro scampered off to their house. I just laughed!! "So shall we go home", Temari said with her hand out. I take her hand and off we go!! We arrived at the sand siblings mansion. I have only been there just once when Gaara had died. The mansion is still as beautiful as ever! Kankuro was still sulking when we came into the door. He didn't even bother to look up. "So Temari, where is my room"? "Here I will show you"!! She said as she dragged me upstairs. "Kankuro's room is downstairs. This is my room and Gaara's is the last one on the left. Your room is the one across from Gaara's. We have a guest bathroom right beside your room". "Thanks Temari. By the way where is Gaara"?? "Oh he is probably on the roof since it is already night. He goes up there to look at the moon and stars". THat really is romantic I thought. I wonder if I should go up to the roof to say hi to him. I may, but first I need a bath and I need to unpack. So I go to my room and I uppacked. This room is really beautiful!! I wonder who put these fresh flowers in my room? They smelled so good! They are desert roses, white and pink. So I gather up my clean clothes and head off toward the bathroom. There bathroom was enormous!! The bathtub was big enough for 4 people! Oh! Milk and honey bubble bath! That is my favorite scent!! So I poured a cup full into the warm running bath water. There was so many bubbles! I was in heaven!!