Chapter 7

Later that night

Everyone had already left and it was already well past midnight. I wanted everyone to stay the night and leave tomorrow morning for the trip back to Konoha but they insisted on leaving. They didn't want to intrude they said. I hope that they have a safe journey back, I thought to myself. I sighed out loud as I sat on the couch and looked up at the ceiling. Temari walks into the room and flops down beside me on the couch. "So Temari, give me the details", I tell her. Temari looks at me and smiles. "Oh Sakura! I told Shikamaru everything and it really shocked him because he told me that he thought that I didn't like him all that much. But he feels the same way for me but was too shy to tell me," Temari says while she smiled. "Way to go Temari!!" I tell her. "Shikamaru wants me to come to Konoha to live with him but I don't know how Gaara will take it. Which it shouldn't matter but I am going anyway," Temari says with determination in her voice. "You are right, you should do what you feel is right. You should be with the one you love Temari and don't worry, Gaara will understand," I tell her. "Thanks Sakura!! You are the best!" Temari says while she gives me a hug around the neck. "I guess I will head on to bed Sakura, good night," she says as she gets up and heads upstairs. "Goodnight," I reply. "My cherry blossom," I turned and Gaara was right behind me. "Hi my love!!" I tell him. "So Temari is in love with that lazy fool Shikamaru?" Gaara asked. "You heard huh?" I reply. "Yes. I heard everything. She should do what she feels is right. I won't stop her. I just hope that he treats her well or he shall have to deal with me," Gaara says with a smirk. "Oh darling, your so mean!" I say as I stick my tongue out at him. "Don't stick your tongue out unless you plan to use it," he said as he kissed me. "Is that right? So what shall I use my tongue for??" I ask him with a smirk. "Well I have a few ideas," he said with a raised brow.

In an instant he was on top of me on the couch. "You don't have to use your tongue right now but I shall use mine," he says while he takes off my clothes. He goes to work on my breasts with his tongue. I shivered from the feel of his tongue. I was covered in goosebumps. I wanted him so bad! Gaara made his way toward my vagina. "Ah! Gaara no! We shouldn't do this here. What if Kankuro or Temari walks in on us?" I said as I stopped him. "Don't worry my dear, they are in their rooms sleeping," he says. After he says that Kankuro walks into the room with a bag of chips in one hand and a soda in the other. "WHOA!!" Kankuro yells out loud and blushes at the same time. "Ah!! I am sorry you two!!" He says while he runs into his room and slams the door. Damnit!! Thats the third time he has seen me naked, I said to myself. Gaara was laughing to himself, I just know it! "You were right my dear, lets continue in my room," he says while he picks me up and carries me upstairs to his bedroom. I have never been inside his room before. When we entered his room, I was suddenly slapped in the face with the smell of vanilla. He had vanilla scented candles everywhere! His room was enormous. It was fit for a king such as himself. His bed was also huge. It looked like it could sleep ten people. The color of his room was a deep dark purple and the carpet was also the same color. It was really pretty.

Gaara laid me down on his bed as he took off his clothes. The bed was so soft. I could lay here forever. "Do you like my room," he asks while he climbs on top of me. "Yes, it is really beautiful and this bed is so soft," I replied. "I am glad because this is also your room and your bed as well, my love. You are going to be my wife," he says while he nipped on my ears. I let out a low moan as he whispered, "I love you", in my ear. I start to kiss him passionately and I tell him I love him as well. Things got pretty hot and intense up in our bedroom. We made love well into the next day. We couldn't get enough of each other and I preferred it that way.

1 month later

Gaara and I were already married. Temari had left the Sand village 2 weeks ago to be with Shikamaru. Kankuro and Ino were seeing each other more and more lately. I, myself, was already 2 months along with my pregnancy. I am not showing just yet. Actually today is the day that I have a check up with my doctor. So I make my way to my doctor's appointment. "Good afternoon Sakura-chan," the doctor tells me. "Lets see how your baby is doing today," he continued. He lays me down and he checks the baby's heart beat. "Hmm...," the doctor mumbles. "Is my baby okay doctor?" I ask him. "Oh yes yes. Your baby is just fine. It's just that you are having twins," the doctor tells me. "TWINS!?," I stuttered. I about fell in the floor when he told me that. "Yes, you have two babies Sakura-chan. I am sure Kazekage-sama will be so happy to hear this!!" He says. I could not believe it. Did Temari really know I was having twins or did she just jinx me? Just wait until I tell her, I thought to myself. The doctor gives me a copy of the ultrasound picture. My babies are so small, but so cute! I can't wait to show everyone my babies! I leave from the doctor and I head over to see Gaara at the Kazekage building. I couldn't wait to tell him so I had to let him know now. I entered the building and made my way to Gaara's office. Kankuro was in front of the door. "Hey sis!! How was your doctor visit," he asked. "Fine fine, everything is fine. Here look at this," I say as I handed him the ultrasound picture. "What in the world? What are those two peanut shaped thingies," he asked while pointing at the picture. "Those peanut thingies are me and Gaara's babies," I answered. "Babies? You mean TWO? Twins? Wow! I never thought we all were peanuts when we were that young!!" Kankuro says. I just shake my head. He can be utterly stupid sometimes I thought to myself. "I really hope they look like their handsome uncle Kankuro," he yells out. I just ignore him as I walked past him and entered Gaara's office. I didn't see Gaara anywhere as I glanced around the room. Suddenly, I was grabbed from behind. "Hello my dear beautiful wife!!" I hear Gaara say from behind me. "Gaara, don't scare me like that, you big meanie," I say as I stick my tongue out at him. "Now my love, what did I say about you sticking your tongue at me?" He asks with a raised brow. I look at him and I say, "I forgot, why don't you remind me?" He pulls me close to him. He starts by stripping me of my clothes. Gaara made me forget all about showing him my ultrasound picture and to tell him about the twins. The news could wait a little longer. I wanted Gaara right now so it could wait.

Gaara continued to tease me more and more until I took over and teased him even more. As I was teasing him, Gaara pulls me close to him so he could kiss me deeply. He then turns me around and he bends me over his oversized desk. He kisses me while my back is facing him. He caresses my back and licks the curve of my spine. A shiver ran along my spine as he continued to lick. I moaned as I put my head down on the desk. He really knew my weak spot and he knew it turned me on more than anything. He gently enters me from behind. He thrusts in and out as we both moaned together. As we continued our passionate love making, unbeknownest to Gaara and I, we had a visitor standing in the doorway. Kankuro stood there with his mouth gaped wide open. Gaara finally noticed the peeping tom Kankuro. Gaara's sand grabs up Kankuro and throws him out of the room and slams the door. I was so embarrassed, but we finished our session anyway.

Kankuro was thrown out of the room and was dazed for a bit. "I...I..uh..I saw my brother naked and uh I..I..saw Sakura naked again too! And they were...they were...Damn that was HOT!! What am I saying!? That is just sick!! Eww! Ugh!"

After our sexual escapades, we both get dressed. I told Gaara that I was going to go home and cook dinner. "I have something I have to tell you and show you as well," I tell him as I fixed my hair. "Oh is that right? I will be home soon my love," he says as he kisses me. We say our "I love yous" and I head back to the mansion. I decided to make pork dumplings, vegetable stir fry, steamed rice and sweet bean buns. Gaara comes home about two hours later. We sat down for a nice dinner. I tell Gaara that we were having twins and I showed him the ultrasound pictures. He was estatic. All he could do was hug me and kiss my belly.

7 months later

The time had come. The babies were coming. I was in the hospital ready to deliver our babies. Gaara was there the whole time. The pain was so unbearable but Gaara helped me through. Our first baby was born. It is a boy! A few minutes later, our second was born. It is a girl! Gaara let me name the girl. I decided on the name, Misaki. Gaara named our son, Minami. Both of our children has red hair with a pink tint. Minami looks just like Gaara and Misaki looks like me. Gaara was a proud father. "Lets have more children, my love, "Gaara says to me with a smile.

The end !