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It was an hour after RAW and I found myself sitting in the hotel bar drowning himself to block out my thoughts. Tonight I had found himself on the same side as the man I respected and had grown to care for. I had just ordered my third tequila when I heard him, it wasn't hard to tell him apart from the others his voice was a lower pitch and had a gravelly edge. A second gravelly voice joined his and I had to swallow twice to get the alcohol to go down. A hand on my shoulder made me jump sideways and I ended up on the floor.

"Whoa there, you alright?" He reached down and wrapped his massive hand around my wrist, and I closed mine around his out of reflex and he pulled me to my feet.

I swayed from the sudden change in position he reached out to steady me, one hand on my shoulder and one on my lower back. Up close his eyes were a brilliant blue and my breathing became labored as I stared at him.

"I do believe that you have scared him speechless Glen."

"Mark you know that's your area of expertise." Glen smirked as he looked over at Mark. "Hey kid, what's your name, we can't go around calling you Bam all the time. Ron might think we're ripping off his catch phrase." He smiled at me and I felt my heart constrict.

"J-justin." I gulped, cursing myself for drinking, I finally get to talk to him and I'm almost 3 sheets to the wind.

"Well Justin, why don't you join me and Mark here for a little drinking." He smiled and nodded over to the table where Mark had already seated himself.


Glen clapped me on my back and started over, a pitcher of the local brew in one hand and two glasses in the other. I watched as he walked, he had changed into some tight wrangler jeans and black muscle shirt, and his muscles rippled invitingly. I wanted nothing more than to run my hands over his shoulders and down his arms. My mouth ran dry as my mind ran to other, more erotic thoughts about what I want to do to the large man.

"You did good tonight Justin, you keep this up and you'll go far in the WWE."

"T-thank you." I mumbled as I looked down at the table, I could feel myself blushing and that was the last thing I wanted those two to see.

"Glen, you're embarrassing the man." Mark laughed as I brought my head up and stared at him.

Like Glen, Mark is a good looking man, his green eyes sparkle when he looks at you and it's that sparkle that gives you the insight into his mood. He had his long hair pulled back and a bandanna tied around it, a throwback to his American Bad Ass days. Both of them have that dangerous edge to them and I can see why they have flocks of women after them after the shows. I flick my eyes back and forth between them as they talk, my eyes drawn to their mouths. Glen has more of a pouting bottom lip and Mark's are full and plump, both sets begging to be kissed. I shake my head and look back towards the table. Had anyone asked me month ago if I would be entertaining erotic thoughts about these two giants in the wrestling world and I would have flattened them with hard right.

Chavo was the first one to bring it to my attention. It was two hours after my debut and we were sitting in a night club not too far from the hotel and there were women circled around us. Chavo had one on each knee and I just kept pushing them away, my excuse being that I was uncomfortable around big groups of people. Chavo had looked at me and said that I was in the wrong in the business if I had that fear. Then I heard Glen's voice over the music and my eyes were drawn to the big man. He spotted us and made his way over, I thought that he was going to kill us for the little stunt in the ring that night. Instead he just came over and shook Chavo's hand and nodded in my direction. I felt my heart soar from just that little acknowlegdement and my mood lightened some. After we made it back to the room Chavo looked at me, he was drunk off his ass so he actually looked past me, but he said that he didn't care if I was into guys just don't come on to him, he even went so far as to say that he would introduce me to some of the other guys that share perspective. He passed out a minute later, falling face down onto his bed. I was left standing with my mouth open as I thought about his words.

It was true that I didn't run around with females, but I had always thought that I was looking for the right one, not some ring rat who only wants to sleep with me because of who I am. It hit me in that moment that I was attracted to males, sure I admired them for their in ring skills and agility, it was the reason that I got into wrestling in the first place, but I never thought that I was attracted to them sexually. When I made my debut against Kane, I was in awe of the bigger man, he moved as if he owned the ring. When I had him held down on the table, I felt his strength as he fought against me and it excited me that of all the superstars to enter a feud with they picked him.

"Justin, you there man?" Glen said laughing as he waved his hand in front on my face.

"Wha-, yea I'm here, just lost to thoughts." I grinned, the tequila had to be kicking in, I wasn't feeling as nervous anymore.

"Ahh, Mark suffers from that too, only his thoughts normally have more to do with women, OW! Fine men then. WHAT?!" I watched the by play between the two, Glen was laughing and Mark was growling and punching him in the shoulder.

"So Mark which is it?" I couldn't believe those words just left my mouth, and the look on Mark's face let me know that I had over stepped a boundary. "I-I mean..."

"Justin, you know for a rookie you have alot of balls." Mark's face lost the feral look and he laughed. "I really don't have a preference, I'm more attracted to the personality then gender or looks."

"Which would explain the whole Batista thing" Glen mumbled into his drink.

"I heard that, what about your little Hurricane fixation, or the whole Teri deal you had."

I watched as Glen choked on the beer he had in his mouth, spraying it over the table as he glared at Mark. I set my glass down, my eyes bouncing between the two men, it was almost as if they were trying to make each other jealous by bringing up past conquests. Glen just glared and picked his glass up again, taking a long pull before speaking.

"Yea, what about it, it's in the past, I'm not ashamed of it." He shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly, but his eyes challenged Mark to same something else.

"Alright guys, save the 'brotherly love' for the ring." I interjecting, although a part of me wanted them to start brawling so that I could get in the middle to try and stop them.

"Justin's right." Glen smiled over at me and if I had been standing my knees would have given out.

We continued to drink and joke, not realizing that they had started herding the patrons out of the bar. A buxom young waitress sashayed over to the table and cleared her throat to get our attention, we were talking about up coming storylines and where we thought they were heading. It took her minute to get our attention, nad even then it took her shaking Mark's shoulder to break the conversation.

"Guys, it's time for you all to leave, we're closing." Her voice was low and she batted her eyelashes as she looked him over, it was clear that she was interested.

Mark quirked his eyebrow and stared back, a wicked smile on his face.

"I'm sorry darlin', we'll be outta yer hair here in a minute." She blushed as he smiled at her again, his eyes raking her from head to toe.

Glen snorted and downed his drink before rising to his feet, he looked over at me and jerked his head towards the exit. I set my glass down and got to my feet, swaying slightly, apparently 8 glasses of tequila doesn't agree with my system all that well. We made our way out of the bar, leaving Mark and the waitress to flirt or do whatever. We were standing by the elevator, the alcohol in our systems letting us know that if we attempted the stairs it was going to end badly, when Mark joined us, the waitress practically wrapped around him.

"Justin, are you sharing a room with any one?" He asked.

"Uhhh, no."

"Can Glen crash with you?" His eyes were pleading as he looked at me, the little waitress getting more adventurous with her touches.

"If he wants." I looked over at Glen, he was leaning against the wall, his eyes drooping, apparently he was one of those drinkers that turn sleepy when they've had too much.

"Ya know, I don't think he'll mind." Mark snickered as he started to fall forwards.

I moved over and looped my arm around his waist to support him and placed his head down on my shoulder, talking lowly to him. After a minute the elevator dinged and we got on, Mark and the waitress trying to suck each others face off and Glen mumbling against my neck about something. The feel of his lips whispering against my neck made me stiffen and I was glad when the elevator stopped on my floor. I turned to say something to Mark but turned back around and started towards my room, Glen stumbling besides me, his arm now looped around my waist. A door opened and Jeff Hardy walked out into the hallway, he grinned and snapped a picture with his damn camera that he always seemed to have and walked off, no doubt planning a painting or something. All I could think of though was that I was glad it wasn't John Cena and his infernal camcorder.

I fought with my door and after swinging it open I manuevered Glen into the room and over to the bed. I let go and pushed him gently into a sitting position, stepping back I watched as he struggled with his boots. He managed to get them off and fell back onto the bed, stretching out. I laughed quietly and grabbed a pair of sweats out of my bag and walked into the bathroom to change. When I got back out he was curled up on his side. Figuring that he was asleep I walked over to the couch that was in the room and laid down, moving around until I got comfortable. I had just threw my leg up over the back of the couch when I got picked up from couch and carried over to the bed.

"It's not fair to you for me to kick you out of the bed because Mark wanted to get some strange tonight."

He laid back down and pulled him close to his side, falling asleep almost instantly. I tried to move so that he could have some space, but he just tightened his grip and mumbled something incoherent. Sighing I decided to enjoy the closeness and worry about the morning when it came.