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Justin's POV

Wrestlemania 25

I was standing at the gorilla with Glen waiting for my music to hit. This had to be the most harebrained scheme in the history of schemes. As I waited my mind flashed back to how it all happened.

Flash Back

Mark had had a meeting with Vince, he wanted to retire this year and what better place than in his home state of Texas. Him and Vince had sat for hours as they poured over who was going to usher out the era of The Undertaker. The most logical choice in my mind was Shawn. After all they were both pillars in the WWE and what better match was there than HBK against the Deadman? Shawn hadn't thought so, he had said that he had enough grief after he ended Flairs career. If he ended Takers than he said he would fear for his life. Mark had agreed, Shawn had done so much in his career and for him to take out The Undertaker would seem to be a bit much, after all there wasn't much left in the ShowStoppa's tank either. No, Mark had said that he wanted on of the younger guys to get the glory, after all that would cement their place in the history of the sport.

Glen and I had went with him but were sitting out in the lounge area waiting for the meeting to end. To my surprise Mark had walked out of Vince's office with a sheet of paper and handed it to me to sign. I wanted to read it over, but he just told me to sign it, that I could read it later. And later I did, on the front page of . It read, "Bam Neely to take on the Deadman in a match to be named later." I had gasped for air and looked over at Mark, wondering what type of prank the was. After all I hadn't done much in my singles career to have earned this spot.


"Yea kid?"

"Is this true?"

"Sure is. You signed the paperwork the other day."


"When I handed you the paper outside of Vince's office. All that's left now is a good storyline to sell the angle. It'll probably be something along the lines of a betrayal."

"But, but.."

"Look kid. I want someone how I know deserves a push, and what better push than putting the Deadman out of his misery once and fer all. You've come along way."

"Mark this is an abuse of power. You're just letting me do this because I'm sleeping with you." I had shot back.

"Like that's never been done before." Mark said as he rolled his eyes.

"Mark, I'm not kidding. Everyone in the back has to know why you picked me, and this isn't going to sit well with them. There are others more worthy of this opportunity. Like Jeff."

"That kid is only hungering after the gold."

"Alright, Oleg. He's still undefeated."

"Right, like the pro-american fans aren't going to riot if the 'Moscow Mauler' puts me out of commission for good."

"What about Adam?"

"Justin look, anyone I choose has got to be physically strong enough for what I'm going to do. Yea Oleg would be a good choice, but again the whole pro-american leanings, not to mention that we'll be in Texas. The poor kid might get shot before he leaves the ring. With Adam, the fans are tired of seeing Edge and Taker go at it. And if he wins then it'll seem like the whole Vickie/Edge power couple will be coming back. But with you, you turned on La Familia and aligned yerself with the BoD. Now yer gonna turn yer back on the BoD and take out Undertaker in the most underhanded and dirty way possible. The fans will hate you, don't doubt that. And then you'll enter into a feud with Glen over the whole deal and where it goes from there is all up to Vince and the powers that be."

I crossed my arms and sulked, Mark had made some good points. But that didn't mean that I had to like them.

End Flashback

That had been over three months ago. And true to his word Vince had Bam turn on the brothers and take them on separately and in tag action. With Bam accumulating wins as he went, but that still didn't calm my nerves. This was Wrestlemania, and my first one at that. I was worried that I was going to miss a spot and really end up hurting Mark, or not being able to go through with it. Atleast when Shawn has ended Flair career he was able to say sorry and that he loved him. I wouldn't have the freedom with Mark, no one would believe that Bam Neely was capable of those emotions, not after what I had put the brothers through on live t.v. The only stipulation to the match was that Mark had to win by pinfall or submission, if he failed to do so then he was done. Vince had essentially turned this into another career threatening match.

My music blasted out over the speakers and the instant reaction from the crowd was loud booing. Hell if I was in the audience I would be booing me too. Glen had to push me out on to the stage, whispering that he would see me at the end of the match. I squared my shoulders and headed down the ring, not even looking when a fan tossed a water bottle at me. This was going to be fun night, if they were throwing things at me now just wait until the end of the match. I had the feeling that I was going to be shot as well. But then again I planned on changing the end of the match myself. It wasn't fair for me to end the Streak. I was going to make it so that the brawl spilled out of the ring and then keep Mark out there so that he won by count out. That way the big man could go out on top, right where he belonged.

As I stood in the ring, I rocked back and forth from the balls of my feet to the heel. Then the lights went down and the infamous gong sounded. Smoke started to fill the arena and I watched with baited breath as Mark made his way down the ramp, my heart in my throat as I took in his attire. he had donned the cape that he wore to WM24 and his hair was slicked back showing the tiniest bit of red at the roots. He climbed into the ring, never once taking his eyes off of me, and in their depths I seen the sadness that I knew that he would be feeling. After all this was the last time that he would ever stand in this ring on the grandest stage of them all. He took his time unfastening his cloak, and I shivered; making it look like he was getting to me.

The bell ran before I knew it and soon we were locked up in the middle, I smiled as his green eyes bored into mine.

"Give it yer all kid. Yer about to become a legend."

Then Mark threw me into the ropes and clotheslined me as I rebounded, then straddled my chest and started to unload open handed right punches to my face. I covered up the best I could and unseated Mark by bucking my hips. I rolled over onto my stomach and got back to my feet only to tie up with Mark again in the center of the ring. As we grappled I used my foot to sweep Marks out from under him and when he was down I started to aim kicks to his midsection then fist dropped to his forehead. Mark rolled around on the mat like he was in pain, then slowly got to his feet, bleeding from a cut on his forehead. We had decided to give the fans a bloody brawl worthy of The Undertaker. I aimed a couple of more punches to the wound and had to swallow as Marks' blood coated my hand.

Mark then staggered me back with a right to the chin and followed it by backing me into the corner and unleashing his signature flurry of hits to my stomach and face. A few connected, and my head was reeling slightly as I pushed him away and stumbled out of the corner. Mark charged me and took back to the mat with another clothesline, this time he got back to his feet and waited for me to regain my feet. Then he grabbed my wrist and twisted it then headed over to the ropes. I tapped my shoulder to make it look like I was in pain, but I was really watching to make sure that he didn't slip on the ropes. I don't care how many times the big man had done that move it still scared me when he did. One wrong move and he could end up hitting the floor outside the ring and breaking his neck.

The move connected and we rolled around on the mat for awhile before I managed to get back to my feet. Mark got back to his and grabbed my wrist again, this time flinging me into the ropes and getting ready for a Big Boot. However when I hit the ropes I wrapped my arms around them and watched Mark charged towards me, the sudden change in plans throwing him off his game slightly.

"What are you doing kid?" He demanded as he punched my chest.

"Just clothes line me you ass." I said as we traded punches near the ropes.

Mark backed up to the other side of the ring and I stepped a few inches away from the rope and readied myself for the impact. The clothesline itself wasn't that bad, hell I've had worse done to me. It was the hard landing on the outside that did it. I forced myself to my feet and started to kick and punch on Mark, keeping him away from the ring so that he couldn't get back in and break the ten count. He made a move to get back in when the ref hit six, but out of desperation I grabbed his wrist and tossed him into the steps. The hollow sound reverberated and the ref hit ten. The match was announced a no contest and the fans nearest the ring started to hurl the worst sounding curses that I had ever heard.

Mark did his signature sit up and when he got back to his feet he grabbed me by the throat and tossed me into the side of the ring. Then as I stood there trying to catch my breath from the unexpected move he forced me into the ring and brought me back to my feet by my throat. He brought my face close his and his eyes locked onto mine. The sadness that had been there earlier had been replaced by naked lust. I swallowed as he continued to stare at me. His tongue darted out and ran across his lips and I could hear the fans yelling dully in the background. Then Marks' lips were crashing down on mine and his tongue snaking into my mouth for mere moment. The lights then went down, a minute later they went back up and Mark was gone, but Glen was in his place.

He twisted his face into a mask of hatred and with one punch I was out. I woke up later in the locker room with both Mark and Glen staring down at me.

"Alright kid, what was that out there?" Mark demanded as I sat up.

"I wanted you to go out on top. This way your streak isn't broken but you still get to retire. Damn Glen what the hell did you do to me?" I asked as I pressed a hand to my head.

"I soaked my glove in ether before I came out." He said shrugging.

"Coulda warned me." I said punching his arm lightly, my strength was still sapped.

Mark opened his mouth to say something else but was interrupted by the door slamming open and Vince stalking through with a dark look on his face.

"What in the hell was that out there?" He demanded as he stood with his arms akimbo in front of us.

"Just going out with a bang Vince. Surely you understand that." Glen said with a grin.

"The fans are in an uproar. How are we going to explain this?"

"Say it's his way to taking a soul, I'm sure that creative can come up with something good." Mark said as he grinned.

"Whatever, but you better not be late next week or else it'll be your hide Mark." Vince said grouchily as he left.

"Are you going to be able to just be a trainer?" I asked, after all it didn't work the first time.


"I know, I know. 'Yer a big boy and can care for himself.' But I love you and I want you to be happy." I said with a small grin.

"Trust me kid, I'm happier now than I ever have been."

He pulled me close and pressed a kiss to my lips gently, then grew rougher when Glen moved behind him and started to lick his neck. I let out a sigh, happy that everything finally worked out for us. Bad things might come our way, but I knew that we would be able to overcome them all. That was the power of love, and between us three there was enough love to last a hundred lifetimes. With my last lucid thought I thanked creative for placing me in the feud with Glen as my debut. It was because of them that I finally found the love, or rather in this case, loves of my life.