Wilson was gone

Wilson was gone. No longer was Wilson a part of the living souls wandering the earth. And he hadn't given anyone a chance to say goodbye. Well as Wilson had been his last concrete tie to the earth House was floating. No medical mystery would keep him here, no chance to stare at Cuddy's breasts. So he would do what he did best. Piss the world off and leave a mystery behind. Cuddy might realize it but she wouldn't tell. Two bottles of scotch and a bottle of Vicodin later Gregory House left the living.

The next morning when House didn't show up for work, Cuddy and the old ducklings and the new ducklings went to find out what was wrong. They found him on the couch with his Vicodin, scotch and an old faded photograph clutched in his hand. Lisa Cuddy had known somewhere deep inside that if Wilson was gone House wouldn't last but she thought he would have put up a bit of a fight. She supposed that this was House's way of saying 'screw you' to the world one final time. With tears streaming down her face she pried the picture out of his hand and looked at the note on the back. There, in House's handwriting were the words …

I love you, Wilson.