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Roy mustang hated Riza Hawkeye's hair. When he had first known her, many years ago when he was a student at her father's house, she had had exceptionally short hair. It had framed her face beautifully, in a way that he never believed such short hair would. But that was his Riza. She looked beautiful no matter what. However, he couldn't help but wonder, when his mind wandered from the alchemy books in front of him, what she would look like if she ever grew her hair out.

So when he had first noticed the change in its length, he couldn't help but grin to himself. He would finally get the chance of seeing his sensei's daughter with flowing long locks, just how he had always imagined. However, he didn't expect that he would hate the outcome so much.

So her hair was long now, flowing down past her shoulders, kept out of her way neatly by the hair clip she always wore to work. It wasn't the fact that she looked bad with her hair long. In fact, she looked beautiful, far more so than his fantasies had prepared him for. It was just that it was so damn distracting! While she sat at her desk reading through the day's work, he would be imagining what her hair looked like when let loose from the clip. How it would look styled perfectly if he took her out. How it would feel if he could run his fingers through it. How it would look tousled and messy first thing in the morning. How it would look glistening and wet when she got out of the shower...

Yes, Roy Mustang really hated Riza Hawkeye's hair.

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