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The waiting game

Planning, memorising, knowing, positioning, timing. All done. All known. All ready.

There was nothing more to be said, nothing more to be done except sit in silence, a tense awaiting moment. Hundreds of scenarios flashed across her mind. What if they were late? What if something happened to her before she could allow him to play his part? What if...

There was no space in her planning for "what if's", "Maybe's" or "who knows?" She was meticulous and precise, accomplished and a perfectionist. It was only in this time, in these small yet grad moment that they circled around her head, whispering, laughing, playing their game.

The waiting game.

Her life at times seemed to hinge on this game. Her goal, her purpose was always a distant light, just somewhere over the horizon. All they had to do was wait for the perfect time.

And then?

A host of fantastical images and sequences could fall into place. A calm life. A true life. One not spent alone and in the dark. But they were just drawings in a child's play book, colourful and whimsical, yet hardly accurate.

The light was the mission, the target. Once it was gained, all that would be left was the dark.

So Riza Hawkeye played the waiting game one more time. Because she knew, that whatever the circumstance, whatever the light may bring and whatever would follow in the dark that the waiting would be somehow worth it.

That he would be worth it.

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