Gibbs looked over at the ringing of his phone, interupting the dark glares he was shooting at Agent Lee. It was nearing the sixth anniversary of Tony's transfer to Spain, the younger man having accepted the Rota assignmant, and his temper always became shorter at this time of year. Hell since Tony had left Gibbs had seemed like even more of a bastard. Growling he snatched up his phone.

"Gibbs!" he snapped.

"Is this Special Agent Gibbs, NCIS?" asked a hesitant voice.

"Yes," it sounded like a child.

"You don't know me, but my name's Michael DiNozzo," came the answer. "My father told me if I ever needed help you'd be the best person to call. Someone took him."

"How do you mean 'took him'?" Gibbs questioned.

"We were at the park, we'd just got into the country yesterday," he sighed. "Dad brought Katie, that's my sister, and I to the park. He was approached by a couple of men, they hit him and then dragged him away."

"Alright Michael," Gibbs took a breath. "Where are you now?"

"Katie and I are still at the park," he gave the location.

"Stay there, my team and I are on our way," Gibbs informed.

"Thank you," Michael sighed in relief.

Telling his team to grab their gear and follow him Gibbs rushed to the elevator. They quickly moved to follow. Barely giving them time to fasten their seatbelts he tore out of the car park towards the location 'Michael' had given him. He knew he shouldn't have accepted the phone call at face value but his gut was telling him that the boy really was Tony's son - no matter how implausible that may seem - and that his ex-senior field agent was in danger. Reaching the park Gibbs screached to a halt and hurried inside. His attention was immediately drawn to two small children, a boy about five and a younger girl, sitting on one of the benches and he quickly approached them. Drawing his badge he knelt in front of them.

"Are you Michael?" he asked the boy.

"Special agent Gibbs?" the boy seemed suspiscious of him.

"Yes," he showed his badge and I.D. "Can you tell me what happened when we get back to NCIS?"

"Uh huh," he nodded. "Come on Katie."

"But M.J," the girl protested. "I'm seepy."

"It's alright," Gibbs assured him, scooping her into his arms.

Grabbing the bag that had been sitting beside them on the bench Michael followed Gibbs over to the sedan. Agent Lee frowned at Gibbs on seeing the children, stating that there wasn't enough room for them in the car. Growling in response Gibbs threatened to leave her there if she had a problem. She quickly shook her head and throwing his keys at McGee, Gibbs informed him he would be driving. Nodding dumbly he watched as his boss helped Michael into the back seat before sitting in the front with Katie cradled in his arms.

They reached NCIS and, still carrying Katie, Gibbs led the way up to the bull-pen. Sending Agent Lee to get him some coffee, and something for the childrren as well, he 'borrowed' her chair to lie Katie on. Turning to Michael he was struck for a moment by how much the boy looked like Tony, with messy brown hair and wide blue eyes. He watched as the boy tenderly brushed some strands of hair - brown with natural blonde highlights - out of his sisters face before looking to Gibbs.

"Can you describe the men who took your dad?" he questioned gently.

"Can do better than that" he grinned an achingly familiar smile. "Got pictures," he withdrew a camera from the bag.

"McGee," Gibbs gestured him over. "get that to Abby."

"Yes boss," the younger man scampered away.

"Is my daddy going to be okay?" Michael's voice shook.

"I don't know," Gibbs admitted. "But I'll do my best to bring him back to you."

"Thank you," Michael offered a small smile. "I know you will. Daddy says your the best."

"Agent Gibbs," Agent Lee returned. "I got your coffee, I wasn't sure what to get the children, so I just got hot chocolate."

"That's fine," Michael assured.

"I meant food, agent Lee," Gibbs glared.

"I did not know what they would like," she defended.

"Pizza," Ziva chipped in. "Any child of Tony's has to like pizza."

"We're alright," Michael informed. "Daddy took us for lunch before we went to the park."

"You sure?" Gibbs checked.

"Yeah," Michael nodded and moved to his sister. "Katie wake up."
"M.J?" she sat up. "Where is we?"

"We're at Daddy's old work," Michael answered. "You want some hot chocolate?"

"Mallows?" she questioned.

Agent Lee shook her head, "Sorry."

"Don't apologise," Michael drew a pack from the bag. "It's a sign of weakness."

Dropping several marshmallows in each cup Michael helped his sister drink one. Tking the cup from him Gibbs told him to enjoy his own. Nodding quietly the boy did as he was told, watching as Gibbs took his place, helping Katie take small sips. Watching her boss shocked, Agent Lee asked what she should do. Shooting her a scathing look Gibbs told her to find out why Tony had been in Washington and where they were staying. Placing his cup back on Gibbs table Michael provided the name of the hotel they were staying that, stating that Tony had been looking for a more permanent place of residence, sounding excited as he told them they were moving to Washington. Smiling indulgently Gibbs asked if he knew why. Shaking hs head he claimed that his dad had just said that it was to do with work. Nodding in acceptance Gibbs asked where their mother was. Looking hesitantly at his sister Michael whispered that his mum had died in child birth. Gibbs had to strain to hear him and understood that he didn't want his sister to hear.

The director appeared on the balcony. She frowned on seeing them and moved towards Gibbs' desk, evidently curious. Meeting her eyes he asked if she knew why Tony was back and, unable to hold his gaze, she admitted that the young man was the new assistant director. Nodding in acceptance he informed her that they had reason to believe that Tony had been abducted and was in danger.

"What makes you think that?" she wondered.

"His son," Gibbs gestured to Michael. "Called me, he was attacked and taken from the park they were at."

"That's Tony's boy?" she didn't sound all that surprised.

"Michael Jethro DiNozzo, ma'am," he offered his hand. "And that's my sister Caitlyn Paula DiNozzo."

Gibbs stared at him in shock, "Jethro?"

"Yep," he smiled broadly. "Daddy calls me M.J."

"How old are you?" Gibbs asked.

"I'm five," he sounded proud. "And Katie's two."

"Gibbs," the director drew attention back to her. "Find him."

"I will," he assured. His phone rang and he quickly answered it, "Abby's got something for us."

He led the way down to the forensics lab to find that Abby had managed to match several of Tony's attackers from the photographs Michael had taken. She seemed excited that the young man was back, even more so when she discovered that he was to be the new assistant director, but voiced her worry that the attackers were known associates of an arms dealer. The director paled when she heard this and told them of how Tony had been working under cover before he left, dating an arms dealer's daughter. They paled and Gibbs announced that they had to find him quickly. Leaving the two children to be fussed over by Abby he headed to find the younger man.