When Gibbs returned to the hospital the following morning he was accompanied by both Michael and Katie and had a bag of clothes for Tony which he had picked up from the younger man's hotel. He'd been surprised at the hotel room - unsure how DiNozzo had been able to afford it - and had done some digging to reveal that Tony had renewed relations with his father after Michael's birth and when DiNozzo senior died over a year before he'd left everything to the younger man. Knowing of their relationship Gibbs had been surprised that they'd managed to get back on such good terms. Tony smiled at his entrance and disappeared into the room's en-suite to change. Michael and Katie were practically bouncing up in down in excitement that their daddy was getting out of hospital and as soon as he returned, dressed in a pair of black slacks and a black t-shirt, they rushed to hug him.

"Missed you daddy," Katie announced.

"Did you?" he grinned, swinging her up to sit on his hip despite the pain it caused.

"Uh huh," Michael chimed in. "Uncle Ducky was great but he's not as fun as you."

He honestly tried not to laugh, "Michael that's not nice, I'm sure Ducky was just as fun as I am, isn't he Gibbs?"

"Yep," the special agent smiled.

"See?" Tony looked to his son again.

"Okay," Michael pouted then brightened. "Abby was cool too."

"Really?" he smirked.

"She let me pway wif her hippo," Katie informed.

"She did?" Tony feigned amazement.

Michael nodded, "and she let me help in the lab."
Tony looked at Gibbs worriedly causing the older man to chuckle, "don't worry it wasn't anything dangerous, just looking at monitors and telling her when results came in."

Tony sighed in relief, "Sounds like you had a lot of fun."

"Would have been better if you were there," Michael claimed.

"Well we'll just have to fix that, won't we," he took his son's hand in his own. "How about we blow this popsicle stand and I buy you some ice cream?"

"Yeah," Michael enthused.

"You just need to sign your release papers," Gibbs told him. "Then we can go."

"Okay," he headed for the exit.

Unable to hide his grin at the happy family Gibbs ducked his head and followed them from the room. He waited by Tony's side as the younger man filled in the neccessary paper work at the reception desk and couldn't help but frown as the woman behind the desk claimed that there was a letter for DiNozzo. Seeing the confusion etched on Tony's features he couldn't help but worry but the younger man simply accepted the envelope he was handed. Placing Katie on the floor Tony carefully tore open the envelope - not wanting a repeat of the y-pestis incident which was still etched firmly in his memory despite the time that had passed since - and took out a single sheet of paper. Brow furrowing he read the letter, finding that it was from La Grenouille apologising for Jeanne's actions and stating that he was getting her the help she needed. Smiling happily he folded up the note and relifted his daughter and continued to the exit.


It had been six months since Tony s return from Spain and he had been welcomed back with open arms by everyone except the director who was still sore over his decision not to press charges against Jeanne and Rene. Michael had been enrolled in a school, and Katie in nursery, and both children had quickly settled into life in Washington. Everyone adored the kids and they now had more honourary aunts and uncles than any other children Tony knew. Looking at the clock in his office the young man smiled happily: it was half three on a Friday afternoon meaning that the children would be dropped off by their nanny soon and, providing the team weren't working an active, case everyone would head to his house after work for a movie night. Standing to stretch he found his smile widening when the elevator doors dinged open and the sounds of the two children talking excitedly reached his ears. Opening his office door with a grin he swung them into a hug and sent them to play on his couch whist he finished working. Bidding him farewell, informing him that she would see him on Monday morning, the nanny left.

Two hours later Abby bounced into his office, announcing that everyone was ready to go. Smiling he nodded, signing off on his last report, and sweeped both Michael and Katie into his arms, glad that his wounds had completely healed and it was no longer painful to do so. Grinning at his actions Abby bounced from the room telling them to hurry up and shaking his head with a chuckle he followed her.

His house was a modest two-storey building, within walking distance of both Katie's nursery and Michael's school. It wasn't that he couldn't afford a bigger home, it was just that his house suited him and his family's needs, both children had their own rooms - Katie's fit for a princess and Michael's with a red Magnum ferrari bed - there was a guest bedroom and he had a study. Everyone drove their own cars to his house and they ate dinner whilst watching a movie for the kids, after which Tony put them to bed and the team watched more adult films.

After tucking the sleepy children into bed Tony slumped on the couch beside Abby, resting his head on her shoulder as they put in a movie. She grinned and planted a kiss on his forehead as the film started. Unable to help himself he scanned the others in the room, feeling a smile creep onto his face: it was almost as though he hadn't left. There was honestly no hard feelings between any of them - in fact he was closer than ever to Gibbs, Abby and Ducky - and he was content that he was surrounded by his friends, his family. Life really was good, made more so by the fact that he no longer had to worry about his crazy ex-girlfriend. He was, he mused, a really lucky guy.