He still remembered that fateful day

He still remembered that fateful day. The day House had died, killed by a sick girl trying to drive herself to the hospital. Wilson had once again trying to hide from House. He had foolishly blamed House for Amber's death. Now he was responsible for House dieing. Cuddy had said over and over again that it wasn't his fault. But it was. If he had not blamed House, House would never have been looking for him and Wilson wouldn't have made him leave angry and then House wouldn't have left for a bar. Wilson remembered what House had said and how House had acted. He had been kind and gentle for once. Only toward the end had House been angry at him. How many times had House tried to get him to eat, go home, or at least lay down on the couch in his office? House had even offered to let Wilson live with him again if Wilson would get some rest and eat. Killing House was how he repaid House kindness. It was Amber dieing that had numbed him but House's death had brought him back to a world of pain. He still remembered the last words that House had said with his dieing breath, I love you Wilson. Wilson had not had a chance to reply but he always thought when he thought about House, I love you too, House.

--House--and--Wilson-- must--be-- together--forever--

She had gotten the phone call when the paramedics had found out where he worked. They had said Wilson had walked in to the street and the cars hadn't seen him. Wilson had died on the scene. The last thing the paramedics had heard him say as he died was, I love you, House. They had both died in car accidences but Cuddy had a suspicion Wilson had died on purpose. For Wilson a world without House and Amber would have been no world at all. Well she had to go tell both sets of ducklings, they didn't need to hear it from somewhere else.