"Miss Bowman, there's a file on your desk shipped in from Connecticut," Nancy muttered while finishing her game of solitaire

"Miss Bowman, there's a file on your desk shipped in from Connecticut," Nancy muttered while finishing her game of solitaire. Meaghan glanced up from reading her agenda for the day and sipping coffee while taking her first two steps into the main office.

"Connecticut? We're a south-eastern based business. Is it an invitation to bid?"
"Not sure ma'am…." Nancy wasn't even paying her attention,

Chloe sighed and rolled her eyes as she turned the corner and made her way to her desk.

"Hmm… Connecticut. What in the world is in Connecticut?" Chloe slipped her fingers beneath the flap and tore open the package. It was an invitation to bid, she muttered underneath her bid, "Dear Ms. Chloe Bowman, we are writing you this to inform you of a building that is need of asbestos abatement on an 114,300 square foot building. Plans may be shipped to you by calling yadda yadda yadda…" Chloe flopped the invite on her desk and made her way round her desk to take a seat.

"Hey, did you get that new invite?" Tom, the lead bidder, popped his head into her office.

"The ginormously huge one?"

"Yeah, that one. Are we gonna bid it?"

"I suppose so, we don't have any major jobs lined up any time soon, it depends when they want to start and how long it's going to take."

"Just let me know, I want to see the plans and figure out the place."

"Yeah, maybe it's a hotel or something…"

"It's the what?!" Chloe almost spit out her coffee.

"World Wrestling Entertainment headquarters. Home of wrestling entertainment." Tom exclaimed enthusiastically over the plans.

"Since when were grown men in spandex entertainment? My God, this place is huge…."

"You seem disdained? This is a big thing for us… think of it. We could make in a few months what we make in a year." But Chloe was already heading to her office and shutting the door. It's not that she wasn't aware of the potential that the job had, but at the same time how much would they actually come out on top? And why the hell did they send us a bid?

Chloe had grown up in the demolition and asbestos company; it was more or less a family business. Her great uncle had done it, her grandfather had done it, and her father had branched off from his family business of demolition and started his own business. He had since retired and spent his day's scuba diving and traveling around with her mother. Chloe took it over with ease and was competent in every area, which was a rarity for woman. Her eyes skimmed over the plans as she hesitantly picked up the phone and dialed up to the contractor for the building.

"World Wrestling Entertainment, this is Michelle, how can I help you?" A beaming voice protruded through her phone. She could see shadows underneath her door of the guys outside listening. She knew they were wrestling fans, but she'd be damned if she took this job just to appease her men.

"Yes, I'd like to speak Greg Workman please. This is Chloe Bowman with Bowman Demolition in North Carolina; I'm calling about his invite to bid."

"Just one moment Miss Bowman." And the cheesy elevator music ensued; she waited for a few moments and filed down her broken nail she had broken this morning opening her car door. She glanced around her office at all the work her family had done, the Braves Stadium, the clean up of the World Trade Centers; each had been a defining moment in her career. While they didn't make national news, it was a small step in her asserting her ability to do a man's work.

"Miss Bowman! This is Greg Workman; it's a pleasure to actually talk to you."

"Erm.. actually talk to me? I'm sorry, have we met?"

"Well, no. But I've seen some of the work you've done. I was quiet impressed with the clean up you did at the World Trade Center." Chloe winced a bit, while it was a big job that somebody had to do, the memories of finding bodies and seeing memorabilia of lost loved ones wasn't her piece of cake.

"Thank you. I appreciated the admiration."

"Well, after seeing your work and how thorough you were, we really would like you to bid this job. It's not an automatic guarantee, but you're in our good graces."

"Well…." Chloe hesitated for a moment, "we have the plans and the guys here seem eager to bid on it." She heard a rustling at the door; apparently the guys were very eager.

"So you're going to bid?"
"Yes sir. When do you need the numbers?"
"Next Monday if it's not too much of a hassle."

"Next Monday is fine. Thanks so much for the opportunity Mr. Workman."

"Thank you Miss Bowman, we look forward to seeing what you have to offer."

Chloe hung up the phone and pondered for a moment, she needed to be in this job to the very last detail. She opened her door and watched as her guys scattered to their adjacent offices and made her way to Tom's.

"We need to figure this thing out and figure it out pronto. We have almost 115,000 square feet to bid."