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"Misson? I haven't been on a mission" said Sakura confused.

"Of course not, Sakura" said the woman smiling. "I'm know that you are not allowed to talk to anyone about your mission but I must ask you one thing. Why do you have bunny ears?" the woman asked. Sakura looked puzzled. "Bunny ears?" she said and realised, the ears hadn't disappeared yet. "Aa! The bunnyears is for…" she continued but was interrupted by the woman.

"You don´t have to say" she said smiling "I understand, it so you can hear better on your mission"

"Ehh…You are correct Yumi" Sakura replied. Yumi smiled once again and walked away but before she did she turned around to Sakura. "Im sure that Tsunade-sama would like to speak with you now that you are back" she said and walked away.

Sakura looked after Yumi and whispered to herself. "That is exactly what I'm gonna do". But maybe first she should go and see Sasuke and the rest of her friends. She had decided to visit Tsunade-sama later, right now she would go to Sasuke. She started to walked in the direction of the Uchiha mansion but was soon stopped by Sasuke.

"Where do you think you are going?" he asked, Sakura was extremely happy to see him, she ran into his arms and hugged him. "Sasuke, I have missed you so much" she whispered into his chest. Sasuke embraced Sakura. "I too have missed you" he whispered back into her ear. "But that is not why I'm here" he said and Sakura looked up at him, confused. "Then why?"

"Tsunade-sama wish to speak to you" he said and took her hand. "But before we leave, why do you have those ears?" he asked and gave her a funny look. Sakura blushed, she had once again forgot the bunny ears. "Mi-mission" she stammered "Do I look bad?"

Sasuke shook his head "You look really nice in those ears" he replied and kissing her passionately. After a while they broke the kiss and walked towards the tower that the hokage was sitting in. They walked past a market and among the crowd of people, Sakura thought she saw a man with red hair, that looked very much like Sasori. When Sakura was about to look closer the man disappeared. They continued to walk and after awhile a man bumped into her. "Excuse me, un" he man said and walked away. Sakura stood up and brushed of the dirt. "Watch it, you moron!" she yelled after the man. The only thing she saw of the man was long blond hair, a red and black cout and he was gone. Was that Deidara and Sasori? No she must seen wrong.

"Sakura, is something wrong?" asked Sasuke and took her hand, Sakura shakes her head and starts walking away. "Just my imagination"

Tsunade-samas Office

Sakura and Sasuke walked in the Tsunades office and closed the door behind them, Tsunade sat behind her desk filling in some paperwork. She looked up at Sakura and Sasuke. "Thank you Sasuke, your mission was a success. You may leave" she said. Sasuke nodded and left the room.

Now was only Tsunade and Sakura in the room. Tsunade stood up and walked towards Sakura. "Did they hurt you, Sakura?" she asked sounding worried.

"They?" Sakura replied, raising one eye brown 'Did she know about Akatsuki holding her as a pet?' she thought to herself. Tsunade bend forward, she and Sakura was now face to face a few inches apart. "You know, the" looked around the room, afraid that someone would over hear them "Akatsuki" she whispered in a very low voice only intended for Sakura to hear.

Sakura was shocked and you could see it very clear, then the shock past and turned into anger. Sakura wanted to scream and shout at Tsunade but she couldn't she was afraid that someone else would hear her. "You know?" Sakura said, sending a death glare to Tsunade. "You knew and you didn't send anybody to save me?" she said, she was almost crying.

Tsunade ashamed that she was, looked down at her feet. She had betrayed her apprentice. "I couldn't" she replied

"WHY!" This time Sakura yelled not caring if the other could hear her. Tsunade looked into Sakuras eyes. "Itachi-san was here and he gave me an offer I could not refuse" she said waiting for Sakura to responded. "And what was that?" She replied sounding very angry.

"They promised not to take Naruto, If they could have you,the most talented med-nin in Konoha."

Sakura was furious, how could Tsunade-sama let them have her, just like that! "You have no Idea what I been through! ALL THANKS TO YOU!" Sakura scream "I have a freaking bunny tail and ears that match!"

Tsunade blink her eyes, looking like a question mark. "No you haven't"

Sakura placed her hands on her head and to her big surpirse, there was no bunnyears. "Well, you haven't have them what I've seen"

After calming down Sakura told everything that had happened to her while she was at Akatsuki. This information was only intended for Tsunade-sama but little did they know that Sasuke stood outside and heared almost everything they said. 'How dare the Akatsuki take his Sakura, He would do anything in his power to protect Sakura from Akatsuki but most of all from Itachi' he thought to himself.

Sakura throw herself at the bed in her bedroom. She looked up at the ceiling and listen to the sound of the night. Sasuke was in the shower, so Sakura took the oppertunity to think about everything, about what Tsunade-sama said. Soon the thoughts was replaced by dreams. Sasuke walked into the room and found a sleeping Sakura and he smiled. He sat next to her and looked at her sleeping face, she was so beautiful.

When he was younger and foolish, he didn't care about anything of this, about friends and creating a family. He just thought of power and revenge. Even then he thought of her, he sometimes wonder what she and Naruto was doing but only sometimes, when he was out on missions for Orchimaru. He was studied but Naruto and Sakura made him rethink, after a fight he had with Naruto. They fought long and hard, both of them was exhausted but non of them wanted to give up. Sakura arrived to the scene, trying to make them stop fighting.

He remember it clearly.


Sasuke stood there, bloody, hurt and exhausted, but he wouldn't give up. He would not lose to HIM, to Naruto. He would never lose nor die, not until he had killed Itachi and got his revenge. He looked at Naruto, who seemed determinedto win the fight. Sasuke was just about to attack Naruto with Kirin, when Sakura arrived to the scene, trying to stop them. She use the superhuman strength and hit the ground making it crack, which resulted in Naruto and Sasuke jump apart from each other.

"Naruto, let him be! If he doesn't understand that we can help him defect Itachi. Then leave him" said Sakura. Sasuke was surprised but didn't show it. Had the little fan girl Sakura grown up to be a teenage girl, who didn't care about him? Not that he minded. Naruto just looked at her. "I cannot! We are his family! We are to help each other no matter what" he replied. Both shocked and enrage Sasuke. How dare Naruto, claim that they were family? No, his family was long dead and he wouldn't get rest until he had his vengeance on his ONLY brother, Itachi.

Sakura and Naruto started to bicker with each other. Sasuke took this opportunity and leave. It really bothered him now, the thing that Sakura and Naruto had said. A couple of month later he arrived to Konoha, he sat outside the gates in a tree, waiting for either Naruto or Sakura to come. And after a few days one of them did, it was Sakura who was out to pick herbs. He watch her for awhile until he jumped down from the tree. Sakura didn't notice anything, she just continued to pick herbs. "Sakura" he said in his calm tone

Sakura froze, turned around and stared at him. "Sasuke, what do you want?" she asked trying to sound confident. He stared at her and smirked trying to hide his inconvinience. What was he gonna say? Well...I was thinking about what you and Naruto said a couple of month ago, like she would remember what they had said. Instead of that he use his most famous phrase. "Hn"

Sakura reached for her kunai ready to attack. "Won't hurt you, Sakura. I'm here to talk"

Sakura looked at him, he could see that she didn't believed him. "If I were here to hurt you, I would have done it long before you pulled out your kunai" he said and Sakura lower her kunai but didn't put it away. Sasuke looked away only for an instance to see if some else was there and Sakura took the chance and ran into the village.

It took two weeks for Sakura to trusted him enough to not pull out any weapons and they could talk. They talked about everything they could think of, or at least he did. He did most of the talking for them both but Sakura replied at some of the questions he ask her. After three month Sakura brought Naruto with her to their small talks. It didn't take much for Naruto to trust him again. And after six month Sakura, Naruto and Kakashi convinced Tsunade-sama to welcome Sasuke back.

The village was not happy with having Sasuke back but he didn't care about that as long he had Sakura and Naruto, his family. Who had promised to help him defect Itachi.

End of flashback

Sasuke slept next to Sakura but unknown to him someone was watching them.

Itachi looked at Sasuke and Sakura sleep next to each other. 'How dare Sasuke touch HIS Sakura!'. Time went by and Sakura woke up leaving Sasuke in bed, Itachi smirked, time to bring her back home. Sakura walked into her kitchen, wearing her black nightgown. She stopped and stared at three Akatsuki members sitting in her kitchen. It was Deidara, Sasori and Hidan.

"Hi" said Deidara smilling and waved.

Sakura looked terrified, she turned around and tried to run away but Deidara caught her. She kicked and screamed. "Let me go!" she screamed."SASUKE" she screamed louder. Sakura gathered chakra into her hands and use her superhuman streanght to get away but nothing happened, no chakra gathered to her hands. Sha started to panic. What had they done to her? "SASUKE! SOMEBODY HELP!" she screamed out. Deidara put his hand over her mouth. "Shh, Honey Bunny. Don't wake the neighbors. Who knows what gonna happen to them, un" he said and smirked.

Sakura stopped kicking. "That's better, un" said Deidara, still hindering from running. 'Why isn't Sasuke coming?!' Sakura thought, she bite Deidaras hand and he removed his hand. "Ouch, un! That hurt, why did you do that for?" he asked. "Serves you right" she replied. "Why are you here. What have you done to Sasuke?" she asked, she was mad.

"Shut up!" demanded Hidan. "You are going home, princess" answered Sasori. "I am home!" she screamed. Hidan slapped her. "I said shut up" came Hidans angry reply. "No! Where is Sasuke?" she asked. "Where do you think he is. As you can see, Itachi isn't here. So where can Sasuke be?" said Hidan. "And I told you too shut the fuck up!"

Sakura realised why Sasuke didn't come when she called for him. He wasn't in the bed sleeping, he was out somewhere and fought Itachi. Sakura heared a low click sound and she snapped out of her thoughts. It was Deidara that had put on her the leash again. "Now you can't run away,un" he explained and smiled. He had let go of her but he had a strong grip on the leash. "Like thats gonna keep me from running" replied Sakura and pulled the leash towards her but nothing happened. "Nice try"

"Let me go, please" she begged him, trying to get away again. "No!" replied Hidan. "Come" said Deidara pulling the leash and almost strangled her. "No" said Sakura and sat down. "If you don't come with us…we will burn down this village and kill everyone in it" threatened Hidan. Sakura didn't say or do anything. "Come with us" he said. "No" she said and Hidan lost it. "FUCKING HELL! COME WITH US OR ELSE!" he screamed. It was a wonder that the neighbors didn't come to see what was happening.

Sakura crossed her arms. "No". "Come with us and no one will be hurt" said Hidan. "No" was her answer. "Come with us and Sasuke will not be harmed and that kitsune kid too" said Hidan.

"No" was the only thing she said. Hidan picked her up and dragged her away from the kitchen into the hall while she was kicking and screaming. Hidan throw her in the wall. He had was pissed. "Sakura it's no use trying to escape us" said Sasori. "You will never be free. We let you escape. Come on did you really think we didn't noticed you? Didn't you find it funny that no one came chasing after you?" asked Sasori. Sakura realise that what he said was true and she stopped fighting. "I'll come." She said and Sasori smiled. "On two conditions I get to stay here for 2 month and no one is to hurt anyone in this village or the village (a/n like destroy it)"

"No" Said Hidan, crossing his arms on his chest. Sasori and Deidara did the same. "How come that only you get to decided, un?" asked Deidara. "If we are to accept your conditions, you have to accept ours, un" said Deidara.

"Fine, and they are?" she asked

"No fighting back, always do as we say you do to" he said but it looked like he was thinking. "And no biting!" Deidara said after awhile. "Idiot, no biting is included in no fighting. Fucking airhead!" said Hidan and hit Deidara hard in the head. "I'm just saying!"

Sakura thought for awhile. "I agree" she said after awhile. "And so do we" all three said and left.

Somewhere in the forest

Itachi and Sasuke was fighting. Both of them were exhausted, they had been fighting sense early morning and it was midday now. They fought with their bare hands, no jutsus, no weapons, no nothing. Sasuke kicked Itachi in the face, Itachi flew away abit. He attacked Sasuke. Sasuke was hurt and so it went.

"Why are you here?" Sasuke asked. Itachi didn't say anything but he hit Sasuke in the stomach. Sasuke coughed up some blood and wiped it of with his sleeve. "Stupid brother, you should look out more after your friends" Itachi said.

"Yeah, How come?" Sasuke asked and hit Itachi in the face. "Someone might take something from you while you are away" answered Itachi and blocked a hit from Sasuke. Sasuke froze. 'Sakura! They wouldn't!' he felt his heart crash to the ground. In the distens Itachi could see Hidan and the rest. Itachi smirked. "You are still too weak to fight me baby brother." He said and left but Sasuke didn't hear what he said. He was too busy worrying about Sakura. He ran towards the village and towards Sakura and his house.

He opened the frontdoor and entered the house. "Sakura!" he screamed but she didn't answered. He began to panic and ran upstairs to their room. "SAKURA!" he shouted. He looked at the bed and saw that someone was laying there. Sasuke signed in relife it was Sakura. But he had to be sure. "Sakura?"

"Mm, yes" came Sakuras sleepy reply. Sasuke ran and hugged her. "Why didn't you answer when I called for you" he asked, sounding worried. "I was asleep" she replied. "At this hour?" he said raising an eyebrow. "Im not feeling well today" she said. He smiled and hugged her again. "I'll make some soup" he said and walked to the kitchen. Sakura signed and looked out the window and she could swore that she saw Itachi standing on the rooftop on the opposite building , saying; "61 days"

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