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My god, the smell. It was so sweet. The clawed at my throat and chest wildly. It was all I could not to rip her from beside me in that tiny class room. I tried to stop thinking, I tried to stop breathing but just feeling her beside me was too much. I needed to have her. I wanted to taste her. I wanted to feel her blood running down my throat. This Isabella Swan was going to be the death of me.

I followed her scent to the outside of the gym. I waited as patiently as I could. The monsters in my head needed to be satisfied, they screamed for the pleasure they desired. They needed to be fed.

She looked utterly shocked to see me and I tried to read her mind again, finding I still could not. I took a deep unneeded breath and walked towards her, pulling a smile onto my face.

"Bella, isn't it?" I said in my smoothest voice.

"Yeah... I mean... Yes. You're Edward, aren't you?" Her skin flushed and she looked anywhere but at me.

"I am. I would like to apologize for my behavior earlier..." I brought a finger underneath her chin, feeling her blood pulse underneath her skin. I brought her face up so I could examine it's beauty.

"I...I... I..." She sputtered, her eyes looking into mine. She bit her lip, trying to gather herself. I was hoping she'd bit right through that skin so I could lick the blood off her luscious lips.

"You see, I simply haven't seen someone as lovely as you before. I was wondering if you'd like to go somewhere with me?" I looked at her from underneath my eyelashes. Her skin turned a darker shade of blood red and the venom pooled in my mouth. I swallowed it back, forcing the burn to increase.

"I have to turn a paper in first." Her eyes searched my face and I could hear her heart rate increase.

"Of course. May I escort you? Then perhaps we could go somewhere more private?" I realized that I was coming off more like a perverted teenage boy but I didn't care. I wanted to have her in every way. Good things come to those who wait.

"Sure... If you want... I guess.." She swallowed hard and started to walk towards the office. She clutched her books close to her chest.

"How was your first day?" I was trying to make small talk, keeping my mind off her sweet scent.

"It's was okay. I've met some interesting people. I feel like a freak though, everyone keeps looking at me." Her eyes were on the ground as she walked.

"I know that feeling." I told her honestly. I opened the door for her and she walked quickly to the secretary, handing her a slip of paper.

We made it to my car before my siblings did. I was glad for that. I wouldn't want to fight with them in public. "Why don't I drive us somewhere?" I asked opening the door for her.

"Where do you want to go?" Silly little lamb sat down in my car. She was so trusting, most people weren't. I loped quickly to the other side, getting in.

I brought the car to life before I said anything. I still didn't see my siblings. Surprising. "Somewhere private. You'll love it, I promise."

Her eyes were only on her lap as I sped to where I wanted to be. I stopped at the end of the road by the little trail. I went to open the door for Bella. She was surprised by the speed in which I moved. I leaned down and took her hand. It was so warm.

"Where are we going?" She whispered. How easy her skin flushed simply from looking at me.

"Somewhere special." I leaned in and kissed her neck. She gasped, her heart rate increasing. "I'm going to kiss you, Isabella." I told her in a velvety voice.

She nodded, holding her breath. I ran my fingers gingerly over her cheek. I brought her mouth to mine and kissed her wildly. I kept my eyes open so I could watch her face. At first she looked frightened but relaxed into my kiss, her eyes drooping shut. I picked her up, continuing to kiss her mouth. I ran to my favorite place, my meadow.

It was a beautiful place to die. I should give her something before she gives everything over to me. The monsters were screaming. There was two of them. The one that screamed for her blood and the one that screamed for her body.

When I finally pulled back from her mouth she was panting, gulping the delicious air. I went to her neck and kissed it, sucking on the delicate flesh. So fragile.

"Where? How did we get here?" She said between breaths. She was weak in my arms, leaning into me.

"Magic." I whispered into her ear before taking the earlobe between my lips. I was going to savior every inch of her body before I sucked the life out of her beautiful body.

She moaned, closing her eyes. Her head lulled to the side. "Your so cold... it feels so good." She breathed, gripping onto my shirt.

I smiled at how easy this was going to be. "Do you know how good you smell?"

She shook her head, making her scent whirl around me. I breathed in deeply, bringing all of into my lungs. I moved my hands underneath her shirt which caused her to gasp but not pull back. So so easy.

I pulled the shirt from her body, tearing it completely. Her flesh was perfectly pink and warm, her chest heaving with hard breathing. I moved down and began to kiss her chest. I dragged my nose down her sternum, smelling all of her. "What... what are you doing?" She asked, her fingers tangling with my hair. She wasn't trying to pull me away but pull me closer.

"I'm going to taste all of you." I told her, speaking in her flesh. She shivered.

"Oh god..." Her head lulled back, exposing her neck completely. I went quickly to the nape of her neck and began to suckle her flesh. My hand went to breast and it gripped it tightly. The perfect palm full. I hated the fabric between our skin. I ripped her bra away and moved my hand back to her breast. I massaged it roughly, causing her to moan. The sound reverberated through my body. I held one hand to her back, pushing her closer to me.

Her fingers tore at my shirt wildly. I smiled at her eagerness. She wanted this. I pulled my shirt off and tossed it to the side. Her fingers went to my chest, sending heat waves through my body. She was like fire to my ice.

I pushed her down to the ground and moved my mouth to her breast. She cried out, either in shock or pleasure. I didn't know or care. I let my teeth graze her flesh but not enough to break the skin. Her nipple was rock hard and delicious, but it wasn't enough.

I moved down her body, licking and tasting all of her. I got to her pants and pulled them away quickly, along with her shoes and socks. All that remained was her perfectly innocent white cotton panties.

I kissed her center through the fabric. She moaned again, her legs spreading wide. I growled against her flesh, smelling her intense arousal. I grabbed the cloth between my teeth and pulled it down. I crawled back between her legs. "I want to let you know that I've never done this to a woman before." Without anymore words I dove right into her, tasting the sweet juices that had gathered between her legs.

She nearly screamed, her back arching off the ground. "Why... why me?" she asked, her chest bouncing with her heavy breathing.

"Because you are special Isabella. I need to have all of you." I spoke into her flesh. I drove my tongue deep inside of her, lapping up all the juices there. I pulled my mouth away from her delicious slit and moved it to the swollen throbbing nub. I wrapped my mouth around it, suckling it hard. I shoved my fingers deep inside of her. Her orgasm was intense and it made her scent all that stronger. I bathed in the scent, letting it flow into my nose and mouth. The venom was becoming too much.

I crawled up her body. She was completely red and covered in salty sweat. I licked along her jawline.

"Why am I special?" She asked, her fingernails dragging down my chest. She found the button of my pants and fumbled with them. I undid them for her, positioning myself on top of her. I'd never done this before but instinct is strong.

"Oh, so many things Bella." I kissed her cheek. "Your scent, your warmth, your heart beat, your blood. It all calls to me. It sings for me."

I pressed forward into her hard, breaking the weak barrier of her virginity. She did scream then, her fingers trying to tear into my back.

"Relax beautiful one. The pain will be gone soon." I told her, my eyes boring into hers. She nodded without a sound. I pressed into her again. The heat was amazing. I'd never felt so warm before. It was a pity that it would all end soon.

"I trust you." She whispered. Silly girl.

I ran my finger over her shoulder. I needed to taste her blood now but I didn't want the pleasure to end. I used my thumb nail to slice into the flesh. She cried out again, bucking up against me. Her eyes went wide as she watched me lower my mouth to the wound. I sucked carefully, making sure to get no venom into her system. I needed this to last as long as possible. If I am going to go to hell, I might as well do it throughly.

"Edward... Oh... God... Please keep going!" Her legs wrapped around me. I sucked the tiny wound for a minute before deciding to taste her breast this way. I ran my nail over the gentle curve of her full breast. She shrieked, her head falling back. The blood gushed from the spot. I put my arm underneath her back, pulling her body to my mouth.

I suckled her chest while continuing to ravish her tiny body. It was about to go to the point of no return. I didn't care though. I was in heaven right now.

She orgasmed again, calling my name. It made me shiver to know how much she enjoyed this. She couldn't possibly enjoy it as much as me though. I laid her body back down on the ground and began to pump into her faster.

I positioned my mouth at the nape of her neck. Bella was biting her lip, trying to keep from moaning. Her eyes were shut tightly. "Do it... Finish... I want to feel you." She whispered in a husky voice. It was too much. It was like a lamb telling the butcher to carve her up for dinner.

"As you wish." I muttered into flesh. My orgasm exploded inside of her and I bit my teeth into her flesh. She screamed, her hands flailing against my back before going limp. Her blood flowed into my mouth and my venom flowed into her body.

So good.

"Edward! STOP!" Alice shrieked behind me. My brother's pulled me off her body. I growled in a rage, my teeth bared. Alice and Rosalie ran to Bella's limp body. I could still hear her heart beat. She wasn't dead.

"I couldn't help it. I couldn't..." I yelled. I threw my head back in laughter, I had lost my mind in the blood lust. "She tasted so good."

Emmett hit the back of my head hard with a fist. "If she doesn't kick your ass when she wakes up. I will." He growled at me. He was so angry. I ruined everything.

The vision in Alice's mind whirled around me. Isabella, a vampire. Beautiful and dangerous. She walking towards me... then the vision cut off. Bella's body flailed and then she screamed.

"Let's get them home. We have a death to fake and a house to pack." Alice said, picking up Bella's body.

"I've ruined everything." I spoke softly, my body going limp in my brother's grasp.

I am going to hell. I have no soul.

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